Toni Kan, Editor-In-Chief and Publisher of Sabi News | is a proudly Nigerian news and entertainment site. Billed for launch on May 11, 2014, aims to inform, educate, entertain and provoke. will be partial to opinions, satire and all shades of entertainment and will be launching with an archive of stories from music to movies and books.

Commenting on what will set apart from the rest, Managing Editor Peju Akande said “ will not be your usual news site that you visit only when some piece of news is trending. This is a site you will visit every morning just as you would pick up your favourite newspaper because we will have something special every day.”

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The site will feature the writings of some of Nigeria’s very well-known analysts and commentators from Ikhide Ikheloa to Ruona Agbroko-Meyer, to Joy Isi Bewaji, Ayisha Osori, Terh Marc and Oris Aigbokhaevbolo. There will also be Kaine Agary and the very risqué Oshoko Bushushu.

A statement from the writer, Toni Kan, who is publisher and Editor-in- Chief reads: “ aims to extend the online conversation by expanding the space for engagement with all things Nigerian. We will provide a very informative and interactive space where the expression of strong opinions will be encouraged. will be iconoclastic and irreverent and we will wield satire like a whip.”

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