Shocking Revelation: Jesus Was Married To A Prostitute And Had 2 Kids?

Shocking Revelation: Jesus Was Married To A Prostitute And Had 2 Kids?

By Metro UK on November 9, 2014
Photo Credit: Every Stock
Artistic Depiction Of Mary Magdalene (Photo Credit:Metro UK)
Artistic Depiction Of Mary Magdalene (Photo Credit:Metro UK)

Jesus did not die on the cross a single man – he had married a prostitute, Mary Magdalene, and the happy couple had two young children by the time Christ was crucified.

The surprising revelation comes from a lost ‘Gospel’ dating back more than 1,000 years, which has been translated from Aramaic after being unearthed in the British Library.

It even reveals the names of Christ’s offspring – and whether they had descendants.

Rumours that Jesus had a hush-hush relationship with a lady of the night have swirled for centuries – after theologians noticed that Mary Magdalen seems to feature rather a lot in the existing gospels.

Mary Magdalene is mentioned in all the existing Gospels as having been present at important moments in Jesus’s life, such as his resurrection – and is described as a ‘sinful woman’ by Luke.

Her story is often downplayed by theologians – but experts Barrie Wilsion and Simcha Jacobovici who translated the Aramaic manuscript say that Magdalen was actually married to the Messiah.

Full details of the manuscript will be revealed at a press conference on Wednesday, with a Science Channel documentary due in December.

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  1. Well ,it is certain that there is devil in existence since the beginning of the world and he had been producing different type of people to teach or broadcast evil thing about the only son given for the redemption of the may reject the true work of grace and cavil as they like but the lord God can never change from all his plan over man king.
    if any one like to say any thing against the only one from God he can continue , but one thing is certain, nothing can change God and his judgement.
    Remember God’s despotism is not tyranny.he only give you the guide line to lead you to life eternal so if you like you follow it , but if you don’t want to follow it you are free. but remember any thing you do against against Gog is for your destruction. (the soul that commits sin he shall die

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