7 Important Factors For Choosing A Sportsbook In India

7 Important Factors For Choosing A Sportsbook In India

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The world of online gambling can feel like something complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have the right advice and know all the aspects that make up the success of the game before choosing the house you want to bet on, your gaming experience will surely be much better than you imagined. This is true for everywhere including India.

In this guide we are going to talk about what are the key points you should have when choosing the best bookmaker in India, how to recognize that you are facing a great bonus, how to bet from your mobile and how to make sure you choose the best one option, among the different options that you can choose doing click here.

Which betting site to choose to bet in India?

We could name many factors that must be considered when choosing a bookmaker. But we will pay attention to the most important ones.


Trust is above all. The bookmaker must have a good reputation. The first thing is that he must never have had any involvement in a scandal due to lack of payments to his players.

You must not be blacklisted by any bookmaker rating site. The company must be able to secure payments to its players and be able to resolve any disputes with them. There are many bookmakers, but the ones that appear on the main ranking and rating pages are more trustworthy and reliable.

Events selection

Unfortunately, a wider market breadth is typically lacking in many houses operating in India. However, Bet365 is one of the houses with the most market unlike Betway that loses to other online bookmakers despite its great fame (perhaps it should have a bit more market considering its development).

Bet limits, closure of user accounts

Bookmakers don’t like players to win, that’s a fact. However, this does not mean that they will violate their own rules, refusing to pay those who win. If a player does not violate the rights of the website itself and plays honestly, the houses reliably pay the winnings.

However, sometimes bookmakers use methods that cause a successful player to stop playing on their website, they close their account. That is, a maximum bet amount (or winnings) is established and they are not accepted from there.

According to the rules of the bookmakers, the company has the right to determine this amount that the player is willing to assume. Thus, the bookmaker gets rid of unwanted players (those who exceed the limits).

If you’re just playing for fun, don’t be afraid of having your account closed: in this case, the probability is extremely small, even if you win large amounts of money. In most cases they fall under what are called “bonus hunters,” like professional players who win in unpopular sports. Bookmakers are not amused about this, as they would otherwise ruin their business.

There is some account control regarding the use of bonuses. For example, bookmakers like Bet365 could close your account, or at least control it, if you win big bets over a long period of time.

Once again, it is not necessary to take into account that your account is closed for some illegal act, it is a normal practice of almost all betting websites. If everything runs smoothly, there is no need to worry.

Ease of options to deposit and withdraw funds

Now almost all houses offer all existing types of resources: Through terminals, credit cards, electronic payment systems, etc. The transfer to the player’s account is almost instantaneous. There are bookmakers that have their own physical betting points and it is allowed to deposit and withdraw money from online accounts directly in these establishments.

If there is any opportunity to choose a gambling website that has a nearby establishment it is convenient, as this greatly simplifies the procedure for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Website navigation

A very important point. Despite the fact that the design and interface of the betting websites operating in India are as simple as possible, they can be improved in certain aspects. Betting sites, despite containing casinos, are not created like these to attract players intermittently.

The bookmakers are first and foremost a wide line, with hundreds of events in which the player must easily navigate the different markets and quickly find his bet. In our opinion, we can see this ease of navigation on websites like Bet365.

Customer Service

This section is essential in the confidence of the user. Almost all the houses that operate nationwide have an online chat to answer questions and get advice or help in solving any problem. Very close and personalized support with direct chat and operators who are available to quickly help with any questions.

The amount of the fees

In fact, this factor is relatively overrated. The size of the fees is important, but to work comfortably, the presence of the parameters described above is much more important. Of course, the low fees can be considered a serious disadvantage, but if the company offers average odds from large markets and has a good profit payment system, these fees are not so relevant.


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