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For Laughs

Sunday Sweetness: 10 Funny Wedding PHOTOS [LOOK]

We bring you something to put a smile on your face on Sunday. Thanks to our friends at Teen Digest. #10 Funniest Groomsmen Ever Source Not only...

Whoa! ‘Dead’ Man Rises Up In Mortuary Just Before ‘Corpse’ Embalmed [WATCH]

BbcNews via YouTube : Paul Mutora had been declared dead by staff at Naivasha hospital after an apparent suicide attempt — and was about...

This Dancing Spider Will Cure All Of Your Post-Holiday Blues (VIDEO)

Here's another reason why the land Down Under is awesome. It's home to the beautiful peacock spider. Even if you suffer from arachnophobia, have no...

This Optical Illusion Will Creep You Out And Blow Your Mind (WATCH)

This is one creepy video showing a very creative optical illusion created by our friends at brusspup and Tastefully Offensive. Warning: To prevent nightmares,  please...

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