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The long arm of law caught up with three robbery suspects on May 15 in Ijaye Ojokoro area of Lagos State as they were arrested by the police.

It was learnt that the suspects, before their arrest, had been terrorising residents of the area.

One of the residents, who simply identified himself as Mustapha, told newsmen that the suspects usually operate between 1 am and 4 am.

The suspects, Sunkanmi Akintayo,24; Ajibade Adeyemi, 25; and Ibrahim Ganiyu, 35, were arrested at about during one of their criminal escapades.

The gang members had begun terrorising the residents on the fateful day when landlords alerted the patrol team of Ijaye Ojokoro Police Division.

The police patrol team quickly responded and went after them.

As the news of the arrest spread, an angry mob gathered and threatened to burn the suspects alive, but the police prevented them from lynching the suspects.

In their confessional statements, Akintayo and Adeyemi said they were friends and that they began their friendship a few years back in the prison where they were serving various jail terms for criminal offences.

Akintayo said he was then sentenced to prison for stealing and other related offences, while Adeyemi claimed that he was jailed for stealing mobile phones and other household items.

The suspects added that they formed a new criminal gang immediately after they finished serving their prison terms.

They have, however, been transferred to the State Anti-Robbery Squad for further investigation.

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Nigeria Police officers

A Golf car laden with gas cylinders and plastic kegs, parked at the Channel 8 area of Kubwa, Abuja, on Friday, caused scare among the residents who deemed the items as explosive devices.

The discovery of the unmarked car was communicated to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Commissioner of Police, Mbu Joseph Mbu, who promptly ordered the scanning of all abandoned vehicles in the area.

The imam of a mosque located close to the scene, Sheikh Abdulmumini Ahmad Khalid, said he alerted the police as soon as he became aware of the scare.

The anti-bomb squad of the Nigeria Police Force soon cordoned off the scene, towed the vehicle to the Kubwa Divisional Police Station and declared the area safe hours later.

Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said what the police discovered in the vehicle were not explosives.

He also dismissed fears of an imminent attack on Kubwa.

Similarly, the spokesperson of the FCT police command, DSP Altine Daniel, confirmed that no explosive device was found on the vehicle.

She noted that the owner of the car could have been a cylinder seller who left the vehicle there after it might have developed a fault.

Last Sunday in the same area, worshippers at church were warned of suspicious objects brought into the compound and were requested, in the middle of a mass, to search the church hall for the objects.

The service, however, continued after no such objects were discovered.

Saturday Tribune visited the satellite town and found that tension was high in the area following rumours of planned attack on the town by terrorists.

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A 75-year-old man, Mr Fashola Fakorede, has urged a customary court in Igando, Lagos State, to end his marriage to his wife, 49-year-old Funke Fakorede who, he said, has turned him into a punching bag.

Fashola said his  wife  constantly beats him  and  inflicts  injuries all  over his body.

“My wife wants to kill me. She beats me everyday. I don’t want to die now,  please save my life. She beats me if I ask for food or anything at all. All the scars on my body are as a result of her beatings,’’ he said.

Fashola  said his wife no longer took care of him, adding that she  left  home  and returned  without  his permission.

“ She can go out for days and if I asked where she  had been, she would hit me with any weapon she can lay her hands on at that moment.

“My daughter is also taking after her. She brings home different men and my wife will not caution her. I therefore   sent her out  of my house,’’ he said.

Fashola urged the court to dissolve the union, stating that he was no longer in love with Funke and was tired of the beatings which had led to his  being ill.

“I’m tired of the constant beatings, I’m afraid this woman will kill me one day. I’m  not ready to die now,’’ he said.

Funke, a trader, however, denied the allegations. She told the court she didn’t  beat her husband and has always taken good care of him.

The mother of three, however, accused her husband of denying the children the right to  education.

“My husband  is irresponsible. He has failed to send our  children to secondary school. They all stopped at the primary level,’’ she said.

She  added that her husband had disowned his daughter, and urged the court not to grant his wish as she still loved him.

“I have nowhere to go as no man will want to marry me at my age,” she said

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Maheeda at a red carpet event

by Etcetera

For any social network groupie, a name like Maheeda doesn’t need any form of introduction.

All thanks to her for stripping down Nigeria’s entertainment Walk Of Fame or Walk Of Shame, stirring up emotions on her wake. Maheeda would have probably been sitting on a long thing if she had decided to lull her way into our hearts. But instead, she chose to put everyone on a much longer thing with her strip tease. And in the process, she snatched the “Queen of the Naked” crown from Afro Candy with her head still attached to it.

Judging by her body language, anyone gunning for that crown should be ready to outstrip her and inspire more damning comments than hers, something like, ‘Maheeda please put on your pants,’ ‘Tufiakwa, Maheeda you are a disgrace to womanhood,’ ‘Maheeda please go get a shave,’ ‘Maheeda you are a prostitute, you are crazy, you are rotten,’ and so on. These are comments that have helped in her star quest. But the clear consensus from supposed haters and secret admirers alike is that Maheeda is hot. And in showbiz, that’s the least crime anyone can be charged for. In other words, blaming Maheeda for exploiting the show part of the business whether to her advantage or not is a matter for another article.

Some of you reading this article know for certain that if Maheeda was getting paid for every of your clicks on her posts, she probably would be one of the richest celebs in Nigeria today. For God’s sake, enough with the hates. Leave Maheeda alone. Everything she does is off a well-written script and she plays her role perfectly well just like Kim in keeping up with the Kardashians. And I guess everyone but Nollywood can see her potentials. Well, who can blame our poor dear Nolly? It is not her fault that she was born blind. Whether anyone sees it or not, it is without a doubt that she has made a powerful statement and used controversy to boost her career. Her stunts are no way different from what we have seen in the past from well known artistes in other climes.

The charges brought against her by some self-righteous critics are ironic considering that a lot of our musical videos today are about shaking of bum bum by semi-nude vixens.

Is she seeking for attention? Of course she is. But aren’t we all here in entertainment for that sole purpose? Yes, she is pulling a stunt, but not a crass and irresponsible one like most people say. NBC can never be too quick to wield its hammer and lecture of why it should not be allowed for public viewing, because the kids can easily get traumatised. Some of today’s teenagers will easily wave it off as nothing. Besides, Maheeda has never said she wanted to be a role model for kids.

That is Ben 10’s Job. All my life as a musician, I have never come across anything as the perfect formula for making a hit song. You can only decide a more convenient and cost effective way to publicise your works to your audiences. It is said that there is no bad publicity in entertainment, meaning the criticisms further point her in the right direction towards her desired aims. Nudity and music videos are two things that go great together. Artistes have been pushing envelopes for years and using their bodies as extras to woo audiences.

From Alanis Morissette’s “Thank U” to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” artistes have been stripping down in their videos. In 1999, the American rock band, Blink 182 moved down the streets almost naked in their “What’s My Age” video. D’Angelo revealed his well chiselled abs and almost revealed his penis in his year 2000 “Untitled” (How Does It feel). Robbie Williams also stripped off his clothes and even his skin to impress girls in the “Rock DJ” video that same year. More artistes have gone nude or semi-nude in their music videos, like Britney Spears and Madonna, while Erykah Badu’s very popular “Window Seat” video shows her stripping off her clothes while walking through the famed Dealey plaza in her native Dallas.

Television in Nigeria is fast becoming a graveyard of dead and boring programmes due to the strict regulations of NBC. While videos like Maheeda’s and Timaya’s Ukwu are gaining more viewers for cable TV channels.

I recently stumbled on a TV interview with Maheeda angrily talking about the comments made by Charles Novia about her personality. It was an interview that revealed nothing we didn’t already know about Maheeda anyway. But how monotonous can an interview get, asking Maheeda how many minutes she takes to put on her panty hose? How she pictures her as someone who loves getting dressed beats me. Hello, your question should be how many minutes it takes her to get undressed. I guess Maheeda only got dressed that day because the TV station must have insisted on it. And the fact that they are not a cable TV channel. I am sure Maheeda would have loved having NBC choke to death watching her naked tattoo-riddled body on TV. Who wouldn’t! Not that the death of NBC would have bothered any entertainer anyway, least of all Maheeda.

NBC’s funeral might even call for street carnivals all over the Nigerian entertainment-dom. Nobody requires NBC approval to take off their clothes. I remember seeing a video teaser of Maheeda for the first time on facebook and I thought it was indeed interesting. But I will quickly advise anyone who intends going on a naked pilgrimage like Maheeda’s, to first and foremost develop a thick skin as a buffer for public backlash. But some entertainment stakeholders will argue that the only true contingency in entertainment is get criticised and get popular with it. I won’t be wrong to assume that a lot of people actually await her next stunt.

There’s definitely no wahala in nudity as far as the world of art is concerned. In entertainment over the years, we have seen crazier things done with the intent of getting the message across. Erykah Badu for instance got a fair dosage of criticism and respect for her “Window Seat” video. Maheeda seems prepared to deal with the consequences, good or bad. She has already made it clear to all and sundry that she believes in what she does. And I think it is great.

What is so offensive about the human body anyway? Not like she is doing what none of us have seen or heard of before. People should try and lighten up and give her a break. What better way for her to drum up publicity in this already saturated industry of ours. If we all must go only by NBC’s regulations and get all dressed up every time we stand before a camera, won’t it all be too normal and normal they say is boring. And while we sit awaiting the next stunt of the nude high priestess, let me borrow a line from Russell Crow the gladiator, are you not entertained?

Etcetera whose real name is Pascal Uche Ejikeme is a Nigerian alternative soul artiste with two albums to his credit. He is also a radio personality. He tweets from @ETC_LIVE

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 

A female student stands in a burnt classroom at Maiduguri Experimental School, a private nursery, primary and secondary school burnt by the Islamist group Boko Haram to keep children away from school in Maiduguri, northeastern Nigeria, May 12, 2012.(Photo Credit: Pius Utomi Ekpei /AFP/GettyImages)

Many members of the Nigerian public have been vocal in expressing their concerned over the abducted Borno girls’who do not communicate in English during their press interviews. They mostly spoke in Hausa. Over 95 per cent of students in public schools in the State cannot express themselves in English, although, their written English is reportedly better.

Some reasons were adduced for the situation, the major one being the poor standard of education and the quality of teachers in public schools across the state. Teaching Service Board officials tend to favour their kinsmen over qualified applicants.

Most teachers in the rural areas and the students prefer speaking their own dialect either in the classrooms or during school hours, making English language secondary.
Governor Kashim Shettima admitted in an interview that, “In 2011 WAEC examinations, only three students at one of the government secondary schools in Northern Borno Senatorial District had five credits, including mathematics and English language. The Three students were not from the State as their fathers were serving soldiers at Monguno Military Barracks”.

 Four abducted students were reunited with their families in Chibok, Nigeria, last month. (Photo Credit: Credit Haruna Umar/Associated Pres)
Four abducted students were reunited with their families in Chibok, Nigeria, last month. (Photo Credit: Credit Haruna Umar/Associated Pres)

The Chibok girls reflected the quality of teachers in public schools in Borno State. Chibok, a local government headquarter, has only one secondary school, which also serves people from neighbouring local government areas. Recently, the school, which used to be only for girls, was converted to a mixed school, admitting male students as non-residents.

Who’s To Blame
A teacher in the school, Mr. Amos Dawi said, “Apart from the poor quality of teaching materials and unqualified teachers, the students themselves are not helping matters, as most of them devote their interest to farming.

“Chibok and other schools in the state have no English or Mathematics teachers. Rarely would students from JSS I to SS III have these teachers throughout their stay in school. In fact, most of these students are not taught English properly from year one to their final year”. An educationist, Dr. James John attributed the problem to lack of training and retraining of teachers by the Borno State Teaching Service Board. The board does not organise workshops for its teachers, especially those in rural areas.

Yakubu Iliya, a student, blamed the teachers. “Where the teachers are qualified, they do not take their work serious because ministry officials hardly supervise them. Most teachers prefer being posted to schools in Maiduguri. The unqualified ones are posted to rural areas, where they abandon their profession for farming and businesses”.

‘We Don’t Want To Speak English’
One of the freed schoolgirls, who did not give her name, for security reasons explained their dilemma in the matter. “Another major reason we are not speaking English is the trauma we are undergoing. It is not because we cannot speak English. Each time we want to speak English to journalists, we feel the terrorists are still watching us, so we quickly switch to Hausa, which is our dominant language in the North without realising it. Only those who have been through what we suffered can understand this. Boko Haram hates anything to do with Western education and the ability to speak the English language is an indication to them that one has Western education”.

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Food Poisoning, Risk, Hand
Models in photo (Photo Credit: Dreamstime)

STDs are everywhere. Some people are nice enough to warn their partners ahead of time while others are not. Some people do not know that they have an STD and have unprotected s*x which then spreads the STD. The best way to protect against transmitted or catching a disease is through the use of a cond0m. Here are the top ten states where you have a higher chance of contracting an STD:

1. North Carolina – Out of every 100,000 people, there are 524 that have chlamydia. This state is also 24th for the transmission of syphilis and 6th for the transmission of gonorrhea.

2. Illinois – Out of every 100,000 people there are 526 that have chlamydia. They rank 8th for syphilis transmission and 10th for gonorrhea.

3. New York – Out of every 100,000 people, there are 516 that have chlamydia. They rank 7th for syphilis transmission and 16th for gonorrhea.

4. Texas – Out of every 100,000 people, there are 494 that are infected with chlamydia. Texas ranks 6th in syphilis transmission and 13th in gonorrhea transmission.

5. Alabama – Out of every 100,000 people there are 637 that have been diagnosed with chlamydia. They rank 15th in syphilis transmission and 3rd in gonorrhea.

6. South Carolina – Out of every 100,000 people there are 580 who have chlamydia. They rank 13th in syphilis transmission and 4th in gonorrhea.

7. Arkansas – Out of every 100,000 people there are 565 who have chlamydia. They rank 9th in syphilis transmissions and 7th in gonorrhea.

8. Louisiana – Out of every 100,000 people there are 597 who have been diagnosed with chlamydia. Louisiana ranks 3rd in syphilis transmissions and 2nd in gonorrhea transmissions.

9. Georgia – Out of every 100,000 people there are 534 who have chlamydia. They rank 1st in syphilis transmission and 5th in gonorrhea.

10. Mississippi – Out of every 100,000 people there are a whopping 774 that have chlamydia. Mississippi ranks 11th in syphilis transmission and 1st in gonorrhea.

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Vice President Namadi Sambo
Vice President Namadi Sambo

Nigeria’s Vice President, Namadi Sambo, was robbed by armed men in his hometown in Kaduna who took away his investment worth N200 million.

The gunmen dressed in military uniforms invaded a commercial farm owned by Sambo, which is along Birnin Gwari road, in Kaduna, where they allegedly loaded about 2,000 imported special specie cows into trailers and made away with them.

The robbery happened about two weeks ago and till date the culprits are still at large, security agencies are unable to tell how the crime was committed.

Sambo, who is a former governor of the state, is reported to be greatly troubled at how his business premises could be robbed with ease.

Sun News reports:

A close associate of Sambo told Saturday Sun that “the monetary value of those special cows far exceed N200 million”, adding that “the incident and subsequent development look more like a deliberate attempt to strangle the VP economically because he has been a successful businessman in and out of politics.”

The source, who refused to be named because he was not authorized by the VP to speak for him on the matter, but he disclosed that “the issue, though not in the public domain because of the quiet nature of the vice president, it is generating strong suspicion and mistrust not only in the presidency but between Northern elite and the government because of some other persons that were targeted in what we regard as a calculated decimation of the economic power of northern leaders.”

In an attempt to downplay the loss, a presidential aide, who sought to be anonymous because of the sensitive nature of the matter, however, said the VP only lost about 1000 cows in the attack, saying: “Anybody saying it’s 2000 must be mischievous.”

According to the reliable source, the highly influential Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Shehu Idris was also attacked by the marauders who invaded the first class royal father’s commercial farm along Soba road in Zaria and carted away over 250 cows also valued at some millions of naira.

A very close aide to the monarch told Saturday Sun that “this pattern of attack leaves us with a conclusion that there is more to it than meets the eye. A situation where trailers escorted by armed men in military uniforms are driven into well secured premises and hundreds of expensive cows are driven away without any security agent accosting them on the road or any trace of where such are taken to points to a dangerous dimension which does not augur well for our economic well-being and the unity of the nation.”

“What we are experiencing now has also been visited on the paramount ruler of Tiv people, the Tor Tiv, Dr. Alfred Akawe Torkula, whose livestock farm has already been looted in Benue in like manner”, the source  added.

Chairman of the interim management committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna State, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, was also listed as one of the recent  victims of similar attacks.

Secretary-General of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Col. John Ubah told Saturday Sun that in his case, he lost over 27 cows to cattle rustlers in his farm along Keffi road, Nassarawa State.

He said: “I was a victim of cattle rustling because about 27 of my cows in my farm in Masaka area, along Keffi road of Nasarawa State were stolen not long ago, they just came one night and took them off.

“The people who go about stealing cattle, I think they are special group; you cannot call them Boko Haram because it has been happening even before Boko Haram incident started.

“This cattle rustling will surely affect the economy of the North because those ones they stole, we don’t know where they have taken them to, bringing business vacuum in the sale of cattle. I think the government is setting up a committee so that they can discuss with Miyyeti Allah Cattle Rearers Association to see how they can stem the incident of cattle theft”.

While the Commissioner of Police in Kaduna declined to respond to inquiries on what his command is doing to get the VP’s investments back or the culprits brought to face charges, Operation Yaki, the state security outfit said that it is working round the clock to ensure that cattle rustlers as well as other criminals in the state are flushed out.

Speaking with Saturday Sun in a telephone chat, the Coordinator of the security outfit, Col. Dangana Gabriel Mammam (retd) said it is the responsibility of the outfit to make sure that peace reigns by exposing all criminal activities in the state.

“If you ask me about cattle rustlers, I will tell you that I don’t know where they are because our job is to deal ruthlessly with trouble makers in the state, and under whatever guise any crime is intended to be committed, we are out to take proactive measures to prevent such cases.

“Well, there are cases of cattle rustling, but not within Kaduna metropolis, except in such areas as Birnin Gwari axis and others.

“As I speak to you, I can tell you that the Army headquarters has drafted officers and men to the Birnin Gwari area, and they are flushing out these thieves on a daily basis. I’ m telling you this because theOperation Yaki is working hand in hand with the military men.

“But I cannot comment more than this because I cannot speak for the Army, but we are on top of the situation as far as security in the state is concerned”, he stated.

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The senior pastor of one of the city’s largest and most progressive churches has been put on paid leave after confessing to an extramarital affair in the nine months since his arrival.

In an apology letter to his congregation, the Rev. Reggie Weaver of Westminster Presbyterian Church said the woman is not a member of the congregation, and he and his wife, Ashley-Anne Masters, have begun the process of divorce.

“I have violated my ordination vows and my wedding vows,” the 33-year-old Weaver wrote in a letter, which was mailed to the congregation on Friday by the Salem Presbytery, the regional governing body for local Presbyterian (U.S.A.) churches. “I am sorry and I ask your forgiveness.”

Westminster Presbyterian Church holds a service of installation for Reggie Arnez Weaver on Sunday, September 22, 2013.  (Photo Credit: Chris English/Artisan Photo)
Westminster Presbyterian Church holds a service of installation for Reggie Arnez Weaver on Sunday, September 22, 2013. (Photo Credit: Chris English/Artisan Photo)

Church members were notified after worship services on May 4 that Weaver had requested time off from pastoral duties. Friday’s update to the congregation included details of an affair that happened since Weaver came here in July.

“Talking to members tonight almost everyone’s reactions were of sadness — sadness for Reggie and Ashley-Anne — and then, overwhelmingly, forgiveness,” said church member Robert Bell, who was at the church Saturday. “It’s not always easy and it takes a lot of strength to forgive, but Westminster is a pretty strong church.”

One of the church’s longtime staff pastors, the Rev. Mark Brainerd, has been named as interim head of staff and pastor.

The future of Weaver, long seen as a rising star in national Presbyterian circles, is being taken up by a judicial committee within the presbytery and could include a suspension or removal of his ordination.

Weaver could not be reached for comment on Saturday.

Rev Reggie Weaver
Rev Reggie Weaver

“In some ways, it’s like a death,” Bill Leonard, a professor at Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity, said of the fallout for the congregation. “It’s a whole grief process — not only in their sadness over someone they love and admired but someone they trusted. It’s very tragic for him, his family and the congregation.”

Weaver’s letter also referenced an “emotional affair” with a woman in Chicago prior to moving to Greensboro, during the time he was being considered to lead the 2,000-member church here, which is known for its outreach to the community and mission work abroad.

When the predominantly white Westminster Presbyterian hired Weaver, the church was lauded for hiring its first African-American minister.

Westminster’s pastoral search committee had considered Weaver among 130 candidates over the course of the search last year — viewing sermons posted on YouTube, writings posted online and looking at their current churches.

Weaver was lured away from First Presbyterian Church in Chicago, where he served as senior pastor. He has a master’s of divinity degree from Columbia Theological Seminary and was ordained in 2007.

“Rev. Weaver comes from a great education tradition, experience tradition and has had a lot of leadership positions in our agencies and seminaries,” said the Rev. Sam Marshall, the executive presbyter for the regional denominational group, whose mission is to oversee and support local churches and pastors. “He is an outstanding young minister, so we are all very sad.”

(via Fox8)

Joseph Prince, Joseph Prince Devotional, Joseph Prince Daily Grace Inspiration

Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope. Even today I declare that I will restore double to you.

I am sure that you have heard the expression, “When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade!” Well, I want you to know that when the devil throws lemons at you, God Himself will make lemonade for you! After all, the Bible says that God works all things together for your good. (Romans 8:28)

And He does it with style—He restores double for your trouble! Beloved, if you have lost a husband or wife through divorce, or a precious child through death, God can restore double to you, so that you end up having more than before, if not in quantity, then in quality!

Consider Job in the Old Testament. When he lost everything, his wife told him to curse God and die. He refused and, instead, responded to God in faith, and “the Lord gave to Job twice as much as he had before”. (Job 42:10)

When David lost the child he had with Bathsheba, he stopped pleading and started worshiping God because he trusted in the mercies of God. Later, God blessed David and Bathsheba with another son named Solomon, who became the wisest and richest king the world has ever known.

Today, God promises to restore double for your trouble—“Even today I declare that I will restore double to you.” If He declared it, He will do it! So you cannot but have hope that things will be even better than before. That is why in the same verse, He calls you “prisoners of hope”. My friend, hope in the biblical sense means a confident expectation of good things happening in your life. You are a prisoner of that! You can’t help but wake up feeling hopeful. You can’t help but expect good things to happen to you!

So when trouble comes from the devil, don’t give up and say, “It is hopeless!” Don’t worry or get angry. Worship God like David did and see that trouble as an opportunity for God to bless you with more than what you originally had. And because God has declared it, be confident that you will get double for your trouble!

Joseph Prince is Senior Pastor of New Creation Church. He is a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry. He is known for teaching God’s Word in a fresh, practical and revelatory way that always unveils Jesus. His daily television program, Destined To Reign currently reaches millions of homes across North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Israel on both secular and Christian networks. Subscribe to Pastor Prince’s Daily Grace Inspiration HERE

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Boko Haram Borno Sambisa Forest
File Photo: Nigerian Troops on alert

Three persons, including a retired Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and a corporal, Abu Haruna Solomon, respectively have been arrested for illegal trafficking of arms and ammunition.

The third suspect, Onuwa Attaka, is the driver of the arms laden vehicle.

It was gathered that their confession showed alleged involvement in supplying of arms to insurgents in the Northern Nigeria.

The suspects (Photo Credit: Daily Post NG)
The suspects (Photo Credit: Daily Post NG)

The three suspects, who were heading to the North from Imo State, were intercepted in Nsukka by officers and men of the Nigerian Army while traveling in a bus.

Items recovered from them include- 40 AK47 magazines, 4 boxes of AK47 live ammunition, 100 pieces of live cartridges, one piece of Denin Mopol khaki and charms concealed in a cap.

One of the army officers who spoke to newsmen under anonymity disclosed that a police corporal serving in Imo State Police Command was also involved in the arms running trade.

He said, “When we asked the occupants of the vehicle to come down, we discovered a police corporal in uniform among them.

The corporal on getting down pretended to be pressed; he later ran away”, he said.

It was gathered that the suspects were later taken to Nsukka Police Division before their transfer to the state CID.

The arms (Photo Credit: Daily Post NG)
The arms (Photo Credit: Daily Post NG)

The retired DSP, Abu Haruna, confessed that he had been in the business of arms dealing since he retired from the police.

He said their mission was to supply the ammunition to their buyer in Taraba State.

Our source said Haruna further confessed that they decided to go on the supply after the buyer complained that the first batch was incomplete.

The Police corporal’s identity has been traced to Imo State Police command; his name was simply given as Solomon, even as efforts are still being made to effect his arrest.

Meanwhile, the Nsukka Police Area Commander, ASP. Ros-Amson Haladu has praised the gallantry of the soldiers in combating crimes in the area.

“I want to commend the Army Officers for their vigilance in tracking down these illegal arms dealers.

“At the same time, I warn criminals to leave this vicinity or risk being apprehended by security operatives”, he said.

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