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10 Beautiful Ways We Wish Guys Would Say ‘I love you’

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There are many ways that a guy can say ‘I love you’, and they don’t all involve the use of words, but not all guys are that good at being romantic and they sometimes just leave their girls guessing. Don’t you just wish that, occasionally, your guy would do something really romantic and take all the guess work out of love? Here are ten wonderful, different ways to say ‘I love you’ that we all wish guys would understand mean so much.

1. Take care of us when we are sick

When you are feeling sick with the flu or a cold, wouldn’t it be lovely if your man would pamper you and take care of you. He could tuck you up in a blanket in front of the TV and bring you hot drinks and your medication. He’d also be showing you that he’s not afraid to catch a cold from you. That would be a real sign of his love.

2. Hugs from behind

Those unexpected hugs from behind too, are a simple way that he could say ‘I love you’. There would be no words needed at all, just a gentle hug in those protective arms, and a little peck on the cheek, that would say it all.

3. Do some of your chores

It would be also great if he surprised you by taking on your chores for a day. Perhaps he could get the kids ready for school, or clean up the dishes after dinner. Not only would it be a chance to put your feet up, it would also be a perfect way for him to say ‘You’re special, you deserve a break’.

4. Write you a love letter

Another one of cute ways to say ‘I love you’ is to write something romantic. If your man is one of the many who find it hard to say romantic things, it would be a beautiful surprise, if he wrote you a poem or a love letter. It doesn’t have to be words that are worthy of publication, just words that had come from the heart would be enough.

5. Say ‘sorry’ first after a fight

A lot of fights are over nothing at all anyway, but it would great if he took the initiative to bring them to a close. If he came to you with a small gift and a great big sorry, it would say ‘I love you, and I can’t bear to see you upset’.

6. Bring the car round, when it’s raining

A bit chivalry can go a long way too. When he goes out in the rain and brings the car to you, then that is showing his love for you in a big way. When a man braves the weather so his girl won’t get her hair wet, then he is definitely saying something important to you.

7. Turning off the TV when you want to talk

It would be lovely if he turned off the TV when you come home and asked how your day went, rather than just grunt and not even look your way! Perhaps not a beautiful way to say ‘I love you’, but it would show that he cared.

8. Stand up for you, even when you are in the wrong

A man who always stands up for his partner, even when he knows she is wrong, is a man with courage and commitment. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you will always have someone to fight your corner with you, and be there for you when you need him.

9. Buy surprise gifts for you, for no reason

Flowers or chocolates, once in a while, are still a romantic way to say ‘I love you’. What would it take for him to pick up a bunch of flowers on the way home, and it would be a lovely surprise way that he could show you how much he cares.

10. Just be there

The biggest way a man can say that he loves his lady is just by being there and being attentive, whatever else he may be doing. It’s always nice when a man answers your texts or makes time for a chat on the phone, even when he’s really busy at work. It just shows that you are still his priority, even when you are not physically in the same room.

What are your favorite cute ways to say ‘I love you’?

Stay happy!

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