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10 Places She Wants You To Focus On During SEX

As a man, you need to realise that there are various ways to please a woman during sex. This is because women have a...

Guys, Here Are Reasons Why Having A Big Penis Probably Doesn’t Matter

Some guys are big dicks and some guys have big dicks. Fortunately for nice dudes with small penises, having a larger than average member won't guarantee that women...

11 Hot Sex Position For Every Mood

1.Bossy Try: The Supernova Here's Why: You call all the shots—and ride your man while he kicks back. Erotic Instructions: Begin in the woman-on-top position. Instead of...

Guys, 6 Lessons To Learn From Her Sex Toys

So, your lady is using toys. We can see how this might feel threatening—like she’s replacing you with a better, battery-operated alternative. But if...

23 Things You Must Know About Your Vagina

Right girlfriends, I have collected what I hope are all the essential things you should know about your vagina. It’s not usually a subject...

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