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Africa has one of the richest histories of arts and contemporary designs. Africa is famous for its well-crafted and gorgeous arts and designs. Africa is a home of exquisite beauty and elegance. You can make out nice home décor designs from Africa’s culture, tradition, festivals, and other activities.

How about having a replica of this beauty in your home? You can give your home an African beauty with the right Africa-themed wall art ideas for your home décor. These Africa-themed wall art ideas will provide your home with the exact beauty it needs. Implementing these ideas to your home décor will give your home a top-notch appearance.

Here are simple Africa-themed wall art ideas you can implement in your home décor.


1. Animal skin wall art

If a continent cherishes hides and skin so much, the Africa continent would be topping the list. You can get your home décor inspiration from this aspect of African culture to ensure your home the best of all beautifications. Hides and skin look extremely good, especially when rightly placed on the wall. Animal skin will grace your wall and give it a monumental appearance.

Since you might not have direct access to animal skin, but you can make do with what you have. Animal skin wall arts will do no less when it comes to home beautification. Wall arts with animal skin will serve the same purpose as real animal skins. You can give your home the appearance of an animal skin exhibition or a museum using animal skin wall arts.

africa wall art home decor

2. Warm color wall art

Unlike many other continents, Africa is a warmer continent with an excellent display of warm colors. Using wall arts with warm colors is an African-themed wall art idea you should implement in your home’s design. Using wall arts with warm colors will provide you with top-notch home décor and also bring Africa’s climatic conditions to your home.

The furniture you use, your wall paint, your antiques, etc., will also contribute to the beauty of your warm color wall arts. African nature is a warm-colored one, so you should add a warm texture to your home. Wall arts with colors like brown, orange, yellow, and other warm shade colors will provide your home with a cool, calm beauty.

africa wall art home decor

3. Paintings of African activities

African activities like cultural activities, traditional activities, festivals, etc., are always a sight to see. You can make your home décor a highly attractive one by using paintings of African activities. The paintings can include women carrying clay pots or calabash, fishermen having a fishing festival, men with farming instruments on their way to the farm, etc.

Having these paintings in your home will provide your home with a scenic appearance. You can create a focal point for your home décor by using these paintings in your home. You can check this artwork for deeper insight.

africa wall art home decor

4. Woven fabrics

Africa has an association with handcraft, and they are certainly good with it. You can get inspiration for your home décor from these handicrafts. Using woven fabrics for your wall arts is one of the ways you can beautify your home.

You can be sure of giving your home an exceptional appearance when you hang woven fabrics on your walls. These fabrics will portray good African culture in your home, ensuring a top-notch beauty to display.

wall art animal

5. Animal wall art

You might get surprised to discover you can get inspiration for your home décor from African animals. Yes, you can give your home a top-notch appearance by using animal wall arts. Animals like antelopes and deer have a close association with African traditions.

Having these animal wall arts in your home will help incorporate African beauty in your home. It will also provide your home with a scenic environment and define every detail in your home décor.


Beauty lies in the heart of Africa, and harnessing the beauty for your home décor is something you should not sleep on. There are several ways you can get inspired by African culture and tradition when setting your home décor. You can use woven fabrics, animal wall arts, animal skin wall arts, ad so on.


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