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Theresa May Advices Buhari To Legalize Same-Sex Marriages In Nigeria

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, has called for same-sex marriages in Nigeria and all other Commonwealth Nations. The Prime Minister said this on Tuesday, April 17,...

#SoundOff: US Same-Sex Proposal: An Acarpous Bargaining Chip For Our Antigay Corpus Juris

Let me commend ex President Goodluck Jonathan for causing to be established antigay legislation in Nigeria. Few days back, a joint session of the US...

Ireland Conduct Referendum Over Same-Sex Marriage

For the first time since the issue of gay marriage became a world topic, the Republic of Ireland has become the first nation to...

Thailand Bans Commercial, Same-Sex Surrogacy

NAN - Thailand through a Bill passed by the National Legislative Assembly on Thursday outlawed commercial surrogacy. Surrogacy entails another woman carrying and giving birth...

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