boat accident
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A heartbreaking photo emerged of a couple locked in a tender embrace deep under the sea after they drowned when an African migrant ship sank off the coast of Italy.

The boat caught fire and sank near the island of Lampedusa in October 2013, more than 300 people were killed.

It had been carrying up to 500 migrants from Somalia and Eritrea hoping to make a better life in Europe.

Rescue crews tried to recover as many bodies as possible, with dozens of coffins lined up in Lampedusa at the time , but police divers have been back in the wreck of the ship this week where a number of the victims still remain.

As divers were in, they found the couple with their arms still wrapped around one another in the hull on the ocean floor.Commemoration for the victims who died at sea in Lampedusa

Coffins lined up in Lampedusa.

A baby was even born as his mother drowned in the sea. Divers discovered the body of the baby days later.

The premature boy, still attached to his umbilical cord, was found in the folds of the Eritrean’s clothes.

Diver Renato Sollustri said they had to fight through a wall of intertwined bodies to reach the mum and son, and added: “None of us could believe it.

“We all began to cry – my mask was full of tears.

“The baby may never have seen light – only the darkness at the bottom of the sea.

“It was a horrible task.”

Very sad indeed.


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