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A bank has got hundreds of porn stars hot and bothered after telling them that their bank accounts would be closed.

The move has sparked fury throughout the adult entertainment industry, with workers saying they had no idea why they were being targeted.

Chase bank sent letters to industry workers revealing the accounts would be closed next month.

In the letters sent out by the bank, which is a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase, no reason is given for the closure but an apology is given for the inconvenience.

“We recently reviewed your account and determined that we will be closing it on May 11, 2014,” it reads.

“You may close your account before the date we’ve provided. Your account agreement says that either of us may close your account at any time, without notice and without a reason,” the letter states.

Porn star Teagan Presley said her account was closed and she was turned down when she tried to open another one.

“I called them and they told me that because I am, I guess, public and am recognizable in the adult business, they’re closing my account,” she told adult industry site XBiz News.

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President Goodluck Jonathan | Jonathan Rebboah/Wostok Press/Maxppp France, Paris)

President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, sacked his Political Adviser, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, in an unceremonious manner.

Sources told Vanguard that Gulak’s sacking might not be unconnected with his undue meddling in the affairs of some People’s Democratic Party, PDP, states.

However, Gulak told Vanguard that his leaving the government had nothing to do with the face-off with the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, and Chairman of PDP Governor’s Forum, Chief Godswill Akpabio.

He said that he left the presidency to join the governorship race in Adamawa State, saying “indigenes of Adamawa State are fed up with the misgovernment of Admiral Murtala Nyako, whose accomplishments in office has been very negligible and controversial.”

He said the people of Adamawa have been urging him “to come and contest and the need to give his people the type of leadership that they deserve has come.

“My relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan is very cordial and PDP is functioning as a family. There is no faction among us and our focus is winning 50 percent of the governorship seats in 2015.”

However, a top source told Vanguard that the President had lately become uncomfortable with the activities of his Political Adviser and had to send him packing.

The source pointed out that some governors of PDP had also been kicking against the activities of the former Political Adviser and had asked the President to call him to order for the sake of 2015 elections.

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Linda Ikeji
Nigeria's leading blogger, Linda Ikeji

Who Will Be the Next Linda Ikeji? 

That’s the money question or is it?

Bloggers in Nigeria tend to aspire for their blogs to be the next Linda Ikeji, the next Bella Naija, the next spectacular already existing blog.

So they write like them, set up their blogs like them, even approve comments like them.

So what we have at the end of the day are a flurry of Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija replica blogs floating around the Internet sharing the same news via the same RSS feeds, the latest gist via copy, copy, copy and paste, the same pictures and even the same grammatical errors. Nothing new except the web address.

The game plan to success in their minds is to replicate.

Replicate, replicate, replicate with the belief that if they replicate enough success will magically appear.

But success does not come from replicating it comes from creating…creating news that is not seen anywhere else, aggregating content that no one else is carrying…thinking differently. That’s what made the other blogs successful in the first place, they did something that no one else was doing at the time and they did it consistently and they did it different. Being different is what is important.

But how different?

You don’t need to be completely different, you can steal ideas from blogs all over the world. Add a slight spin to it and make it your own like this David Moyes spin and the Abacha spinAn even more current example ….

People have been talking about the missing 234 girls in Borno, but no single original pictures of the girls or even their names has been in circulation … that is a glaring opportunity for the daring blogger that is thinking differently to create original content and change the system. All they need to do is add a slight spin… show the girls names … find their pictures …. just be a bit different and all of a sudden the story takes a completely different direction.

Be different consistently enough and soon the question is no longer “who will be the next Linda Ikeji or the next Bella Naija” but rather “who will be the next YOU-that-is-reading-this-article-right-now!”

Be different, write different and for the love of pure-water… stick to it!

Okechukwu Ofili is an author, speaker, and blogger and a The Trent Elite Voice. Follow him on twitterFacebook or subscribe to his blog for more honest talk and as @ofilispeaks on instagram for more sketches! To bring Ofili to your school or organization as a speaker simply go here. His third book How Intelligence Kills was published in December 2013, order it at

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Chinaemerem Ibezim, Chinaemerem Ibezim devotional, Spirit and Life Devotional

Acts 14:22 ERV “In those cities they helped the followers grow stronger in their faith and encouraged them to continue trusting God. They told them, “We must suffer many things on our way into God’s kingdom.”

Serving the Lord, isn’t fun, as many of us seem to think it is. If your own race has been without any kind of suffering as a result of what you believe, I can safely say that you’re not doing something right: you’re either not talking about Jesus or you’re not living the life the way you ought to.

2 Timothy 3:12 ERV says that “Everyone who wants to live showing true devotion to God in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” Just before He left, Jesus said, “I have told you these things so that you can have peace in me. In this world you will have troubles. But be brave! I have defeated the world!” Hallelujah!

But when we suffer with Him we will share His glory with Him. Brothers and sisters, stop seeking for a crown without a cross! Following Jesus is a call to carry your cross and follow Him every day! A Christianity without a cross is a false one! Jesus said, “Students are not better than their teacher. Servants are not better than their master. Students should be happy to be treated the same as their teacher. And servants should be happy to be treated the same as their master. If those people call me ‘the ruler of demons,’ and I am the head of the family, then it is even more certain that they will insult you, the members of the family!” Exactly!

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Boko Haram Borno Sambisa Forest
Nigerian soldiers patrol in the north of Borno state close to a Islamist extremist group Boko Haram former camp on June 5, 2013 near Maiduguri. | Quentin Leboucher/AFP/Getty Images

Senator Ahmed Zanna, representing Borno North has said that it would be difficult for Nigeria to get back all the girls abducted by the insurgents, saying the girls have not only been split by their abductors but ferried across border islands to neighboring countries.

Zanna, who represents Borno North in the Upper Chamber, while claiming that he was privy to information about the movement of the insurgents when they were abducted, told security agents that contrary to their belief that the abducted girls were in Sambisa forest with their abductors, they have since been split and ferried through Lake Chad to neighboring countries among which he said were Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

The senator who blamed the military for failure to rescue the girls before the development given that they got all immediate information about the movement of the insurgents from him, said he was informed by some people closed to the insurgents that the girls, after being split, were given out in marriage to some insurgents.

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Follow ALL the stories on the Borno School Girls’ Abduction HERE.

He spoke during his contribution to a motion titled: Abduction of School Children in Chibok, Borno State, sponsored by the Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba.

“I have been constantly in touch with the security agencies, telling them the developments, the movement of the girls from one place to the other and then the splitting of the girls and eventually the marriage of these girls by the insurgents.

“What bothers me most is that whenever I informed them where these girls were, after two to three days, they will be moved from that place to another and still, I will go back and inform them that see, this is what is happening.

“I lost hope two days ago when I found out that some of them were moved to Chad and Cameroon. Actually, some of them move through the Mandara Mountain that is in Gwoza and some of them are just a stone throw from their barracks, even now as I am talking to you, some of them are in Kolofata, which is in Cameroon but about 15 kilometres or even less to the borders.

“One of the insurgents called somebody in Bama and said I just got married and said I am now settling in Kolofata and then three or four days ago, some Fulani men reported that they saw some girls being taken by boats into the island in Lake Chad and that some of them happened to be between Marte and Mungonu.

Insurgents moving out of Sambisa forest

“What is most disturbing is that hitherto, Sambisa was their base and is well known to the military and Nigerian security. After the abduction of those girls, they have started moving out of that Sambisa and even before then I have been discussing with the military and they said they were going to attack that place, about 15 or 20 days ago, I don’t know what delayed them. But eventually when they launched the attack, all the insurgents had already gone out of the place. So, I don’t know what is happening,” he said.

He insisted that it would not be possible to get the girls in their number, saying if at all they will be seen, it will be in trickle just as he said the military caused the degeneration of the ugly development.

“When we talk, they (the military) will say we are against them, we are exposing them, we have demoralizing their troops. These are the facts. So unless there is spirit of seriousness on the part of our military, we have no hope of getting those girls. Even if we are going to get them, we are going to get them in trickles, maybe getting two, three, four, and five. They are now scattered. So it is not possible for us to get 50, 60,100 in one particular position. This is the position as at today,” he said.

Senator Zanna said it was possible that some of the girls were still being held by their captors within some remote areas of the North East, given that there was information that some insurgents were settling in a remote area he called Chikungudua.

“Maybe, those ones might still be within Nigeria but that is the current and new base of the insurgents, they just took over that place less than a week and that village is called Chikungudua, the place is the constituency of Senator Maina Marji.

“But I informed the security agents about the situation and from that place, they can just go into the Lake and go to either Chad or Cameroon because it is very open, there are no weeds in the lake and so they can go to anywhere,” he added.

Zanna, while condemning the act, called on everybody to rally round government by providing necessary information that can lead to the curbing of insurgency in the country.

“I rise to adopt this motion passionately based on the ages of the girls that were involved and the human lives that have suffered as a result of this unfortunate development. Since the beginning of this saga, I kept mute on this issue as far as press releases and press interviews were concerned.”

He said the insurgents have taken over the island bordering the country and driven away all inhabitants of the area just as he said the boats being used by the local in the area have been seized including that belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation, NNPC which is meant for surveillance in the area.

“They have snatched all the boats around that area including the one for NNPC and so they are free to go anywhere without being chased by anybody. There are about 40 islands there and they have ejected most of the occupants and they have occupied the islands.”

Senator Zanna said there was a near Lake Chad where the insurgents always camp during raining season, saying with the coming of the rain now, they have started moving into the place.

“Even before the abduction, I even told them (military) about the shrubs in northern Borno where they stayed last year till after the rainy season. Since rainy season is approaching, I told them that these people will leave Sambisa and other areas and go to that shrub but it seems there is no much presence of military around that area up till.”

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Chief Edwin Clark with Vice President Namadi Sambo on the occasion of Clark's birthday.

Kidnapping is very rampant in many countries of the world in fact it is a moving business in many places. Types of kidnapping common among us today is the one chance kidnapping and recently militant kidnappers, their targeted victims are innocent people.

Many times we hear testimonies of people who survived or escaped from kidnappers or ritual killers.


Ebikeme Clark former Commissioner for Information and son of foremost Ijaw leader, Edwin Clark, was one among several other victims that survived a kidnapping. He was kidnapped on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 and released on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

Here is a brief account of his terrible ordeal in the hands of his captors:

“On the 2nd of April, 2014, I took N2,000,000.00 to Kiagbodo to ensure the workers at the proposed Edwin Clark University, Kiagbodo, construction site are paid their outstanding monies and to inspect the level of work done. I arrived in my bus with my driver at about 11 am. At about 4:30pm, it started raining heavily and I was about leaving when a group of young men carrying guns stormed my bus.

“I was about handing over the money to the foreman to complete payments when the gun-men came. I thought they came for the money so I handed over the bag containing the money to one of them. But to my surprise, one of them hit my head with the gun asking me to lie down, and went ahead to drag me into my bus.

“The other gunmen entered into the bus too and one of them took over the steering and they drove me away. On getting to the Erhuwaren Bridge, they brought me out of the bus and took me under the bridge into a waiting speedboat with two other members of the gang inside the boat.

“They took me away in the heavy rain. They laid me down on the floor of the boat, while it was still raining. Bleeding from my head and shivering as a result of the heavy down pour, they drove me for about 5 hours before we got to where they kept me for the night. While we were going, they got a call from somebody in the village telling them that there was more money in the bus and at the same time people are already being arrested in my village,” he explained.

The first night gone, the struggle continued: “On the evening of the next day, they took me out to the bigger river to make a call to my father and to my wife. They demanded the sum of N50 million from my father and N10 million from me personally. They discovered that my father’s phone was being used to track our location so they became angry and started threatening to kill me. They said they expected my father to quickly pay them the ransom, rather than risk the life of his son; that my father was proving stubborn as usual, despite the position of his son at the moment.

“Due to the fear for their lives, they decided to take me far into the interior of the creeks, saying if my father chooses to bring helicopter to bomb the place, we will all die. On Friday night, they took me deep into the sea; tied my hands and legs. They said I should say my last prayers adding that my father is very stubborn. They threatened to throw me into the river to get drown unless my wife can save the situation by getting them at least the sum of N4.5 million.

“They called my wife, who out of desperation, promised to get the money for them, begging them to please spare my life for just one more night. I was kept in the open swamp forest infested with very dangerous and poisonous reptiles like snakes, lizards, mosquitoes, etc. They had two local guides/aids that assisted them in moving us from one location to the other and also arranged for food stuff and mattresses.”

With the second night gone, the mood has begun to change. “On Saturday night, they brought me out in a new boat they got and told me that they would take me to the Republic of Cameroon and keep me there for as long as it will take my father to pay them the sum of N100 million. I noticed they had extra jerry cans of fuel in the boat. At that point, we started heading into the deep sea. As we were going, calls started to come into their phones and they slowed down to take the calls. I heard the leader of the group who is nick-named Network calling the person with whom he was speaking “Sir.”

“The person insisted he wanted to hear from me. They handed the phone over to me to speak to the person. But before speaking, they warned that I should tell the person that I was not maltreated. They then said that they do not have any other option than to let me go.  But some members of the gang were against my release adding that they could not understand why I should be let go without the payment of a ransom, after what they had gone through for four days.

“The leader, however, insisted that I must be allowed to go, that he had been ordered that I must be released in a matter of hours. They took me to a place close to Bomadi and gave me N5,000.00 ( five thousand naira only) for transportation. The leader of the gang made efforts to ensure that I got to Bomadi safely, warning me that where I was dropped off was unsafe and that I could be kidnapped again by another gang,” he explained.

“After my release, on Monday, April 7, the leader of the gang sent me a text message, apologising to my father and to me using my glo network line which they seized from me. The txt message stated thus:

‘Mr. Ebikeme I hope u ar ok, in life a lot of things happen dat is part of life and it is part of experience. First we ar sori 4 wat happen. Like I said, it is part of life. U no d situation of our country- no jobs- dats y people lik us cant speak wit u but I can make calls wit ur line. We dint hot u much bt we arsori al d same. Extend our apology to ur dad and pray 4 our sins bt pls find a place in ur heart to 4 give us and remember ur boys. Thanks”.

EFCC, Court, Abuja, Naval, Officer,
EFCC | The Trent

Kolawole Ayinde (EFCC Press Photo)

Five persons have been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, over allegation of fraudulent transfer of a total of N5, 550,000.00(Five Million, Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) from an account in Skye Bank.

The suspects, Ademola Okunlola, 36; Tajudeen Oluwanisola, 41; Kolawole Adams, 52; Temitope Pedro, 27; Bayo Olowoyo, 39 and Otunba Biodun Adebanjo, 56, were picked up in different locations in Lagos by operatives of the anti- graft agency for allegedly effecting the fraudulent transfer of N5, 550,000.00 from the account of one Ajani Kareem Musibau domiciled in Skye Bank Plc.

Abiodun Adebanjo (EFCC Press Photo)

The fraudulent transfers took place on March 3, 2014.

One of the suspected fraudsters, Ademola Okunlola, a staff of Skye Bank, Ikeja Branch, Lagos, set the stage for the scam when he covertly used his camera phone to capture the photograph and signature specimen of Musibau.

He accessed his account and sent the details to another staff of the bank: Bayo Olowoyo at the Toyin Street, Ikeja branch.
The duo reportedly sent Musibau’s photograph and signature specimen to a member of their syndicate who effected the money transfer into two accounts: N4.1Million( Four Million, One Hundred Thousand Naira) was moved into Adebajo Biodun Olusola’s account with Wema Bank, Shagamu branch, Ogun State while N1,450,000.00( One Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) was moved into another account operated by Temitope Pedro with Guaranty Trust Bank, Ikeja branch.


Pedro Temitope (EFCC Press Photo)

The suspects were arrested following a petition by the bank.
They will be arraigned in court as soon as investigation is concluded. 

Borno Chibok Boko Haram
A man weeps as he joins parents of the kidnapped girls during a meeting with the Borno state governor in Chibok on Tuesday, April 22. | Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters

After over two weeks of being held captive, four more girls were said to have escaped from captivity and found their way to Monguno area of Borno State, according to sources.

So far a total of 48 girls have escaped, out of the 234 abducted from Government Secondary School, Chibok on April 14, 2014.

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Vanguard reports:

The source said, the girls were rescued by some good samaritans in a village near Monguno council area last Sunday before they were handed over to security operatives in Maiduguri, the state capital.

Monguno is about 134 kilometres from Maiduguri while Chibok is about 130 kilometres south of the state capital.

According to the source, “four abducted school girls who were smuggled out of Sambisa forest en route Monguno were in the last few days rescued by villagers. In fact, the girls, who looked traumatized and frustrated were sighted around the outskirts of Monguno. Only one of them managed to talk as she said, they were students writing their final year exams in Chibok but were kidnapped by unknown gunmen. She said that when four of them developed serious illnesses while conveying them to unknown destination, they were later abandoned by their captors in the bush, before being rescued by some villagers”.

The source revealed that, “already, four of the rescued students are under the custody of a female security personnel receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Maiduguri. As soon as their condition gets better, they will be handed over to relevant authorities for onward delivery to their parents”.

When contacted on the development, the Caretaker Chairman of Chibok Local Government Area, Mr. Ba’ana Lawan said: “ Yes, I also heard that four of the abducted school girls have been rescued in Monguno before handing them over to the security operatives. I was told that they are currently receiving treatment at one of the hospitals in Maiduguri due to the condition they found themselves. I quickly rushed to the hospital to verify such an important information, but I was disappointed as I was not allowed to see or know the whereabouts of the girls by security men and the hospital authorities.

“As you may recall, the last time we received an information that four school girls were rescued and were under the custody of military operatives in Maiduguri, I visited the hospital where they were admitted and was given access to see them; but this time, I was not opportuned. So I cannot be in the position to confirm to you now, until I see the girls. Although, I was told by the security operatives to exercise patience, promising that they will call me in due course over the matter, so as soon as I am called upon, I will let you know the situation of things”, the Council boss said.

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File - PhotoCredit:CNS/Paul Jeffrey

Forces deployed by the Federal Government, yesterday, in Abuja used water cannon and teargas to disperse striking members of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP, and College of Education Academic Staff Union, COEASU, and their students who took to the streets to protest government’s failure to implement agreements reached with them.

PolystudentsprotestThe aggrieved lecturers, who converged on the federal secretariat as early as 9 am, carried placards with such inscriptions as ‘Wike must go now’, ‘Spend money on tertiary institutions’, ‘Give priority to teacher’s education in Nigeria’, ‘Adequate funding, democratic management of all higher institutions’, amongst others.

It would be recalled that ASUP and COEASU had been on strike for the past 10 and four months respectively, over government’s inability to address four outstanding issues, including appointment of governing councils, release of white paper on the visitation panels, implementation of CONTISS 15, and the setting up of the NEEDs committee.

The protesting lecturers, after being addressed by the Minister of Labour, Chief Emeka Wogu, were on their way to the National Assembly to submit their protest letter to President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, and speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, unknown to them that security forces had already laid  siege for them.

The police dispersed the lecturers and students with water canon and tear gas. Although the lecturers dispersed, they later regrouped but were again dispersed by the security forces.
The lecturers were seen using water and kerosene to rub their faces to cushion the effect of the tear gas.

In his earlier address, Minister of Labour, Emeka Wogu, said: “The truth is that we are almost there. I want to reassure you that the Federal Government is doing its best. And I want to assure you that immediately we leave here, I will go with your leaders to discuss and conclude. I cannot discuss with everybody.”

He appealed to them to allow the leaderships of both unions to discuss with him, saying: ”I am happy about the way you conducted yourself; you are not violent, so allow your leaders to discuss with me at the end of the procession. Before evening, you will get an answer.”

COEASU National President, Asagba Nkoro, said despite the treatment meted out on them by the police, the strike would continue until the Federal Government met all their demands.

According to him, “if you decide to attack us when we are peaceful and unarmed, it is a terrible thing. We are not going to give up, we will still find a way to submit our protest letters at the National Assembly. If they want to kill us, they should kill us.”

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Confab Nigeria restructuring
File Photo: Delegates at the National Conference, Abuja in 2014

Northern delegates to the National Conference Tuesday released what they termed the stand of the North in the ongoing dialogue, stating that unless the 1999 Constitution is amended to take away the ownership of mineral resources from the federal government, total resource control by any Nigerian state would amount to a breach of the covenants of the federation.

In this regard, they have recommended a reduction of the derivation formula, which, according to them, should be applied to oil produced solely onshore, from 13 per cent to five per cent, as well as the scrapping of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Ministry of Niger Delta and the Amnesty Programme for ex-Niger Delta militants.

The northern delegates said the agitation for resource control by a section of the country was akin to attempts to pull out of the Nigerian federation, explaining that all regions in the country are equal stakeholders and owners of the country’s mineral resources, including its hydrocarbon resources.

In a paper circulated to members of the conference and the media titled, “Key Issues Before the Northern Delegates to the National Conference; Northern Nigeria the Back Bone and Strength of Nigeria”, the delegates called for the rejection of the onshore/offshore oil dichotomy, which they said gives away a national resource to only littoral states and called for reversal of the regime.

The northern representatives held the position that the North has 786,754 square kilometres of landmass to the South’s 197,022 square kilometres and a population of 75,025,166 to the south’s 64,973,802, and a registered voting population of 42,160,236, relative to the south’s 31,347,802.

They further argued that the north has 19 states to the south’s 17; has 419 local government areas to the south’s 355, has 196 federal constituencies to the south’s 164, and boasts 58 senatorial districts to the south’s 51 senatorial districts.

On the onshore/offshore dichotomy, the delegates added: “The North recommends the rejection of claims to oil resources by oil-producing areas that led to the cancellation of the onshore/offshore oil dichotomy law, which action gave way a national resource to littoral states, seriously eroding revenue available for distribution to all parts of the country. The north demands a reversal to status quo ante.

The document further said: “The oil derivation which is now at 13 per cent should be reduced to at least five per cent and must be limited only to on onshore oil.

“The history of revenue sharing between the regions and the centre was 50:50, but limited to revenue derived from activities that involved human efforts. All mineral resources had belonged to the centre, and this new adventure on resource control is a totally new concept, and alien to the practice in the Nigerian nation.”

They also demanded a new revenue sharing formula which seeks to empower the strata of government closer to the people, that is, for the states and the local governments to be able to deliver on their responsibilities to the people.

They recommended a vertical revenue sharing formula as follows: federal government – 26 per cent, states 39 per cent and local governments – 35 per cent.

In addition, they recommend a horizontal revenue sharing formula for the states and local government areas as follows: Equality – 35 per cent; population – 30 per cent; population density – 2 per cent; landmass – 20 per cent; terrain – 5 per cent; internal revenue generation effort – 5 per cent; and social development factor – 3 per cent.

Also, tension boiled over again at the conference’s Committee on Power Devolution yesterday as Yoruba delegates threatened to stage a walkout and not to sign the outcome of the conference over disagreements on what items should be respectively assigned to the exclusive and concurrent lists of the constitution.

But their threats fell flat when other delegates encouraged them to walk out as no one had forced them to attend the conference in the first place.

Also, a former Military Administrator of North West State, Alhaji Usman Farouk, challenged his colleagues from the South over discussions on the sovereignty of Nigeria and the powers of the executive stating, “Sovereignty is not earned or discussed on a round table, but obtained in a battle field.”

He added that the conference was not empowered to discuss the sovereignty of Nigeria or the powers of the executive.

A delegate from Oyo State, Adeniyi Akintola, voiced the frustration of the South-west at the devolution committee when his attempt to draw the attention of the conference that electoral powers should not be on the exclusive list of the constitution was rejected.

“No Yoruba man will append his signature to anything done here. I can tell you that. I think the best option is to walk out,” he said.

Co-chairman of the Committee on Devolution, Victor Attah, cautioned Akintola, saying, “I want to remind all delegates that the volume of work we have done is much and we still gave a lot of work to do. If Akintola thinks we have achieved nothing, I think it is unfortunate.”

Meanwhile, at a meeting with the leadership of the National Conference over the weekend, THISDAY gathered that President Goodluck Jonathan charged the delegates to ensure that all decisions of the conference are reached through a consensus.

According to a source who spoke to THISDAY, “When the leadership of the conference met the president to give a progress report on the conference, he mandated that all major decisions to be reached at the conference must be consensus based.”

The source, who was privy to the meeting, said the president held the view that it is only through a consensus that Nigerians would take the outcome of the conference seriously and motivate calls for a referendum.

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