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Condoleezza Rice, a former US secretary of state

Internet activists are calling for the boycott of popular cloud storage service Dropbox after it named former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to its board of directors earlier this week.

The outcry stems, in large part, from Rice’s support for the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program during the Bush administration. But the company believes having the former national security adviser will help raise its global profile.


“This is deeply disturbing, and anyone – or any business – who values ethics should be concerned,” says a blog post on, a site that’s leading the call for the boycott. “Given everything we now know about the U.S.’s warrantless surveillance program, and Rice’s role in it, why on earth would we want someone like her involved with Dropbox, an organization we are trusting with our most important business and personal data?”

The site lists several other cloud storage services users could use as alternatives to Dropbox, which is used by 275 million people worldwide. Support for the boycott has stretched across social media, and was “upvoted” to the highly-trafficked Reddit front page, as well as the site’s technology section front page, reported.

In announcing Rice’s addition to the board of directors on Wednesday, Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston said her presence would help the company “expand our global footprint.”

“We’re honored to be adding someone as brilliant and accomplished as Dr. Rice to our team,” Houston wrote on The Dropbox Blog.

Messages left Friday morning with Stanford University, where Rice is a faculty member, were not immediately returned. A spokesperson for Dropbox told he had no comment beyond Houston’s statement.

The controversy over the Rice appointment comes one week after the CEO of Mozilla, the company behind the popular Internet browser Firefox, resigned one week into the job after protests grew over his support for Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage law passed in California in 2008.

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Chiwetel Ejiofor pictured arriving an award show

For his shattering portrayal of a free black man captured into enslavement in “12 Years a Slave,” Chiwetel Ejiofor was nominated for a 2014 Oscar for best actor. The son of Nigerian parents, Ejiofor is a guy worth getting to know a few things about. He is sure to be around Hollywood for a while!

1. From Nigeria to London

Born in 1977 in East London’s Field Gate neighborhood, Ejiofor is the son of Christian Igbo immigrants from Nigeria. His father Arinze, a doctor, and his mother, Obiajulu, a pharmacist, fled their Nigerian homeland during the brutal Biafran conflict in the 1960s, as extreme violence toward the Igbo nation escalated.

2. An early tragedy

When Chiwetel was 11 years old, he was involved in a head-on collision while on a vacation in Lagos. Everyone in the car except Chiwetel was killed, including his father. “That chance he had at life…he really went on to make the most of it,” said his sister, Zain Asher (pictured above with Chiwetel and a third sibling).

3. Bitten by the bug


Apparently chastised by his mother for writing Shakespeare quotes all over the walls, Chiwetel was irrevocably bitten by the bug when he saw a Cary Grant movie at age 7. He joined Dulwich College and the National Youth Theater, and then the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. His life forever changed, though, when a very famous director cast him in his new film.

4. ‘Amistad’ and early acting success

Chiwetel was cast in  Steven Spielberg’s 1997 film, “Amistad” as the translator for Djimon Hounsou’s character. It was a small role, but the London theater community took notice. His roles in “Othello” and “Blue/Orange” for the Royal National Theater brought stage awards and national acclaim.

5. Up and up

When Stephen Frears cast Ejiofor in the role of Okwe, the weary London taxi driver involved in a bizarre murder mystery in the 2002 movie “Dirty Pretty Things,” international acclaim followed. The film and his performance were critically lauded, and directors like Woody Allen and Spike Lee jumped on the Ejiofor boat. Within a few years, he had movies like “Melinda and Melinda,” “She Hate Me” and “Love Actually” under his belt.

6. ’12 Years a Slave’

Small film roles popped up for Chiwetel, but nothing would prepare him for the opportunity he was given in Steve McQueen’s film, “12 Years a Slave.” Asked to play the extraordinary Solomon Northrup, Ejiofor at first hesitated. “It was an amazing story, but I didn’t know if I was the guy,” he said. Thankfully, he got on board.

7. Filming ’12 Years a Slave’

The 35-day shoot in Louisiana was intense. Actors Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Lupita Nyong’o, and many others become deeply immersed in portraying slave owners and slaves. Ejiofor’s role as Northrup meant experiencing brutal punishments, and multiple lashings and trauma wounds were recreated on Ejiofor’s body. “I had some padding, but I think it was really just an important part of it,” he said.

8. The Oscar nomination

Picked by many critics as the best film of 2013, “12 Years a Slave” received nine Oscar nominations on Jan. 17, including best picture and best actor for Chiwetel Ejiofor. The praise for his performance was overwhelming; appearances on Oprah and other huge TV shows followed, as well multiple critics awards.

9. Oh, wait! His sister is famous too!

And she loves him lots! Ejiofor’s little sister, Zain Asher, is a CNN news anchor. Watch the above video of her teary reaction to her brother’s Oscar nomination.

10. Future prospects

It’s the beginning of something new for Chiwetel. Besides plowing through the awards circuit and red carpets, he will be featured in both the play and film adaptation of “A Season in the Congo.” Rumors of Ejiofor and Ewan McGregor pairing up for an “Othello” film version are rumbling beneath the surface. Whatever direction this talent takes, we’ll be waiting in the audience.

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4. ‘Amistad’ and early acting success

Chiwetel was cast in  Steven Spielberg’s 1997 film, “Amistad” as the translator for Djimon Hounsou’s character. It was a small role, but the London theater community took notice. His roles in “Othello” and “Blue/Orange” for the Royal National Theater brought stage awards and national acclaim.

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Actor Jackie Chan turned 60 years young on Monday. An artist celebrated the stuntman’s birthday in a way Chan could have never imagined.

Malaysian artist-architect Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname “Red,” paid tribute to the actor with an incredible portrait made of 64,000 chopsticks. It took her about a month to conceptualize the work, gather the pieces, and tie them together for the final project.

“Jackie has used chopsticks during his kungfu scenes in a few movies like the Fearless Hyena and Karate Kid,” Yi explained on YouTube of her reasoning behind her choice material. “I used disposable bamboo chopsticks to show that disposable materials can be reused and made into something else more meaningful and beautiful.”

artiste and jackie chan

Yi presented the final piece to Chan in Beijing during a special concert held for his birthday on April 6. The actor returned the favor by co-starring in a video with the artist online. In the YouTube clip, which also shows off the portrait, Chan and Yi get into their own chopsticks fight. The “Rush Hour” star eventually concedes that Yi is good and bows, referring to her as “master.”

Chan is far from the first public figure to be the subject of Yi’s art. Her YouTube page features videos of the artist creating portraits of singer Adele, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, and basketball player Yao Ming. Last September, she presented Novak Djokovic with a portrait at the China Open in Beijing. Yi painted it with only a tennis ball and a pair of chopsticks.

According to her website, Yi runs her own design studio and splits time between Shanghai and Malaysia.

artiste and jackie chan

artiste and jackie chan

artiste and jackie chan

artiste and jackie chan

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Broad Street, Lagos Island |
Broad Street, Lagos Island |

This was the bizarre scene when a woman was spotted taking man for walkies on a DOG LEAD in a London street.

The picture was taken by a bemused Twitter user on his way to work during this morning’s commute.

The smartly-dressed man in a trousers, shirt and shoes is seen being pulled along with a pink lead around his neck.

RexMan on leash
Man on leash spotted in Farringdon, London

In front of him is a woman holding the other end of the lead with a coffee in the other hand as they strolled through the centre of the capital at 10am.

Ian Jeffery who spotted the bizarre incident and posted it up on his twitter feed said ‘ Did we really just see this outside work? A woman walking a man like a dog on a lead in #Farringdon #London #bizarre.’

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Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington - The actors take a bow

Tickets to watch Denzel Washington on Broadway in “A Raisin in the Sun” are hard to come by, but one man managed it — President Barack Obama.

The president and first lady caught the American masterpiece Friday night at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, where it first opened more than 50 years ago.

The only recognition from the cast of their special guests was when Washington tipped his cap in their direction at the curtain call, which was already a standing ovation. The president and his wife went backstage to greet the actors at intermission.

Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington, pictured is Denzel Washington and Sophie Okonedo
Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington, pictured is Denzel Washington and Sophie Okonedo

“I’m so glad. I’m so happy that he came to see the show,” said 13-year-old Bryce Clyde Jenkins, who is making his Broadway debut. “It means so much to me that the president took time out from whatever he was doing to come see a show like ours.”

The Obamas took their orchestra section seats to huge applause that was repeated when they left, shaking hands as they went up and down the aisle. The president wore a suit and the first lady wore a sparkly black top and a chic black leather jacket.

There was a 20-minute delay in the beginning of the show when an alarm flooded the theater with a piercing sound. A huge ovation greeted its end. Though asked to put away cellphones, virtually every audience-member whipped them out to take flash shots of the Obamas, lighting up the darkened theater.

Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington
Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington

Lorraine Hansberry’s play, set in 1950s Chicago, centers on a struggling working-class black family anxiously awaiting a $10,000 insurance check and the ensuing squabbles over how to spend it. It may touch a chord with Obama, who calls Chicago home and who has a parent from Africa, a strong theme in the play.

Stephen McKinley Henderson, who only appears in the second act, shook the president’s hand at intermission and was floored by the power of the moment. Michelle Obama, who clearly knew the play, recognized Henderson’s character and asked him if he’d be on stage soon, then gave him a hug. “I’ll never be the same!” Henderson said.

Besides Washington, Jenkins and Henderson, the cast includes LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Sophie Okonedo, Anika Noni Rose, Sean Patrick Thomas and David Cromer. The director is Kenny Leon.

Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington
Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington

“I just can’t believe it,” said Thomas, who said he and British actress Okonedo compared it to performing for the queen. “I’ll tell my daughter, I’ll tell my son, the night I performed for the president. I’ll tell them, ‘If you do your homework and do what you’re supposed to do, you can, too.'”

The Obamas have been big boosters of Broadway during his presidency. Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia have attended performances of “Memphis,” ”Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” ”Sister Act,” ”The Trip to Bountiful,” ”Motown the Musical” and “The Addams Family.” And the first couple saw “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” during a date night in 2009. Michelle Obama and six girlfriends also saw “Fela!” in 2010.

This is the second Broadway revival of Hansberry’s play. The original Broadway production in 1959 featured Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee, Claudia McNeil and Diana Sands, who reunited for a 1961 film adaptation. The last Broadway revival occurred in 2004, starring Sean Combs, Phylicia Rashad, Sanaa Lathan and Audra McDonald. It also was directed by Leon.

This time, tickets are a hot commodity. The theater has been sold out since the doors opened, and the well-received revival has pushed the average ticket price to $111 and the top premium to $348, second only to “The Book of Mormon’s” top premium of $477 last week.

The cast can’t think about that or who might be out there. “When we’re on that stage, we have to be professionals,” said Jenkins. “That’s one of the hardest parts about having the job — you never know who’s out there.”

Visit for more information.

Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington
Photo from the stage play, A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington

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women couple bed naked man

Any guy who’s past puberty is well-acquainted with the supremely pleasurable sensations of an orgasm and the ejaculation that (usually) coincides with it. But there’s a whole variety of biological processes that are kicked off by a sexual climax, along with a few bizarre exceptions and oddly common habits that many men share. Find out how your all-time favorite activity affects you in ways you never imagined.

1.Your orgasm gets you super high
Brain scans on men experiencing orgasms revealed that the most excited brain region during climax is the ventral tegmental area, which is packed with receptors for neurotransmitters associated with reward. As it turns out, that same brain region lights up like Times Square when heroin users shoot up, Danish researchers found. Why is the unparalleled pleasure of an orgasm a helpful trait for humans? “Because ejaculation introduces sperm into the female reproductive tract, it would be critical for reproduction of the species to favor ejaculation as a most-rewarding behavior,” writes study author Gert Holstege, M.D., Ph.D.

2. Orgasms are better with a partner
Solo sessions are fun, but you’ll want to double up to receive maximum ecstasy. After an orgasm, your body releases a hormone called prolactin. It essentially shuts off your sex drive for up to an hour, which is why you might find yourself suddenly bored with that porn clip you were watching. But Scottish researchers found both men and women release 400 percent more prolactin after intercourse compared to a masturbation-induced orgasm, which is why post-sex spooning still feels fantastic.

3. Sometimes you—yes, you—fake it
When University of Kansas researchers surveyed college students, they found that 28 percent of guys had faked an orgasm with their partner. About one-third of those men said they’d been too drunk to orgasm, and almost half said their main reason for faking was because they wanted to go to sleep. It’s important to point out that most of the guys who faked had been in a committed relationship at the time, so they were likely more worried about hurting their partner’s feelings than making the lovemaking session count. Since the male orgasm usually coincides with ejaculation—but not always, as you’ll soon find out—you’d think it would be difficult to dupe your partner. But maybe not: In addition to moaning louder and speeding up their thrusts, “some men mentioned hiding or discarding their condom,” says study author Charlene Muehlenhard, Ph.D.

4. You can do it again and again, if you’re lucky
For most guys, the typical refractory period—the time between your last orgasm and when you’ll be able to get it up again—is anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. But one recent case study described a 25-year-old German man blessed with the mutant power of being able to continue to have sex within about 3 minutes after his climax. By taking blood samples right after the man masturbated to some porn, the researchers found that his body produced essentially zero extra prolactin post-orgasm, which they surmised allowed him to achieve his multi-orgasmic feat.

5. You might not enjoy it
“Sexual anhedonia” is the medical term for when genital stimulation produces most of the physical signs of an orgasm—the muscle contractions, the ejaculation—without any pleasure. Fortunately it’s fairly rare in men, but when the condition does strike, it’s often caused by a class of antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) that include Paxil, Zoloft, and Prozac. It can even continue after the patient stops taking those meds, according to a study from the University of Pittsburgh.

6. Your belly could effect your—err—output
The average amount of ejaculate released during orgasm is 3.4 milliliters (mL), which is less than a teaspoon—unless you’re overweight. Men with a body mass index greater than 30 were 69 percent more likely to only produce 2 mL or less of semen during an ejaculation, according to a Scottish study. The researchers weren’t sure whether all that extra fat around your middle hurts sperm production by allowing your cojones to overheat, or if the same lack of exercise and poor diet that leads to weight gain might also reduce the volume of your semen.

7. You can get her pregnant without orgasming
During foreplay and sex, most men can release a pre-ejaculate, which is a fluid that helps lubricate intercourse and clears out your urethra to allow the semen to travel through unhindered. An analysis of this fluid that was published in the journal Human Fertility found that 41 percent of guys produced pre-ejaculate that contained sperm—up to 40 million of the little swimmers, in fact. It only takes one to make a baby, so keep those odds in mind if you’re not yet looking to become a dad.

8. Orgasms may cure headaches
An orgasm floods your brain with endorphins—the same feel-good neurotransmitters that are associated with a “runner’s high.” Endorphins are powerful pain blockers, so researchers in Germany have been investigating whether doing the deed while you’re having a migraine helps relieve the nauseating pain. In a study published last year, the scientists reported that one-third of patients had powered through sex despite the unpleasant headache, and of those, 60 percent said they felt better post-coitus. The researchers even believe that endurance athletes, including people who compete in marathons and triathlons, have a better chance of curing their migraines with orgasms, since they’ve honed their bodies to release more endorphins.

9. Your gunk is chock full of vitamins and minerals
Semen is actually only 1 to 5 percent sperm, according to a Duke University study in which the researchers were developing an artificial semen substitute. (For what it’s worth, the fake semen sometimes used in porn shoots is reportedly anything from hand soap to pina colada mix.) Like many of your bodily fluids, most of the volume is water. In a typical 3.4-mL load, you’ll let out around 10 milligrams (mg) of sodium, 9 mg of fructose—which provides the sperm with energy as they swim—a little less than 2/10ths of a gram of protein, and smaller amounts of zinc, potassium, calcium, and chlorine.

10. Your semen moves faster than any man can run
The average speed of your ejaculation is 28 miles per hour, which is almost exactly Usain Bolt’s world-record maximum running pace of 27.79 mph. Of course, your semen won’t cross 100 meters—the world record for ejaculation distance is supposedly 18 feet, 9 inches set by a man named Horst Schultz, but that achievement is unconfirmed. After the sperm leave your body, they slow down considerably, taking 5 minutes to reach the woman’s cervix.

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couple sex bed woman
Photo Credit: Dreamstime Stock

1. Give A Life

“I love the idea of being picked up and kissed, touched, and groped against a wall before moving the party to the bed or floor. Or you can just pick me up and do me while standing, taking complete control over me. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.”—Kristin, 26

2. Rough It Up

“I’m really surprised at how little men want to get ‘rough’ in bed. I really enjoy it when a man wraps his hands in all my thick, curly hair and pulls my head back, especially when he’s entering me from behind. After pulling my hair, I like it when he puts his hand on the front of my neck and pulls me into him—it’s such a turn-on!”—Jen, 28

3. Hold Her Hostage

“I’ve never been tied up before. I love the idea of just totally having to surrender to another person, trusting him with your body.”—Stephanie, 25

4. Turn On The Romance

“As sappy as this sounds, the whole petals on the bed and candles all around thing? It’s so romantic, and romance is the ultimate turn-on.”—Amber, 22

5. Undress Her… Slowly

“Instead of just taking our clothes off ourselves, I wish my guy would slowly remove mine and take in every inch of my naked body as he sees it. Feeling that he’s getting excited with every piece of clothing that comes off is so sensual—in fact, he should tell me just how excited he is every step of the way.”—Becca, 23

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couple sex couple bed
Photo Credit: Every Stock

Ask any expert about a woman’s breasts and they’ll all tell you the same thing: men aren’t paying enough attention to them—at least when it comes to sex. “What I’m hearing from a lot of people is that men immediately go down south, because that’s where they get the most results,” says sexologist Dr. Stephen de Wit. “For a lot of women, breasts are an area of great pleasure, but it’s not an understood thing for men because we don’t have breasts—a lot of the information we learn is from the media and from porn.”

But fear not, guys. All hope isn’t lost. We’ve consulted the best experts in the biz to create a step-by-step guide to pleasuring her boobs in the bedroom. Both your lady—and her ladies—will be satisfied with these nine simple steps.

Step 1: Understand that not all breasts are the same.
Each tit is a snowflake,” says sex expert Lora Somoza. Just because something has worked with one partner in the past, that doesn’t mean the same will work for your next partner. “There’s not one specific tip that’s going to be good for every woman. Some women want breast stimulation in the form of tender, soft teasing, and some want it rougher. You have to know your audience,” she says.

Step 2: Start out gently—until you know what she likes.
“Proceed with care and gently trace your fingers over their outer edges,” says sexologist Dr. Jessica O’Reilly. “Run your thumb lightly under the space where they fall and use only your fingertips to caress her as you breathe warm air over nipples. Avoid grabbing or kneading them.”

Step 3: Be a tease.

Dr. O’Reilly stresses that it’s not a bad thing. “Kiss her entire breast, but ignore her nipples for a few minutes,” she says. “Breathe over them provocatively, but don’t make any physical contact until her body is writhing with desire. It may take some self-restraint on your part, but the build-up will be worth it when they tingle as she orgasms.”

Step 4: Communicate… without ruining the mood. 
Sure, the idea of talking about your woman’s breast preferences in the heat of the moment doesn’t sound like the sexiest maneuver, but it will benefit both of you in the end. And Dr. Stephen de Wit stresses the importance of doing it in the moment. “It can be a bit awkward to bring up, so while you’re touching or caressing her, say things like ‘Do you like that? Does that turn you on?’ It doesn’t have to be clinical.”

Step 5: Let her be the teacher.
Dr. de Wit also encourages the idea of showing, rather than telling. “By passing the power on to her, she gets to be the teacher, he says. “You can say things like, ‘Touch yourself and show me what you like.’ That can be really erotic.” Dr. O’Reilly suggests trying out positions that let the man hold her breasts in place to get a better idea of her preferences. “Reach around from behind during doggie-style or place her own hands on her breasts as she rides you so she can show you just how she likes to be touched,” she says.

Step 6: Pay attention to her reactions and breathing.
Says de Wit: “Be aware of what’s going on with the rest of her body—her breathing, the way she moans, her flush.” But don’t ignore the breasts themselves: Sexual arousal causes more blood flow to the breasts, and often results in the breast tissue swelling up to 25%. “Reddening of the skin on the breasts and darkening of the areolas are also good signs she’s into it,” he advises.

Step 7: If she likes rougher play, get a little kinky.
“Nipple clamps are awesome, and that slight amount of pressure can be really hot,” Somoza says. “There’s a whole school of thought that women like to have some sort of restraint around their breast—adding a little roughness to it makes them feel sexy.”

Step 8: Use different sensations.
For women who aren’t as adventurous, a combination of hot and cold touches can be as arousing as clamps. “Use ice cubes—it’s almost painful ,and that can be super hot for a lot of women,” Somoza says. She also suggests a lesser-known object: fur mitts. “Different types of material like that can be really pleasurable.”

Step 9: Compliment the ladies.
If you love her breasts, tell her! “Compliments are the most powerful aphrodisiacs, and feeling comfortable in her skin will help to elevate her mood, libido and sexual response,” says Dr. O’Reilly. Gently tease her ladies, and you’ll see how quickly you can up the ante in the bedroom—with just the right touch, you’ll turn good sex into great sex.

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A 42-year-old man was the subject of a complaint by 12 of his neighbors, who said the loud moaning and screaming coming from his girlfriend during their sexual activity ‘disturbed the peace’ in their condominium. The man was tried for stalking and plans to appeal his jail sentence — and being punished for ‘being too good at sex.’

An Italian man has been jailed because his girlfriend made too much noise during sex.

A dozen angry neighbors in Vigodarzere, Padua, filed a civil lawsuit after getting fed up with his lover’s passionate screams.

They claimed “the moans disturbed the peace in the condominium and the building’s decorum,” reports TGCom24.

The 42-year-old was, somewhat bizarrely, tried for stalking.

During the hearing he claimed he was being punished for “being too good at sex”.

He also argued that there was a difference between “stalking” and “noises,” reports The Local.

But he was found guilty and a judge jailed him for six months, a sentence which he now intends to appeal.

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Kim Kardashian has basically made a career out of her bodacious curves, and a new survey confirms that her ample bikini selfies and skintight dresses are just what her fans want to see. Her male fans, at least.

British lingerie brand Bluebella conducted a survey asking 1,000 people what makes a “beautiful” body. Deconstructing celebrities’ facial and body parts (sure, it’s not like they’re human or anything), the results are wildly different for men and women:

The “perfect” woman, according to men, has Megan Fox’s face, Kim Kardashian’s breasts, Michelle Keegan’s stomach, Kelly Brooks’ hips, Scarlett Johansson’s hair and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s legs.

The “perfect” woman, according to women, has Cara Delevingne’s face, Jennifer Aniston’s breasts, Gwyneth Paltrow’s stomach, Emma Watson’s hips, Kate Middleton’s hair and Elle MacPerson’s legs.


“Interestingly, the sum of all these parts does not match perceived physical perfection — neither men nor women opted for six-foot, stick-thin teenage models,” said Bluebella founder Emily Bendell. “It’s great to see such a range of ages and shapes.”

We bet Kanye West is writing a song about this as we speak.

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