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10 Common Relationship Deal Breakers

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Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been there before? If you are one of those people who keep saying to yourself: ‘Whoops, I did it again’, then here’s a chance that learning about the top ten relationship mistakes that people seem to make over and over again, can be useful. Don’t keep on making the same mistakes, and learn these 10 most common relationship deal breakers that are best avoided.

1. Thinking that relationships will be easy

No relationship will ever be 100% plain sailing, so you have to weather the rough with the smooth. Don’t throw away a perfectly good relationship, just because you go through one bad patch, give it time and give it a chance to work.

2. Keeping secrets and telling little lies

Another one of common relationship deal breakers is lying. You’ve heard it before, and it’s true! Trust is the foundation of any good relationship, so don’t risk yours by telling lies or keeping any secrets. Secrets have a nasty habit of coming out into the open eventually and when they do, what was may have once been a very small lie or secret, suddenly becomes a very important one.

3. Keeping things bottled up

Don’t hide your emotions from your partner either. This can be a habit that people get into but, if you don’t let your feelings be known, how can your partner do anything to make things better? If you bottle up your emotions, they will only come out in a huge fight later, so it’s better to get them out of the way, straight away.

4. Comparing this partner to your ex

This is another one of common relationship deal breakers and it’s a definite no-no in a relationship, so don’t do it again! Keep the current relationship well separated from any past ones and never make the mistake of comparing your current partner with an ex.

5. Saying cruel things when you are mad

Don’t resort to cruel jibes and spiteful comments when you are fighting, because these can really hurt. There is no excuse for punching below the belt, just to win an argument. Ultimately, it is you who will pay the price for resorting to such low tactics.

6. Ignoring your partner or taking them for granted

Just because you have been together for some time and everything seems to be going well, that doesn’t mean that you can take your eye off the ball and assume that things will stay that way forever. You still need to put some effort into the relationship and don’t ever start taking your partner for granted or simply ignore him. He needs to know that you care and love him.

7. Flirting with other people or cheating

This really shouldn’t need saying, but cheating is one of the most painful relationship deal breakers and it’s a sure way to bring about the messy end of a relationship. Watch out for what you think is just innocent flirting with other guys, because that can cut deep too.

8. Being over possessive

So, you’ve found your Mr Right and you never want to let him go, but don’t be over-possessive and too clingy. The man will still want some space of his own and, if you overcrowd him, he’s going to feel stifled and want to escape.

9. Letting jealousy get the better of you

Jealousy is another one of typical relationship deal breakers. Don’t let that green eyed monster get the better of you. Accusing him of cheating, when that’s the last thing on his mind, will only enrage and frustrate him, and, eventually, he will get bored of the accusations and move on.

10. Don’t hang around if you are not truly happy

And finally, you have every right to be happy, so don’t stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy. Hanging on in there, hoping that things will get better, will only prolong the pain. So, if it’s not working out, get out!

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