12 Foods That Increase Libido And Make You Sexually Powerful

12 Foods That Increase Libido And Make You Sexually Powerful

By Lifestyles | The Trent on December 4, 2014

Are you tensed with your sexual potency and still afraid to take any medical alias? Are you looking for something that can increase your libido naturally? If you are in search for something like that, then you have just knocked on the right door.

Mother Nature has solution to all kinds of problems. There are a number of foods that increase your libido naturally and make yourself a man vigorous sexual life, while various foods can kill your sexual ability seriously.

1. Ginseng Tea

When we take too much of coffee that leads to us to over-stimulation adrenal glands which floods the body with too much hormones in the time of stress. This has a negative impact on our body. But as an alternative we can take ginseng tea which contains ginsenoside. This compound has enormous potential to increase the sexual ability in a human being.

2. Eggs

It is a food item for which you don’t have to rush to the shops to buy it. You can find it in your refrigerator. These fetuses can lead to enormous amount of protein. They are just packed with calories which increases your whole working ability. Certain types of heart ailment can be easily treated by the amino acids provided by eggs. So eggs can be good solution to your lower libido level.

3. Nuts

The nuts can really take your nuts on fire. Nuts are fully loaded with nutrients like Zinc, Selenium and vitamin E. Zinc has a great reputation for increasing the sexual desire for men. Doctors widely refer nuts as a sex stimulant. They are very good sources of omega-3. The omega-3 is very much capable of raising the dopamine levels in our brains that activates arousal. This not only helps to raise the sexual ability but also the total energy level. More than that doesn’t forget the memory sharpening features of these tiny things.

4. Avocado

This is an African delicious fruit. Like other medical pills and other supplementary you don’t have to swallow them down. While taking the palatable taste of the avocado, your libido production gets higher. The fruit has a lot of saturated fats. Saturated fat is very much important for a healthy heart.

The persons with heart problems suffer from erectile dysfunction twice more than the normal persons. So adding avocados in your daily meal would be a wise decision for a healthy sexual life.

5. Figs

They are stuffed with Calcium, Potassium, Iron and more of than that- invigorating zinc. Also you can have the fibers that are so much beneficial to your heart. Moreover, your hunger is hugely satisfied with this small package of fruits that will keep your weight under controlled which in turn gives a better result in having a longer sexual intercourse.

6. Broccoli

No matter how you take it- cooked or raw, it works in favor of you. “I suggest it here because of the high vitamin C content,” says Keri Glassman, registered dietitian and author of The New You (and Improved) Diet. “Vitamin C aids in blood circulation to organs and has also been associated with an improved female libido.” And as bonus if you are veggie, then broccoli will add everything in your meal.

7. Strawberries

If you are a fan of eating strawberries, you have hit the jackpot. The mouthwatering fruit has great ability to fertile the barren lands within the human bodies. A report reveals that the strawberries can influence the high sperm in men’s body. You can add another twist to your journey to high potency. Wrap your strawberries into chocolate and you can find the boosting methylxanthines.

8. Watermelon

Guess what? The watermelons are natural Viagra. How? Actually the watermelons have components that nutrient like citrulline which has the Viagra type of effect on our body by nitric oxide. The nitric oxide loosens up the blood vessels. The Viagra works in the same way in the case of erectile dysfunction.

9. Black Raspberries

The bushes around us also help in our sexual life. The black raspberries have phytochemical-rich which increases the level of libido.

10. Cloves

This is a product that has a versatile range of features. Whether it is cooked or brewed in apple cider or put into a cup of tea, it gathers different altitude. From the ancient time in India, clove has been widely known as good healer to the erectile dysfunction. The features are proven onto a test on male rat, which increase the level of sexual power in that animal.

11. Saffron

Though it is a bit heavy for wallets, it is very helpful in the cases of sex and stomach problems. You just have to soak the threads in tepid water and add it with the grain types of food of your meal.

12. Lettuce

The lettuce has immense capability of activating the sexual hormones. So keep it your daily meal.

So, now you know the foods that increase libido; in fact sex power. Do you know which foods and other factors kill your sex drive?

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