8 Main Applications Of SNF Powder In The Construction Industry

8 Main Applications Of SNF Powder In The Construction Industry

By Business | The Trent on March 23, 2021
SNF Powder

If you are in the cement or construction industry, you may have heard of the SNF powder. However, for those new to the construction world, this term may still be unfamiliar. So, what is this powder, and why is it so widely used?

SNF stands for Sulphonate Naphthalene Formaldehyde and is a polycondensate product. It is a powerful water-reducing agent used to improve the workability of cement. It has found wide applications in the construction business, and hence, people often want to learn more about it.

Main Applications of SNF Powder in the Construction Industry

What Is It?

SNF is a brown-colored powder and is often referred to as a superplasticizer. It is an excellent dispersing agent and reduces the water to cement ratio while maintaining its workability. SNF powder helps in producing “high slump” or extremely workable concrete. Hence, it makes it much easier to work with concrete, making the construction process smoother.

Apart from the construction industry, SNF is also used in the tanning, leather, oil, and textile industry. Thus, it is versatile with several uses.

What Are Its Applications?

While it is used in various industries, it is most commonly used for construction; those who work with concrete would be familiar with SNF. The properties of this product and its usage makes it versatile.

1. Reduction in Water Content

SNF is widely used in construction as it makes it easier to work with concrete. SNF has water reduction properties from 18% to 25%, without affecting the final product’s workability. Thus, using this powder, one can reduce the water to cement ratio when mixing concrete.

2. Workable Concrete

Unlike other reducing agents, with this product, the concrete does not lose its workability. In fact, with this product, a highly workable or “high slump” concrete is produced.

3. Improved Rheological Properties

Rheology refers to the study of the flow of matter; although it primarily focuses on the matter in its liquid or gaseous state, it also includes soft solids, such as concrete. With the help of SNF, one can improve the rheological properties of concrete.

When the water to cement ratio is reduced, it usually does not result in satisfactory results and produces unmalleable concrete. But, with SNF, not only can the water to cement ratio be reduced, but the rheological properties are not compromised. Thus, the concrete flows easily, resulting in a seamless construction process.

4. Works with Mixture Additives

When concrete is produced, several additives are used to improve the mixture’s functionality, strength, and workability. However, not every additive can work well with the other, but this problem can easily be circumvented with SNF. SNF is compatible with other additives and results in a robust concrete mixture.

5. No Honeycombs

Honeycombing in concrete refers to air pockets in the mixture. It is a common problem with the concrete mix and requires careful attention to avoid it. However, SNF is an excellent dispersing agent, and when added to a concrete mixture, it ensures homogeneity. The result is a dense concrete mixture that is free from honeycombing.

6. High-strength Concrete

Concrete needs to be durable and robust as it forms the foundation for any structure. Unfortunately, creating the perfect concrete mixture takes time, and it may still have some flaws. Using SNF, however, one can make a dense concrete mixture that reinforces its strength. The addition of SNF also reduces the water to cement ratio, enhancing the mixture’s strength further.

Additionally, improving the rheological properties of concrete helps improve the mixture’s modulus elasticity and compressive flexural strength. Thus, it is a useful admixture for producing readymade concrete mixtures.

7. Plasticising

SNF is often referred to as a superplasticizer due to its excellent plasticizing properties. Its excellent dispersing properties, as mentioned earlier, produce a uniform plasticizer without any segregation.

8. Cost-effective Process

SNF also improves the usefulness of cement by-products such as fly ash, silica, and slag. Thus, it can be used to make your operations more cost-effective.

Hence, by using SNF, one can obtain a highly fluid, highly workable, high-performance, and highly durable concrete mixture. With SNF, you get a more substantial concrete mixture.

What Should You Keep in Mind?

Are you planning on using SNF for your construction needs? Remember that although it is a fairly non-hazardous admixture, you should still use it under expert guidance. When using the SNF mixture, ensure that you add it to the wet concrete mixture. It should not be added after the mixture has already dried.

Using SNF is beneficial for your construction business. However, keep in mind that you should select a reputed manufacturer for this product. Finding the right manufacturer ensures that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this versatile admixture.


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