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Leo Igwe | Op-Ed Contributor


Leo Igwe: Stopping Olukoya, His MFM, And Witch Hunting In UK Black Communities

Witchcraft related abuse is a very serious problem in African migrant communities in the UK. There is documented evidence that these abuses are linked to...

Hajj Dollars Controversy And Imperative Of A Secular Nigeria, By Leo Igwe

The reactions that have trailed the decision by the Buhari government to subsidize this year’s Hajj, despite the fact that the Nigerian economy is...

2016 Hajj: Buhari And The Challenge Of Separating Mosque And State, By Leo Igwe

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, is at it again. Last year, when he pledged to stop state sponsorship of pilgrimages, some people were skeptical about...

Leo Igwe: Unveiling The Hijab Crisis In Nigeria

Recently two states, Osun and Lagos, in South West Nigeria have been embroiled in a dispute over the Islamic veil, and as usual a...

Enough Of Religious Intolerance And Bloodletting In Northern Nigeria [MUST READ]

Recent acts of violence, fanatical hatred and intolerance particularly across Northern Nigeria should be of concern to thoughtful and peace loving Muslims across the...

Islamic Extremism And The Quest To Annihilate Non-Muslims In Northern Nigeria

In this poignant article, Leo Igwe analysis the growth of Islamic extremism in Northern Nigeria and how fundamentalists aim to use violence, in the...

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