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EBOLA: How Global Institutions Fail Third World Nations, By Benjamin U. Nwosu

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by Benjamin Nwosu

While thousands are dying of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Africa, top tier World Health Organization (WHO) leaders are sitting around in Geneva pushing files, sharpening pencils, getting facials, pedicure, manicure, and giving a mountain of excuses to cover their calamitous failure in Africa.

Can someone explain to me why a global health agency that has been in existence for decades has not commissioned a study on a dangerous viral disease that has killed millions of people over the decades? Compare that to a few years ago when the SARS virus emerged in the Far East and was quickly eradicated. The WHO approach to the Ebola pandemic is not to eradicate the virus, but to contain it in Africa. Create concentration camps in Africa, round up affected patients and their traumatized contacts, seal the gates, and let them all die off, and then cremate their bodies like the Nazis did.

At what point would someone call for the resignation of the WHO chairman and her staff? The reason you are not hearing much talk of her resignation is that powerful donors are protecting their puppet who is there solely to protect their interests. The lopsided funding of the WHO whereby nations states now contribute 20% of its annual budget, while billionaires contribute the remaining 80% has led to the hijacking of the WHO by these billionaires, who now write the yearly project charter for the WHO. They are completely in control of how, when, and in what geographical areas their monies would be spent. If a health emergency breaks out in an area where their business interests are not at stake, they would direct their puppets in Geneva to do nothing, and let the people perish. Furthermore, these billionaires are in charge of the selection process for the WHO Chairman.

There are no considerations given for experience, expertise, research pedigree, and interest in field operations in far flung continents. The sole criterion is who best will serve the interest of the donors. This is why a clueless WHO chairman is sitting pretty in Geneva, surrounded by her attendants, while dishing out instructions to poorly-supervised, underpaid, and ill-equipped field workers in Africa to create more concentration camps, excuse me, quarantine centers in the middle of thickly-populated shanty towns in Liberia, and to begin to transfuse Ebola victims with the blood of Ebola survivors. The WHO doesn’t even know the mechanism of transmission of Ebola virus! At what point would the Chairman of the WHO leave the trapping of luxury in Geneva and relocate to the war front in West Africa where the world is facing a global health threat? At what point would she go to supervise the concentration camps and crematoria that she is erecting all over the sub-continent.

But more importantly, at what point would third world nations release themselves from the eternal yoke of global organizations? A clear example is Haiti, where WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, you name it, have been on the ground for decades, but Haiti remains one of the poorest countries in the world.  Why? Because these global agencies are experts at taking money from donors, spending it frivolously, and leaving the masses in worse state. This is the experiment that is going on in West Africa right now. If I were the President of Nigeria, or the Minister of Health, I would sever all ties with the WHO, and focus my attention on the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where world-class scientists are at work each day trying to create breakthroughs in science. How many research scientists live in Geneva? How many research papers come out of Geneva each year?

Why should the headquarters of the WHO be situated in Geneva and not in areas of the world where the needs are greatest? If they are truly serious about ensuring global health, WHO headquarters should be located in either Africa or South East Asia, because these are the places where their impact will be most felt.

In closing, third world nations should sever their ties with the WHO and direct their attention to agencies where there are active and verifiable programs to eliminate diseases such as Ebola. WHO has nothing to offer Africa and the rest of the Third World except the erection of concentration camps in densely-populated cities. And if you are not careful, they will sell this scorched-earth campaign to you as a form of population control program.

Dr. Benjamin Nwosu is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Endocrinology. His works are available at: https://works.bepress.com/benjamin_nwosu/ 

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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