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10 Good And Interesting Conversation Topics For First Dates

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Have you ever found yourself stuck for words when you meet someone new? It can be extremely embarrassing when those awkward, prolonged silences come along, so arm yourself in advance with these easy, good questions to get the conversation going and help you to get to know a date or a new friend better. Only remember though that you want to get the conversation going and flowing, not turn it into a twenty question session.

1. What do you like to do for fun?

Fun can mean different things to different people, but at least this question gets the ball rolling without getting too personal. It gives you a chance to come back with your own hobbies and pastimes and you might find some common ground too.

2. I love travelling, how about you?

Opening a question with a statement about you, like the one above, makes it sound less like an interrogation and this question could lead onto all types of topics like the food that you like, where you like to go on holiday and who you go on holiday with.

3. What do you do for a living?

A slightly boring and old hat question, but it will tell you a lot about a person. What someone does as a job will usually reflect their personality, for example, if your date is a librarian or a lifeguard will tell you a lot about him.

4. I love music, do you?

Music is one if those good conversation topics that can get the ball rolling and it’s a great way to find some common ground, so share your likes and dislikes and your friend or date will share theirs. Even if you don’t like the same things, it won’t be a deal breaker and it could lead to a bit of light-hearted teasing that will help to break the ice.

5. A funny thing happened to me the other day…

Interesting and funny story is another one of good conversation topics. If you’ve made a mistake or been in an embarrassing situation recently, this too can be a great ice breaker. Telling this person about your blunder will show them that you don’t take yourself too seriously and it will help them to relax too.

6. Did you see that article in the news last week?

A bit of current affairs will help you find out more about the person and their views and you are on pretty safe ground with major world events. Just be wary of any religious news or politics though, until you are sure of their opinions on such matters.

7. Talk about your dreams, desires, goals and aspirations

Talk about the future and you will get your friend or date to tell you more about them. Things like ‘I’d love to do a degree’ or ‘I’d love to visit Malaysia’ are good conversation openers, but don’t get too personal, especially with a date, and don’t start talking about how many kids you want to have!

8. Pay them a compliment and end it with a question

Next one of good conversation topics is a compliment. A part of the art of conversation is to put the other person at their ease and to get them talking; and paying them a compliment is a great way to do both, but remember to end on a question. If you say ‘I love the way you have your hair today’, then the answer could be just a polite ‘thank you’, but, if you end the compliment with ‘where did you get it done’, then you might have a conversation.

9. Talk about TV

So, this won’t lead to any scintillating and deep debates, but it’s a pretty sure way of getting someone talking about the latest hit TV show, even if it’s only to say how they can’t stand it!

10. Keep it light hearted and you will find out more

If you probe too deep, then people that you don’t know well, will just clam up. Keep the conversation light and then, they will slowly open up to you as they begin to feel more comfortable.

What other good conversation topics do you use when you want to get to know someone better?

Stay happy!

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