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Ladies: 5 Sexy, Mind-Blowing Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man

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Valentines Day will be here before we know it. If your man is anything like me, he’s probably not making it easy for you to pick him out a gift. It’s pretty much understood by most men that this day isn’t for us. So if you’re wondering why he told you not to worry about getting him anything, there goes your answer. You should know that just because he’s not expecting anything it doesn’t mean that he won’t appreciate whatever you give him. Check out some Valentine’s day gifts ideas below:

  1. Budoir Photos – Social Media is filled with women showing off their physical assets — maybe he looks or maybe he doesn’t — but I can guarantee you he would appreciate a collection of seductive photos from his own woman. Get creative, use props, set the scene, throw on sexy lingerie, and pose with lust filled faces (Note: no duck faces please). Send him as many photos as you can periodically throughout the day. It’s always a pleasure to hear your phone go off, open it up and be surprised by a picture of your woman showing you what her momma gave her. I’m just being honest.
  2. Tickets to Sporting Event -You’ll be hard pressed to find a man who isn’t into sports. So whether courtside is in your budget or you have to settle for Section 200, this is a gift he’ll definitely appreciate.
  3. Grooming Essentials – This gift will benefit you as well as him. Check the bottles he has on the dresser to see if he’s low and needs restocking. If not it doesn’t hurt to buy him something new. My personal favorite – Tom Ford Cologne (Neroli Portifino for daytime + Tuscan Leather for night) Jack Black (For Moisturizer + Lip Balm) visit your local Sephora.
  4. Digital Magazine Subscription – GQ, Esquire, Entrepreneur, Robb Report, you have many to choose from. They all come in handy for those days he has to wait on you to figure out which shoes you’re going to get or when he visits the local cafe.
  5. Mind-Blowing Sex – Here’s a shocker: Men love sex — more sex at that. One complaint you often hear from guys is how they have to go all out and buy their woman something new and special but yet all they get is the same ‘ol sex they’ve received throughout the year. Spice it up this time around. Do something new. Go online and watch a few pοrn videos and do what you see them do. Trust me, he’s already watched those videos and if he hasn’t already told you, he wants you to do what Roxy & Pinky have mastered. Add a pole if your dance skills are up to par.

He won’t be expecting a thing but if he receives one of above, he’ll definitely be pleased.

To your V-Day,
Thee Urban Sophisticate

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