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Social Media Marketing: Leveraging Instagram Comments and Other Tips

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[dropcap]If you are aspiring to be a social media influencer, then a strong Instagram presence is one of the prerequisites. The larger the Instagram following, the wider the range of your page, whether it is a business, a blog or any other theme. There are some basic rules you need to follow to ensure that your Instagram property is getting optimum leverage.

Interact with Others

As an Instagram page owner, the onus is on you to reach out and interact with other pages. Comments and likes along with hashtags circulated on relevant peer pages will go a long way to spreading your message and attracting visits in response.

Know the Hashtag Game

A lot of time, people get hashtags wrong. Instead of resorting to over-generic or long-tailed hashtags, find one or two core hashtags that reflect your message and couple them with core popular high level hashtags that apply to your page. Keep one or two hashtags consistent when you are commenting or posting.

Be Engaging

Your posts need to be engaging and crisp. Longer posts usually work for certain segments, where the picture has a process or story to be told, example nature posts or interior designing pictures. Business posts will need to be more impactful with less volume of content. Throw in your hashtags and make references to trending events if it is connected to your post.

Collaboration is Key

Communicate with peer pages and promote each other on Instagram. If you are selling clothes online, you can always tag an accessory or footwear page in your posts. This gives your page a sense of validity and place in a larger picture, adding to the trust quotient. Also, collaboration is never a one-way affair. Your page too will get its share of attention.

Speak Up

Sometimes you need to get to the point. Everybody on Instagram knows that it is all about the numbers. Comments, likes, and followers determine your reach. Similar to a call-to-action, throw in a request for follows and likes directly in your posts.

Farming Instagram Comments

Instagram comments help increase the interaction quotient on your posts and aside for all that meta-data, the comments section give your posts more leverage and reach through hashtags. You can resort to specific plans to farm Instagram comments to keep up with the competition. Depending on the size of your account and the desired reach of the post, there is an optimum amount of comments that can be achieved in a particular time period.

An excess of comments or likes in a short time is also undesirable as it points to a spike that doesn’t follow the natural course of reach expansion. When you have opted for an Instagram comments package, ensure that the posts are not set to private. A large number of comments can be divided across links. When you are choosing an Instagram comment provider, ensure that the comments also come with the like, to reflect typical social media behavior.

Leveraging Instagram does not need to take up all your time and with these listed tips, you can create a large following that can lead to more sponsorships and opportunities. Find out more about purchasing Instagram comments and other ways to utilize the potential of this essential platform.

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