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The 13-year-old, now 14, abducted from her parents home in Bayelsa, Ese Rita Oruru has been released by her captors to the custody of the Nigerian Police.

The Trent was the first newspaper to publish the story of Ms. Oruru’s abduction and forced marriage.

This message was published by a social media activist, Tosan Blessing Merhiakpome to confirm her release. We republish it, unedited below:

I can confirm that Ese Oruru the girl abducted in a kamikaze pattern from Bayelsa State by a randy Islamist Yinusa is in the custody of the Inspector General of Police. I saw her at the Central Police Station about 30 mins ago where she was being prepared for medical procedure and ancillary services. I spoke with her for about 16 minutes, She looks opinionated and seriously brehwared. but well oriented and wanting to leave Kano. She had said it was all the works of the Devil. She said she was converted to Islam and giving the name Aisha. I told her she is now being reconverted and her name of Ese is restored. She cant speak Ijo but smarts Urhobo . I gave her some cold drinks and Zebadinne fresh yoghurt to cool the ehware tract and went back to my academic Duties. My names are Tosan Blessing Merhiakpome Harriman and thats the way I see it.

More details will follow.


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