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Advocacy for Alleged Witches

Courage Amidst Superstition: Kogi Hero Awarded for Saving Lives from Mob Justice

LOKOJA, Nigeria - In a ceremony held in Lokoja, the capital of Nigeria's central state of Kogi, an individual's bravery was honoured amidst the...

Witch Persecution, Sharia Court and Legal Defence in Bornu, By Leo Igwe (READ)

Early this year, the office of the National Human Rights Commission in Bornu drew the attention of the Advocacy for Alleged Witches to the...

Dementia and Witchcraft Accusations in Imo State: A Call for Compassion and Understanding

IMO, Nigeria - In a shocking incident in Imo State, southern Nigeria, an elderly woman was publicly accused of witchcraft, stripped naked, and left...

Tragic Killing of Elderly Woman for Alleged Witchcraft Calls for Urgent Reformation in Nigeria

LAGOS, Nigeria - The brutal murder of Mrs Martina, an elderly woman from Old Netim in Cross River State, has ignited a nationwide outcry...

Comrade Egeh Ukara Emerges Advocate For Alleged Witches Of The Year 2022

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches, AfAW, works and campaigns to recognize the efforts and contributions of courageous men and women to end witch persecution...

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