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plastic surgery

9 Plastic Surgery Overdoses That Went Horribly Wrong (PHOTOS)

Even if it's an investment of some sort, if you end up like any of these 9 plastic surgeries gone wrong, it's an investment...

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: Woman Describes Life With Eyes That Won’t Close (FILM)

Every year, millions of people spend a lot of money to change the way they look. There has been a tremendous progress in the field of...

‘I feel like I’ve sinned’: Woman’s Regret After Plastic Surgery (PICTURED)

Enduring the pain of five plastic surgery procedures done in a span of a few hours, Jessica Choi told ABC News that she felt...

Is This What Michael Jackson Would Have Looked Like Without Surgery (PHOTO)

Could this have been the face of Michael Jackson at 50? There is no denying that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest talents to...

From Handsome To Gruesome: 8 Of The Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgeries (PHOTOS)

1. Ray Liotta Though he’s denied it over the years, we kinda think that right after that gruesome scalping scene in the Silence of the Lambs sequel,...

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