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Buhari Recession

How I Hawked ‘Iyan Buhari’ In 1984: A Practical Guide To Beating Recession [MUST READ]

The only time I ever hawked in my life was 1984. Even though my family could be classified as middle class at that time,...

BubuLuck: Nigeria Officially In Worst Recession In 29 Years – Bureau Of Statistics

For anyone in doubt about how terribly downhill the Nigerian economy has gone under President Muhammadu Buhari, all doubts should be cleared now with...

Opinion: 10 Reasons Why Buhari Is A Calamity To Nigeria [MUST READ]

Muhammadu Buhari was once Nigeria’s military head of state. He took power in the mid-80s overthrowing a democratically elected government and went on to...

20 Warning Signs Buhari Would Destroy Nigeria’s Economy Which Were Ignored (READ)

We told them that Buhari is an economic assassin. But they claimed his integrity will block loopholes. But now, Naira is on free fall, falling...

Cheta Nwanze: How Does Nigeria Tackle Her Economic Troubles

Nigeria as it is currently run is not economically viable, and going along the routes a lot of people are suggesting won't solve the...

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