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At The Trent, one of our cardinal beliefs is that every voice deserves to be heard, as such if you have a something meaningful to say, we give you an opportunity to be heard. To this end, The Trent’s Opinion columns and our blogs, The Trent Voices are vibrant, offering an incredible diversity of perspectives.

We welcome opinion pieces from citizens, especially our readers. At the same time, The Trent remains fiercely independent and non-partisan.

We realize that our readers are educated, self-aware, informed, and critical, as such our editorial guidelines require that opinion pieces are well-written, non-discriminatory, constructive, and factual. We do not permit the promotion of hate, slander, and falsehood on our newspaper.

Our editors prefer that opinion pieces are between 600 to 800 words.

To submit an article to The Trent, email: [email protected]

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