Kris Jenner and her daughter Kendall shared a humorous scene in which the momager tried to convince the off-guard model to take steps to have a baby on the latest episode of The Kardashians.

Kris, 66, shocked Kendall, 26, with a discussion about freezing her eggs, which caused the catwalk star to momentarily choke on her coffee.

‘It’s my life. I don’t know if I’m ready yet,’ Kendall replied, after Kris suggested she should have a baby, seemingly out of nowhere.

‘Maybe it’s time to have a baby’: Kris Jenner pressures Kendall

‘When you were born, I made your body inside my body, so I made your eggs inside of me,’ Kris explained. ‘That means I made —’

‘—My eggs. I’ve seen this on TikTok. Are you watching TikTok?’ Kendall interjected.

Kris decided to call up her OB-GYN out of the blue, who recommended a cycle of egg freezing, adding that it would be more successful since Kendall was still young.

Kris likely had Kendall’s boyfriend, Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker, on her mind while talking her daughter into planning ahead for a baby.

Kendall had previously met Devin while she was still in a relationship with Ben Simmons, but they were spotted together on a road trip together in April 2020.

The pairing raised eyebrows, as he had previously dated Kylie Jenner’s banished BFF Jordyn Woods, who was cast out of their circle after Khloé Kardashian’s partner Tristan Thompson kissed her at a party.

By June, things had accelerated and the two were reportedly hooking up, though not yet serious.

The two continued sharing photos of each other on social media in late 2020 and early 2021, showing they weren’t afraid to hide the relationship.

They made things Instagram official with joint posts of the romantic outing for Valentine’s Day last year.

Since then, they’ve been inseparable, but don’t expect to see Devin anytime soon on The Kardashians.

Showrunner Danielle King told Variety that Kendall won’t be including the NBA star, though her friends will be more prominently featured this time around.

Before the chat about freezing her eggs, Kendall also got an unpleasant surprise when an offer to cover US Vogue was rescinded — with her sister Kim Kardashian getting the covers shoot instead.

Kris met up with Kendall later in the episode to break the news about losing out on the cover, but she didn’t have to say anything as Kendall’s agent had already informed her, which was a big relief.

‘I’m happy for my sister, and she should be really happy,’ Kendall said kindly. ‘There’s not an upset bone in my body because it went to the right person.

‘I’m happy to give it up to my sister,’ she added.

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Kris was over the moon at how well she took it in a confessional chat.

‘Kendall is the best! She’s the most delicious human being in the world,’ she said.

Elsewhere, Kim tried to make amends with her family for how her ex-husband Kanye West had ‘treated’ them over the years.

She shared her regrets over how the superstar rapper had behaved in recent years after most of her famous siblings dropped by for a lovely family dinner at her home.

The group — which included Khloé, Kendall, Kourtney, and her future husband Travis, and their mother Kris with her boyfriend Corey Gamble — sat down for a heart to heart at a breakfast nook before moving over to the dining room.

Their chit chat was interrupted when both Kim and Kris got the same text message revealing that Kanye was preparing to release a new song.

‘It means he’s talking s*** about me and probably saying whatever,’ Kim explained to her confused siblings.

‘You’re the mother of his kids and have been nothing but great to him,’ Kris said. ‘One day your kids are going to read all of it, and see all of it. And that’s something that everybody has to be really aware of.’

She added that ‘When people are saying disparaging things about any of us, it hurts all of us.’

Khloé said the only thing Kim could control was her own actions, and she said she would ‘never regret’ being kind to others.

Kim vowed that she would never ‘stoop’ to her ex’s level and suggested that Kanye had ‘always’ treated her family poorly, suggesting the issues preceded his battle with bipolar disorder and their split.

‘I protected that for so long, but I said I will never let that happen to you guys again,’ Kim said defiantly.

Kim sounded excited to have her family back together after saying she had ‘zero time’ recently to spend with them while she studied for law school and raised her four children.

Before dinner was served, Kourtney and Travis shared that they had to refrain from any kind of sex or exercise while undergoing a cleanse to help them conceive a child.

Kourtney added that they asked for some clarity from their advisor. ‘What about oral sex? What about hands? What about feet?’ she recounted asking.

‘Feet?’ inquired a confused Kris, which got a sheepish laugh out of her oldest daughter.

Once the elegant dinner was served, Kourtney revealed that she had finally had a conversation with her former partner Scott Disick about his rude behavior around herself and her family due to her relationship with Travis.

She recounted how he called her to ask about sports equipment for their son Mason, only to ask, ‘By the way, should I just expect to not be invited to dinners from now on?’

‘Honestly, there’s some unfinished business, and then I just said a conversation would be helpful to get out of this strange place,’ Kourtney recalled saying.

Luckily, Scott sounded open to the chat. ‘”Of course I’m interested. This is my life,”‘ she recounted him responding.

Khloé thought that was a positive sign and mentioned that it took years for ‘mom, dad and [Caitlyn] to get comfortable around each other.’

Earlier in the episode, Kim had the spotlight on herself as she showed off her modeling prowess during a photoshoot with Kendall.

She was continuing her Balenciaga collaboration with a new ad campaign that was being shot in her home and would subsequently be featured on billboards.

‘I feel like I’ve already been in a campaign,’ she said of her time wearing the fashion house’s clothing at the instigation of Kanye.

While she was being styled before the photoshoot, Kris dropped by and Kim revealed that she had worked on the contract herself to practice what she had learned of contract law so far.

‘Who better to practice on than myself?’ she said in the makeup chair.

‘You’ll still get 10 percent,’ joked Kim’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic to Kris.

Later, Kim went through an enormous warehouse filled with all of her old outfits, and she says there could be as many as ‘30,000 pieces’ in storage.

She admitted that she wasn’t sure what her new style should be. ‘I’ve always had Kanye there as this crutch to teach me so much about fashion,’ she said.

‘The status of my relationship with Kanye hasn’t really been clear to people because I was trying to figure that out too. And I’m ready to move on,’ Kim admitted in a confessional.

She was joined by her publicist Tracy Romulus, who shared that Kim has an amazing memory and could remember what outfit she wore on a given date, along with how her hair was styled and what kind of eyeshadow she wore.

To prove it, Tracy asked her about her New Year’s Eve outfit from Las Vegas — ‘What year?’ Kim had to have her specify — and the Skims founder seemed to nail the details.

While going through outfits, Tracy reminded Kim of the time Kanye apparently cleared out her closet and replaced everything in it.

‘I forgot that I can make decisions too,’ she said of her newfound independence.

For the Balenciaga shoot, she later met up with Martina Tiefenthaler, the chief creative officer for the fashion house.

‘To know that one of my favorite designers ever is valuing my opinion and wants me to be me is just a good, empowering feeling,’ she bragged.

Kim gushed that Balenciaga let her use her own hair and makeup team and to rock the long braided ponytail extension she had been wearing around that time.

But during some downtime, Kris dropped by and revealed the good news that Kendall had been potentially offered the cover of American Vogue.

However, there was a bump in the road, and the magazine had decided to bump her and to offer the cover to Kim, who had already graced it twice before.

‘I feel so bad,’ Kim said, and Kris wasn’t sure how to break the news.

In a confessional, the aspiring lawyer joked she would have ‘killed’ Kendall to get the cover from her 15 years ago.

Kris wondered if she should just say nothing, and Kim laughed at the idea of her little sister suddenly seeing her on the cover at a newsstand.

Later, at the Vogue shoot, Kim said she was feeling confident and like a new person.

‘Nothing I would wear before felt like me. This is me,’ she said as she gushed about having more control in choosing her outfits and style.

She was interrupted by a FaceTime call from Anna Wintour, who complimented her outfit and was happy about the items Kim planned to wear.

‘You look perfect,’ she enthused.

While Kim was working on finding herself, Kourtney and Travis were focused on their fertility journey.

After her last egg retrieval was unsuccessful, the two had decided to try a Panchakarma cleanse, which she said was a ‘3,000-year-old’ practice that would remove ‘toxins in our tissue.’

However, the bizarre practice has not been scientifically validated, and many nutritionists believe it could even be dangerous, according to WebMD.

Kourtney did the cleanse 10 years earlier, and Travis was open to it, as it was the only option she had mentioned that he hadn’t tried yet.

He seemed agitated about not being able to exercise or have sex for a week, though he was still playful and affectionate around Kourtney.

She warned him that she was on ‘so much estrogen right now’ that it might give her severe mood swings.

‘I’m OK with a bad day, or a rough day with you, than a day without you,’ he replied sweetly.

‘OK, good luck,’ she replied with a perfect deadpan.

Later, they were joined by Martha Soffer, their Ayurvedic expert who was supervising the cleanse.

Kourtney recounted their last appoint where a ‘doctor’ told her that Travis had ‘grade-A’ sperm. His medical advice seemed questionable, though, as he had urged her to drink Travis’ semen ‘four times a week.’

‘Love this doctor,’ Travis added.

He started rubbing his hands all over his love and kissing her. ‘I love you, I’d do anything for you,’ he added.

They followed up the meeting with a trip to Martha’s spa, where they would be going seven days in a row for four-hour spa treatments.

Kourtney was going to have a ‘yoni steam,’ or vaginal steam, in which she would sit nude over steaming water filled with herbs, though there is also no medical evidence that it has any benefits, and many OB-GYNs argue that it could be harmful, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Kourtney also got a ginger foot bath, which was supposed to bring ‘warmth to the womb.’

For her vaginal steam, she sat down on what looked like a toilet seat covered in towels, while draping another towel over herself to protect her modesty.

President Muhammadu Buhari visits Kuje Prison after terrorist attack on July 6, 2022

It’s sad week for Nigeria. There were separate attacks on different government institutions and officials.

Several news sources reported that the Presidential convoy was attacked which lead to at least two injuries and also, the main prison in Abuja, the Kuje prison, was attacked.

Additionally, two policers were reportedly killed in Katsina state. This is the same state where the President’s convoy was attacked.

These series of attacks are more than alarming and worrisome for this nation. A nation already bedevilled by numerous challenges.

The Kuje prison’s attack led to the escape of many inmates. It is highly disturbing that notorious criminals are on the streets of Abuja alongside innocent citizens. And again, the Nigerian situation has played out; all we get are statements issued by spokespersons. The silence of action from the presidency is even more disturbing at this moment.

Continuously, Nigerians are left with the only option of self defense and self preservation in a country where a leader was elected to perform this feat. What do we do now ? should be a question on the minds of every citizen. The Nigerian situation is best described as a hopeless one. Hopelessness is usually witnessed in failed states and I hope our beloved Nigeria doesn’t end up like that.

It was also reported that President Buhari visited the Kuje prison after the attack. I don’t think visitations are substantial enough at this point. Someone should have been sacked for such height of incompetence. The sequence of attacks has shown the lackadaisical state of our security and intelligence agencies. The President should do more or forget about leaving a legacy.

Is there another chance to redeem ourselves in 2023 ? Well, let’s just hope it won’t be too late for that.

This is still 2022 and our problems just keeps escalating. I hope Nigerians are seeing clearly and it would be pleasing if without prejudice, we can analyse what is going on in our space and who can properly deal with the menace of security challenges in the country.

All Presidential Candidates should take this occurrence as an example of what to expect if elected. It’s not all about trending on social media or making bold and needless statements. Governance is all about responsibility.

In 2023, every eligible Nigerian would be required to vote. Actually, every Nigerian eligible, should be required to vote ‘wisely’. The past seven years would have thought us the importance of electing competence over ethnicity and religion. The future of the Nigerian state depends on our choices come the 2023 elections.

Although, there have been several threats about not holding elections in some sections of the country but i hope in the end, rationale shall prevail.

My appeal to every voter is – ‘Please vote wisely’.

Chinedum Anayo is a social media commentator who sent this letter to The Trent Editor. He can be reached by email HERE

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

Scene of terrorist attack that occurred on Tuesday, July 5, 2022 in Kuje Prisons

Tukur Manu, an aide to a popular Islamic cleric Ahmad Gumi, said he had told security forces that the Kuje prison will be attacked but nothing was done to avert the attack.

Mamu, who also publishes the Desert Herald Newspaper, claimed the terrorist group that attacked the prison is the same group that attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train in March.

Mamu had helped to negotiate the release of 11 hostages who were abducted from the Kaduna-bound train but 51 of the hostages are still with the terror group.

Tukur Manu

However, Mamu said the terrorists had earlier demanded the release of 10 of their members in Kuje prison in exchange for the remaining victims of the attacked Kaduna-bound train.

Mamu claimed that the attack on Kuje prison was caused by the failure of the Federal Government to act which led to the attackers releasing at least 64 of their members on Tuesday night.

In a statement released on Wednesday evening Mamu said;

“This is probably the last I will ever dabble on the above subject matter, because of the frustrations and failure of relevant official stakeholders to take prompt and painful decisions, in the interest of the citizens of a nation that has been consumed by insecurity and avoidable attacks.

“With all the billions in budgetary allocations on security, with instances of few becoming billionaires at the expense of innocent lives, we must accept the fact that the current system has collapsed.

“This is also to confirm to Nigerians that after unnecessary delays and despite the milestone we reached in efforts to secure the release of the remaining victims of the Abuja-Kaduna train attack there was indeed a fresh threat by the abductors that they will start slaughtering their victims yesterday, Tuesday, 5th July 2022.

“I was crying on audio after listening to their recorded message and pleading with them. Their renewed threat was a result of our (FG’s) failure to convey to them a definite response regarding their two demands I consider worth giving speedy approval especially if one will take into cognisance the value of the innocent lives that are with them and in a country where one person will steal far more than what they are requesting for.

“As a result of my engagement they gave us the opportunity to respond to their demands but we failed to do so on four different occasions which resulted in the recent threat.

“For me, there’s no difference between corrupt officials or contractors that are committing treason against the nation by way of stealing the resources that will benefit everybody, monies that will stop preventable deaths in our hospitals due to decaying structures, improve standards of education and even stop insecurity and crimes with the terrorists that emerged because of this sad reality and now unleashing terror on the entire society.

“It was after the failure of the fourth opportunity that they angrily issued the fresh threat to start slaughtering their victims yesterday, Tuesday. After much pleading with them, tolerated abuses, and begged them to allow individual family members to contact them directly, they gave today, Wednesday, 6th July, that if there is nothing definite from family members they will start executing their threat.

“I immediately passed this disturbing intelligence to all the relevant security agencies, the National Assembly leadership, and other stakeholders. But sadly as of today, Wednesday, which is the deadline they gave, there is no word from anybody. I have nevertheless sent words to them to reconsider their threat and allow family members to reach out to them.

“And even on the tendency and threat to attack targets and other facilities of interest like the Kuje Correctional Centre attacks I have shared that intelligence with the security agencies and the committee that was constituted by CDS (Chief of Defense Staff) Gen. Lucky Irabo.

“I can confirm without a doubt that the Kuje Correctional Centre attack was executed and coordinated by the same group that attacked the Abuja-Kaduna bound train because they gave indications of imminent attacks to that effect which I shared.

“For the records, they requested for the release of 51 of their members. But through the power of dialogue and engagement, I was able to singlehandedly scale that number to only 10 and communicated with audio backing the development to the relevant authorities.

“There was an unnecessary delay on giving them even precise feedback by the government and now they have not only succeeded in carrying out another successful attack that indicts the nature of our intelligence and capacity to respond promptly but has also succeeded in releasing doses of their members which would have been averted if the action has been taken to give them only 10 and secure the release of the train victims. In all this risky, painful and frustrating engagement which government is yet to acknowledge and appreciate I have more than 100 documented audios that I shared with the relevant authorities. For the purpose of this important press release and to authenticate my claims, I will also share 4 of the latest audios.

“And for the records, since after our successful mission that led to the release of the 11 victims I have made up my mind then to disengage completely from this voluntary service to a nation that doesn’t appreciate sacrifices because of the above reasons and many more but I was instructed on humanitarian grounds by my principal, Sheikh Dr Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi to exercise patience and continue.

“But with the current sad development at the highest official level of government, I am formally announcing my withdrawal completely from this service and to announce to the world that my life is also being threatened. It should also be on record that if anything happens to me certainly it is not the terrorists but within the corrupt society, we are in.

“May Allah preserves the lives of the innocent victims of the train attack and may He secure their release in safety.”

Source: Pm News

Joe Biden
President Joe Biden | AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The United States of America has told its citizens in Nigeria to be on alert as there will be an increase in crime in and around Abuja.

The US issued the statement after the attack on Kuje Prison by terrorists on Tuesday night.

The statement recommended that U.S. citizens should maintain a high state of personal security awareness for the next two weeks and avoid unnecessary travel on the airport road.

The statement reads:

“Crime is endemic throughout Nigeria and tends to spike after dark. Avoiding locations and situations that increase the likelihood of being victimized is the best defense. Avoid displays of valuables and limit nighttime activity.


“Terrorist groups and those inspired by such organizations are intent on attacking U.S. citizens abroad. Terrorists are increasingly using less sophisticated methods of attack –including knives, firearms, and vehicles – to target crowds more effectively. Frequently, their aim is focused on unprotected or vulnerable targets, such as:

“High-profile public events (sporting contests, political rallies, demonstrations, holiday events, celebratory gatherings, etc.)

Hotels, clubs, and restaurants frequented by tourists
Places of worship
Shopping malls and markets
Public transportation systems (including subways, buses, trains, and scheduled commercial flights)
Actions to Take:

Be aware of your surroundings.
Keep a low profile.
Carry proper identification.
Monitor local media for updates.
Review your personal security plans.
Always drive with your windows rolled up and the doors locked.
Avoid large gatherings and protests.
Review alternative travel routes in case of unexpected protests or unrest.
Exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings or protests.
“Always keep the doors to your residence locked, even when at home.”

Ike Ekweremadu, Isaac Okah, Uche Onyekwelu
Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu

A magistrate court in Westminster, United Kingdom on Thursday, July 7, 2022 ruled that David Ukpo, the alleged kidney donor for the ailing daughter of Senator Ikechukwu Ekweremadu’s daughter, Sandra is not a minor.

Ike Ekweremadu, the immediate past Deputy Senate President of Nigeria and his wife, Beatrice were arrested and charged for allegedly bringing a child to the country for organ harvesting, a potential offence under modern slavery legislation in the UK.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu and wife, Beatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu

For the second time, the Uxbridge Magistrate Court heard the case against the pair last Thursday, where it announced that Attorney General Suella Braverman would determine whether the case will continue in the UK or be transferred to Nigeria where the alleged crime originated.

Today’s trial began at about 11am UK local time and just like last week, there is a large Nigerian delegation.

The delegation include staff from the Nigeria High Commission and other top government officials from Nigeria present in the public gallery to show support to the Ekweremadus.

The senator, who represents Enugu West, and his wife are facing charges bordering on conspiracy to arrange/facilitate the travel of another person with a view to exploitation, namely organ harvesting.

The judge has adjourned the case till August 4. Ike Ekweremadu and his wife are to remain in custody till the next hearing.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an undated photo | Reuters

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed to resign, his office said Thursday, July 7, 2022, ending an unprecedented political crisis over his future that has paralysed Britain’s government.

An official in Johnson’s Downing Street office confirmed the prime minister would announce his resignation later. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement had not yet been made.

Johnson had rebuffed calls by his Cabinet to step down in the wake of ethics scandals. He gave in after more than 40 ministers quit his government and told him to go.

It was not immediately clear whether Johnson would stay in office while the Conservative Party chooses a new leader, who will replace him as prime minister.

Minutes before the news broke, Treasury chief Nadhim Zahawi called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign just 36 hours after Johnson put him in the job, while another newly appointed Cabinet minister quit her post.

Zahawi said Johnson knew “the right thing to do” was to “go now.”

Zahawi was appointed late Tuesday to replace Rishi Sunak, who resigned saying he could no longer support Johnson after a series of ethics scandals.

Education Secretary Michelle Donelan, who was also appointed on Tuesday following the resignation of her predecessor, announced her resignation Thursday morning.

Johnson had rejected clamors for his resignation, digging in his heels even as dozens of officials quit and previously loyal allies urge him to go after yet another scandal engulfed his leadership.

A group of Johnson’s most trusted Cabinet ministers visited him at his office in Downing Street Wednesday, telling him to stand down after losing the trust of his party. But Johnson instead opted to fight for his political career and fired one of the Cabinet officials, Michael Gove, British media reported.

It is rare for a prime minister to cling on to office in the face of this much pressure from his Cabinet colleagues. The Guardian‘s frontpage on Thursday called him “Desperate, deluded.”

“He’s breached the trust that was put in him. He needs to recognise that he no longer has the moral authority to lead. And for him, it’s over,” Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford told The Associated Press.

Johnson, 58, was known for his knack for wiggling out of tight spots. He remained in power despite allegations that he was too close to party donors, that he protected supporters from bullying and corruption allegations, and that he misled Parliament and was dishonest to the public about government office parties that broke pandemic lockdown rules.

But recent disclosures that Johnson knew about sexual misconduct allegations against Chris Pincher, a Conservative lawmaker, before he promoted the man to a senior position turned out to be the last straw.

Last week, Pincher resigned as deputy chief whip after complaints he groped two men at a private club. That triggered a series of reports about past allegations leveled against Pincher – and shifting explanations from the government about what Johnson knew when he tapped him for a senior job enforcing party discipline.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Treasury chief Rishi Sunak resigned within minutes of each other Wednesday over the scandal. The two Cabinet heavyweights were responsible for tackling two of the biggest issues facing Britain – the cost-of-living crisis and COVID-19.

Source: Marca

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson storm brexit
Boris Johnson wants a Canada-style deal with EU | SkyNews

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned Thursday, bringing an acrimonious end to a nearly three-year premiership that has been beset by controversy and scandal.

Speaking outside Downing Street, Johnson said the process for choosing the new leader of the Conservative Party should begin now, with a timetable to be announced next week. He said he intends to remain in place until a new Tory leader is elected.

His decision to remain in office comes despite a clear lack of support from within his own party and a growing push across the political spectrum for him to step down immediately.

Johnson said he was “sad to be giving up the best job in the world,” but conceded that “no one is remotely indispensable” in politics.

Referring to members of his own ruling party who turned against him, Johnson said: “At Westminster, the herd instinct is powerful and when the herd moves, it moves.”

Johnson thanked his wife Carrie Johnson, his children, the National Health Service, armed forces and Downing Street staff. “Above all, I want to thank you, the British public, for the immense privilege that you have given me.”

He concluded his roughly six-minute speech by seeking to strike an upbeat tone. “Even if things can sometimes seem dark now, our future together is golden.”

It comes as the wave of resignations from Johnson’s government and party since Tuesday evening approached 60, with one Conservative Party member after another publicly voicing their lack of confidence in the prime minister.

Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi was the latest of Johnson’s allies to urge him to “go now,” saying the unprecedented political crisis over his future was not sustainable and would “only get worse.”

Remarkably, Zahawi’s call for Johnson to step down came just two days after the prime minister appointed him finance minister.

Source: CNBC

Niger State Gunmen criminals kidnappers travelers, fulani militia gana armed robbers bandits kidnapped imo bandits
File Photo of terrorists

Gunmen have killed the two sons of a Pastor in Adamawa State and abducted his teenage daughter.

The State Government, which announced the development on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, expressed dismay over the incident.

The gunmen attacked the home of Reverend Daniel Umaru of Church of The Brethren in Nigeria, EYN, in Njairi in Mubi Local Government Area, shot the Pastor, killed two of his sons, and abducted his 13-year-old daughter.

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri said in a statement by his Press Secretary Humwashi Wonosikou, that the deeds of the unidentified gunmen were reprehensible.

The statement reads: “Governor Fintiri, while offering his condolences to the family over the death of their Children, described as shocking and barbaric the action of the gunmen.

“The perpetrators of this heinous act must be brought to justice, and we have offered our full support to the Security Agencies to do so.”

The statement said the government would continue to confront crime in all its forms, including threats posed by kidnappers, and offered Governor Fintiri’s “deepest condolences” to the victims’ families and loved ones.

Fintiri directed security agencies to scale up intelligence and fish out the criminals, saying, “They must be brought to justice for crimes against humanity.”

Source: The Nation

PDP National Chairman Iyorchia Ayu
PDP National Chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has condemned the spate of insecurity and the audacity with which terrorists ravage the unchallenged under the rudderless All Progressives Congress, APC, administration.

PDP in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Hon Debo Ologunagba, on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, alleged that the APC administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari is complicit in most of the attacks.

The party claimed the simultaneous terrorist attacks on the advance convoy of President Buhari in Katsina State as well as the Correctional Facility in Kuje, Abuja underscore the collapse of security command and control structure.

PDP, which described APC led government as failed, ineffective and uncoordinated said the terrorist attack in Katsina as well as the ferocious invasion and the freeing of hundreds of terrorists and criminals from the Kuje Correctional Facility further confirm that President Buhari has lost control of the security of the nation.

According to the party, the escalated spate of terrorism across the country has heightened apprehensions of complicity by the APC and further shows that Nigerians are no longer safe.

It also alleged that the unchallenged terrorist attacks are plots by the APC to stall the 2023 general elections.

The statement partly read, “The failure of the APC administration to act on the intelligence provided by the Directorate of State Services, DSS, which on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, reportedly warned of an impending attack on the Kuje Correctional Facility gives credence to fears by Nigerians of complicity at very high level of the APC administration.

“This is in addition to further reports that soldiers deployed to the precinct of the Kuje Correctional Facility and who had become familiar with the terrain were redeployed 24 hours before the terrorists attacked.

“The PDP demands that the APC government should come clean on who ordered the reported redeployment of soldiers and who failed to act on the intelligence provided by the DSS.

“Nigerians can recall the public confession by the Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai at the wake of the bloody Abuja-Kaduna terrorist attack that the APC-led administration knows the whereabouts and the plans of the terrorists ravaging our nation but deliberately refused to act. Nigerians will also recall how APC leaders publicly romanced and paid money to terrorists.”

It expressed concern that President Buhari appears helpless without any decisive and concrete steps taken to stem the tide of terrorist attacks in the country.

The opposition party insisted that the APC government headed by President Buhari has failed in the basic purpose of government which is to secure life and properties of the citizens.

It urged President Buhari to urgently convene an emergency Council of State meeting for a review of the prevailing dangerous security atmosphere in the country.

PDP also called on the National Assembly to immediately summon the Security Chiefs for a thorough investigation on the circumstances resulting in the failure of our security system.

Prophet Bisi Olujobi

Prophet Bisi Olujobi of Wisdom Church of Christ International in Ketu, Lagos State, has predicted that the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, would win the 2023 presidential election.

Olujobi said Tinubu would win, but his enemies would use his health issues against him.

In a statement he signed, the clergyman said the APC presidential candidate would win the election but may never rule Nigeria.

According to Olujobi: “In Asiwaju Tinubu’s case, he will clinch the 2023 presidential seat, but the enemies within will use his weakness and health issues against him.

“You remember early in the year 2022 when I warned him about strange conspiracies and mockery which all happened.

“His case again will turn out like that of Awolowo, Abiola, and Yaradua, who was elected but never rule, except he prays very well.

“God said all agitation for break up should seize for now as God wants to move through the country within the shortest period of time as human effort has failed.”

President Muhammadu Buhari visits Kuje Prison after terrorist attack on July 6, 2022

President Muhammadu Buhari has been mocked for visiting the Kuje Correctional Facility following the jailbreak.

Deji Adeyanju, a socio-political activist, said the jailbreak that led to the escape of about 150 prisoners’ has exposed Buhari as an incompetent leader.

Adeyanju recalled how Buhari promised to ensure the security of Nigerians in 2015.

In a tweet, Adeyanju wrote: “Buhari in Kuje prison where over 150 terrorists escaped. If incompetence was a person. This was a man who promised heaven and earth in 2015. This is why I’m so scared of messiahs or people who make beautiful promises. We warned Nigerians in 2015 but we were insulted.”

Unknown gunmen had attacked the Kuje Correctional facility on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

Speaking on the incident, the Minister of Defence, Bashir Magashi, said the 64 Boko Haram suspects in Kuje Correctional Facility are missing.

Magashi said the attackers are Boko Haram insurgents and 64 of its members, who were inmates in the facility, cannot be found.


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Futures bets are wagers on events whose outcomes will not be determined until some time in the future. This does not imply that if...



It's sad week for Nigeria. There were separate attacks on different government institutions and officials. Several news sources reported that the Presidential convoy was attacked...