10 Facts About Sex During Pregnancy

10 Facts About Sex During Pregnancy

By Lifestyles | The Trent on February 6, 2014
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Sex during pregnancy summons a number of myths that can send your sex life on a nine-month exile. Most people believe that being pregnant means abstaining from sex. No, that is not the case. Sex is safe throughout the pregnancy, with some changes in your normal sex routine. So here are 10 facts that you must know to have a normal and healthy sex life during pregnancy.

1. Sex will not affect your baby: Yes, that is true. Indulging in physical intercourse does not affect your little one at all. She is safe from the outside world bundled up in a cocoon. Sex does not harm the baby in any way as the baby is covered with amniotic fluid and membranes that protect her well. Although, if you have been advised by your doctor to stay away and have a history of miscarriage then you should be careful.

2. Avoid sex during the first trimester: Since your pregnancy is at its initial stages, it is advised that you go slow with sex. Too much jerking and movement can lead to a miscarriage.

3. Urinary incontinence: Low bladder control is a side effect of pregnancy that most women experience. Usually it may go away on its own post pregnancy, but sometimes women may need pelvic exercises to get their bladder control back.

4. Increased sex drive: The second semester is the period where you can enjoy a healthy and active sex life. Women usually experience an increased sex drive at this phase and feel extremely sexy making it even more fun. The bonus is that most women are free of pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and morning sickness.

5. Foreplay: While you are pregnant and may not desire too much sex, it is important to continue kissing and cuddling. Building a strong emotional connection with your partner will take you a long way in your pregnancy. It does not necessarily have to end with sex, sometimes just foreplay can do the trick.

6. That perfect position: Sex during pregnancy has a lot to do with positions. Since you are now heavier with a protruding baby bump, it is important that you choose a position that’s comfortable as well as enjoyable. After all, it’s all about the fun. Try safe sex positions that will neither cause you any pain nor be harmful to your little one. Be sure to not put pressure on your tummy.

7. Vaginal dryness: Most women would not expect vaginal dryness but it does occur due to low levels of estrogen in the body. This may cause difficulty in having sex making it a painful process. Lubrication is important, therefore you can try other over-the-counter available lubricants till the problem is solved. Do consult your doctor if you are using such lubricants to ensure that your baby is safe.

8. Leaking breasts: Another side-effect of pregnancy is liquid oozing out of the breasts. It may not be very comforting for your partner, but it is completely normal to experience leaking breast. This may happen sometime in the third trimester and wearing breast pads may be a good option to avoid staining your clothes.

9. Abstinence: Some doctors advice avoiding sex in the last four weeks of pregnancy. The reason being that the risk of infection and premature delivery are high. Plus, at this stage it becomes difficult to indulge in any kind of high energy physical activity with so much weight on. Most women are also off sex by now and all they want is to get rid of the bump.

10. Post pregnancy sex might take a while: Yes, the delivery has been done with and you want to jump back into bed with your partner but most doctors advice six weeks rest for the new mom’s body to recover, and sometimes even more in case of a complicated delivery. Also, some woman tend to not enjoy sex right after pregnancy especially with a recovering body, new routines, added responsibility and sleep deprivation.

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