Islamic Anti-terrorism Coalition: 10 Questions Buhari Must Answer

Islamic Anti-terrorism Coalition: 10 Questions Buhari Must Answer

President Muhammadu Buhari pictured during his Al Jazeera interview with Martine Dennis in Qatar | Al Jazeera

It’s a known fact that Buhari has on his own added Nigeria as member of the Islamic Coalition with a crude defense that those Christian that were there why could they not fight Boko Haram.

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The question is…

Are the Boko Haram terrorists fought by only Muslim soldiers and all other armed forces?

Are Christian members of the Armed Forces joined in this fight?

Who is Buhari to divide the Nigerian Armed Forces through religion?

Is this not a subtle means to breed sectionalism in the Nigerian Armed Forces and to create an Islamic Army in the Nigerian Armed Forces to dominate Southern Territories and Christian dominated regions in the North?

Is this not a subtle way to use an Islamic Armed Forces to dominate the South and intimidate them to silence and foist his Islamic Agenda on the South like they did to the Yoruba Muslim converts in the advent of Islamic religion in the South West then and some parts of Edo State?

Why should Buhari remain in that seat for one minute after that Interview, why is the National Assembly silent about it?

Is it because the Senate President is a Muslim and the the majority in the house are from the ruling party and are of Muslim majority?

What is happening to the opposition parties in the House, why is no one raising this objections?

How many evil deals have Buhari entered into in the course of his travels?

How many things have our Ministers being forced to sign even when it is against Nigeria’s interest?

I, as a Nigerian ask that Buhari should account for all his trips especially to the very notable Islamic Nations, so we can know clearly what our country have entered.

Buhari’s action is impeachable because he has not respected Nigeria in his decision.

We knew of this before the election, we spoke about it, we were called names and now it is coming out clearly.

Let’s begin to ask the right questions and demand for answers.

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