10 Must-Haves In The Modern Kitchen

10 Must-Haves In The Modern Kitchen

By Lifestyles | The Trent on January 27, 2015

Today, pots and fancy knives don’t cut it anymore. The modern kitchen needs the newest gadgets and devices that let you cook like a master chef, serve wine like a sommelier and make everything that much more fun. Ever used your iPhone in the kitchen? Well, now you can! From controlling your meat’s temperature to boiling your water, you don’t have to get up from the couch anymore. And as an added bonus you get to brag to your friends about your ultra-modern kitchen.

1 Veggie Twister



Vegetables are great – but they can look a bit boring. What if there was an easy way to make them look more interesting? Guess what, there is! A veggie twister is a one-stop to making spirals and all other kinds of different shapes out of your veggies.

2 Sous Vide Machine


Sous Vide is a cooking method. It means that vacuum packed food gets cooked in perfectly temperate water. Until recently, you needed a big machine for that – now you just need a pot and this gadget to cook perfect filets – no more black on the outside, cold on the inside!

3 iGrill Thermometer


You know how it normally goes when you want to cook meat in the oven – you stand in front of it for hours, fiddling about with the temperature to get it exactly right. Not anymore! This little device is connected to your smartphone, where you can tell it which temperature you want. It will tell you the current temperature at any moment, and even give you tips about which temperature is best for which meat.

4 Microwave Popcorn



Do you love popcorn? Do you think it’s a lot of work to make? But there’s microwave popcorn, you say. Sure there is, but then what about the fat content? What if you want to determine yourself what ingredients you want in your popcorn? Then this bowl is the right thing for you! In with the corn, a whirl in the microwave, and finished! No oil needed.

5 Piggy Wiggy



The Piggy Wiggy is a great invention – it lets you make bacon in the microwave! Crispy bacon, that is. Exactly as crispy as you want it. Studies show that bacon is best cooked in the microwave, because it doesn’t produce these nasty cancer-prompting substances that cooking it in the pan does.

6 Stirr The Automatic Whisk



Even if you think cooking is great fun, most people don’t really like standing at the stove for an hour and whisking that sauce experiment. Now here’s the solution: Stirr whisks automatically for you. Just put it in the pot, turn it on and go do something else! Maybe dessert?

7 Aermate



If you want to really enjoy your wine, you’re supposed to let it breathe for at least an hour. That way, the taste can fully develop and any side tastes or smells are eliminated. With this device, you can achieve the same in seconds – it adds microbubbles of oxygen to the wine that save you an entire hour.

8 Macaron Helper



Macarons are the latest craze! Everyone loves the little crispy biscuits. This kit helps you to portion out the dough perfectly. The special baking mat sees to it that the macarons don’t stick after baking. There’s even a recipe included so you can start right away!

9 Herb Savor



Do you ever wonder why the fresh herbs you buy at the supermarket only keep for a few days? You barely manage to use them for a meal and they wither. Never mind. Now that there’s Herb Savor, you can enjoy your fresh herbs for weeks! Just put them in the pot, put in water and store them in the fridge.

10 iKettle



The ultimate luxury: a kettle that asks you in the morning and when you get home if you’d like a cuppa! This good-looking kettle is controlled by an app that lets it cook you hot water without you ever getting up from the couch! For the tea-lover, it does it in four different temperatures, plus it lets you snooze it and keeps your water warm.

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