10 Most Adventurous Sex Moves For The Big O

10 Most Adventurous Sex Moves For The Big O

By iDIVA on April 7, 2014
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When you can have a great sex life, why settle for an okay-ish one? Unleash that sensual side and be the sex goddess that you truly are. All you have to do is get a little adventurous in bed and make sure your man is up for it. These tricks will ensure you have the best sex life ever, and the glow to prove it.

Standing tall: It’s time you let go of your inhibitions and be ready for standing up sex. Most women don’t do this too often because of weight-y issues. We say this move is worth hitting the gym for. Wrap your legs around your man’s waist and give him an orgasm to remember. Standing up sex ensures that you get to climax too.

Orgasm-time: There is a tiny spot right above the clitoris called the front commissure. That’s your most sensitive spot. Ask your man to go down on you and find that spot. Stimulation of that spot with gentle nibbles or with his fingers can lead to the best orgasm ever. The search for the spot is an adventure in itself.

Oral pleasure: Go down on your man, but with a twist. Ask him to squat or get on all fours, and then find an angle to blow his mind away. *pun intended* Forget a regular blow job, this will give him the best climax ever.

Showtime: In long-distance relationships, couples often video chat and get naughty for the camera. But ever tried it when he’s not away? Shoot a kinky video and email it to him. Give him a looksie while he’s at work and he’ll be truly surprised. Just make sure that you instruct him to mute the speakers before starting the video. You don’t want the whole office hearing you moan, right?

Rough it up: If you are not up for full-blown 50 Shades of Grey BDSM, then try just a little bit of it. Decide if you want to be the dominant or the submissive and role play accordingly. You can reverse the roles too, to make it kinkier.  Get hold of nipple clamps and some restraints to add to the fun.

Spoonilicious: Studies suggest that making love while spooning leads to heightened pleasure. Start the foreplay when spooning and then get on top of him suddenly. Once you’re in charge, touch him in his erogenous zones and drive him wild with pleasure.

Blind-ed: Tie a silk scarf around your eyes and do the same to your partner also. Restricting one sense will heighten your other senses. You will be able to smell him better, hear him better and feel his touch better too. Just try it once and you will want to do it over and over.

Scent-sual: Ditch the perfumes and deodorants for a week and see your man go weak in his knees with just your natural smell. No, we’re not suggesting you stop taking showers; all you have to do is let him smell the natural you. Women always want to smell great and hence, the expensive perfumes, but there is no better scent that your own.

Say no more: Moaning is so clichéd. Don’t utter a sound during the deed and see how you can come up with other ways to show you are going crazy because of him. Dig your nails into him; kiss him frantically and show him you love his moves. Trust us, it will be a big turn on for him too.

Swing style: Have a hammock in the house? If not then make your own make-shift swing with the help of a bedseet and plant your butt on it. Ask your man to stand and make love to you as you swing. The swaying back and forth is going to be the best sex of your life.

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