Summer Of Stars! Celebrities Chose Mykonos Again This Summer

Summer Of Stars! Celebrities Chose Mykonos Again This Summer

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on September 10, 2018
Mykonos Villas celebrities
Mykonos Villas

Seating in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos weather permits traveling all year-round. However, the exclusive island experiences non-stop action during summer, with the parties raging with the waves, and an influx of vacationers, including celebrities rising with the temperatures.

See, more than any island in Greece, Mykonos has long been a summer playground for celebrities and cashed up A-listers. The luxury villas in Mykonos serve as lodging for the exclusive crowd.

With mega-yachts moored in the harbors of this Cycladic Isle, dawn-to-dusk parties at its open-air clubs and magnums of champagne sold on its beaches, Mykonos has a unique glamor that is now luring greater numbers of vacationers to jet on its shores. It`s not a surprise that the island has even supplanted Ibiza as the de rigueur hang joint for celebrities, clubbers, and commoners.

And now that 2018 summer is beckoning, we believe it`s going to be no different.

Mykonos Villas

Discover one of the most popular destinations for jet-setters and the world’s elite

Bright and airy during the day, charming and mysterious under the glare of the night, vibrant and lively, Mykonos holds the reigns of a cosmopolitan island of Greece. Here, the island allows you to satisfy your appetite for luxury and adventure by providing you with whatever you desire.

Being the star of the summer of Greece, the authenticity of the island is revealed through its miles of natural sceneries, elite restaurants that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet food lovers, legendary dusk-to-dawn parties, 5-star service and friendly locals.

Above all, you can never experience the glamorous side of Greece, without visiting the pristine, white, sandy beaches during the warm summer. When summer calls, the Mykonos beaches are awash with celebrities who come to enjoy the warm Mediterranean weather.


What`s more? The beaches in Mykonos vary so much an atmosphere and settings to suit the different tastes of the vacationers.

One of the most popular and prestigious beach destinations for the elites is the Psarou beach. Only 2 km from the picturesque village of Platys Gialos, Psarou is an elegant beach location with the quality of sand and sea being perfect as anywhere in Mykonos. Most importantly, though, the beach is lined with luxury hotels, chic bars and elite restaurants that reek of opulence and extravagance.

High-end shopping, exquisite food, and adventurous night-life

Mykonos is an island that never sleeps fulfills the needs of any vacationer: whether you are interested in shopping, food and an adventurous nightlife, Mykonos will deliver.

Shopping in Mykonos is more than a purchase of merchandise, it can actually turn into an adventure of exploration and discovery. Being a consumer wonderland, shopping in Mykonos could not get better than this. Shops, including cute boutiques, jewelry shops, souvenir shops are located conveniently close together allowing you to find anything you would ever imagine.

he famous French fashion house has its own store on Mykonos since 2012.
he famous French fashion house has its own store on Mykonos since 2012.

Here, you can spoil yourself with a variety of merchandise including designer labels, jewelry, handmade accessories, local arts and a range of products to be discovered among the Mykonian passages.

Healthy, nutritious and delicious-those are the few words that can describe dining experience in Mykonos. On this island, there is every cuisine to please every palate and every event. From the Greek classics, Asian cuisine, traditional cuisines to the Mediterranean diet in the luxury taverns to humble food kiosks, the cuisine in Mykonos is worth salivating.

Mykonos is a top destination for active and crazy nightlife for party enthusiasts. Inundated with modern and vibrant clubs and beach club playing trendy and great music, the island offers a wild and fun atmosphere throughout the night. Additionally, the clubs, with longue option serve a plethora of drinks ranging from beer, high-end wines, and champagnes.

Hollywood goes to Mykonos

There`s a “relationship” between Mykonos and Hollywood stars. Since Jackie Kennedy set his foot on Hydra in 1961, Mykonos has experienced an influx of Hollywood celebrities including top models, music legends and pop stars, and awarded actors.

Some of the important personalities with international stardom statue that have visited Mykonos include Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Bella Hadid, Lindsey Lohan Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, Lindsey Lohan, Kim Kardashian and an entire catwalk of Victoria`s Secret models.

Accommodation and Hospitality in Mykonos

As we have seen from above, Mykonos is a place of diverse culture and a gem for leisure activities. Above all these though, what makes Mykonos a sweet adventure and vacation destination for Hollywood celebrities is probably the impeccable services, the superb hospitality that fuses with authenticity, high-end accommodation proposals, luxurious experience and the VIP treatment offered, especially by the Villas in Mykonos .

Even if you`re a commoner, the luxurious accommodation, especially in Mykonos Villas will instantly make you feel like a celebrity. The opulent suites, comfy atmosphere to the lip-smacking delicacies allows vacationers feel like an international celebrity.


  1. Latest news,

    They are saying Mykonos should start with tourism as of the start of July.

    Let’s hope the season starts and we can enjoy some of the summer this year.

    Don’t let the Virus

    Deprive us!!!

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