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Buhari Economy

Lost Year Under Buhari Leaves Nigeria’s Economy On Its Knees [Bloomberg]

Muhammadu Buhari took office as Nigeria’s president a year ago on a wave of optimism that the ex-military ruler could revive Nigeria's economy battered...

30 Reasons Why Buhari’s One Year As President Has Been A Disaster (READ)

Nigerians are assessing Buhari's one year in office and most are not impressed. Here's an article by Elvis Osung, a leadership strategist on what...

Once Upon Nigeria, A Prospering People Asked For Change… God Gave Them Buhari (READ)

There was a young business woman, whom we will call Jessie, who had a thriving buying and selling business which had been yielding fantastic...

Nigeria Is Broke: Buhari Resorts To Exchanging Crude Oil For Refined Petrol (DETAILS)

Ahead of President Buhari’s planned official announcement of fuel subsidy removal, investigations by SIGNAL have revealed that Nigeria has been secretly exchanging its crude...

20 Warning Signs Buhari Would Destroy Nigeria’s Economy Which Were Ignored (READ)

We told them that Buhari is an economic assassin. But they claimed his integrity will block loopholes. But now, Naira is on free fall, falling...

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