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Dear Men, 10 Questions You Should Never Ask A Woman

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Dear Men, we women are not like you and even though we are equal to you in every way, we think differently. What might sound completely harmless and honest to you can be life-shattering and ground-breaking for us. It’s better to be safe than being sorry later, right? So here is a list of some questions you should never ask a woman, no matter how eager you are to know the answer.

Have you gained weight?
If you don’t want to be punched and end up with a black eye, then it’s better that you never ask such a question. You can always ask questions like, have you lost weight? Or have you started working out? Such questions will earn you a smile and even a kiss.

You sure you want to wear that?

If don’t like a certain outfit she is wearing, tell her that she looks so much better in a different one, but don’t raise one eyebrow and ask her such a question.

Can you clean your clutter?

We women are not the most perfect beings so we might clutter and even though you are a neat freak, come on, give us a break.

 Do you have a real job?

Just because the woman doesn’t have a degree in engineering or isn’t a doctor, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a real job. Don’t undermine women.

Don’t you know how to cook ?

Just because we have X chromosomes doesn’t mean that we have to spend half of our lives in the kitchen cooking food. If a woman doesn’t like cooking food, she doesn’t have to.

How much money do you make?

Have we asked you about it or do we even care about it? We women make enough money to not bother about how much you earn. So why do you?

Are you a virgin?
Gentlemen, If you really don’t want to get beaten up, then don’t even think about this question, let alone say it out loud. How does it matter if we have had sex before or not. This really shouldn’t make a difference to your life, let alone anybody else’s.

Are you PMS-ing?
All you will get is sarcasm in return. The answer will be, no, I was born irritated, emotional and love being like this all the time. So instead if you see us in frenzy, then just hold us and in soothing tones inquire if we want anything

Why can’t you do that just like my mother does?

Guys, comparing your wife with your mother is the worst thing ever you can do. Your mother might be the epitome of perfection but your wife is perfect in her own way. Don’t compare, only compliment. If you want to tell her to do something better, tell her point blank without any comparison.

My ex-girlfriend used to do this in bed. Can you do this too?

If you don’t want to die, then we suggest you better not say such things out loud.

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