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10 REAL Reasons Men Fall Out Of Love

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Why do men fall out of love? There are lots of reasons why he might have broken up with you. Here we talk you through a few reasons why he might have put his heart back on the dating market.

10 reasons men fall out of love

You didn’t like his mum

Not getting on with his mum, or squabbling with his sister is one easy way to make someone fall out of love with you.  Family is important to most people and men feel uncomfortable when important people in their life don’t get on. Not getting on with the in-laws means it’s only a matter of time before he has to make an awkward decision: you or them.

You didn’t meet his needs

Although men may not ask you to run them a bubble bath or ask for a cuddle, they have just as many needs as you do. One reason men fall out of love with their girlfriends is when their needs are ignored or go unfulfilled. If you think you didn’t give your boyfriend enough last time make sure you don’t make the same mistake again and try to be more aware of what your new boyfriend does and doesn’t need.

Sleepless nights

A study commissioned by Channel 4 found that 30 per cent of divorced parent’s felt that their marriage broke down because they hadn’t slept properly as a result of having young children who didn’t sleep through the night.

As you know sleep deprivation can dramatically change people’s behavior and put unwanted pressure on already strained relationships and, as the stats show, this is potentially one reason why men break up with their partners.


Just because he broke up with you doesn’t mean the relationship ended because of something you did, it may have been something you both did, like notcommunicating properly. It sounds so simple, but not being open and clear with one another can lead to so many problems. If you didn’t talk enough and express yourselves clearly then perhaps he fell out of love with the relationship, not you.

Honeymoon period

Pretty much every relationship has a honeymoon period where you are consumed by infatuation and can’t see any of the faults or annoying habits your other half has. Yet this honeymoon phase has to end eventually and when it does your partner will come to understand that, like everyone, you have both good bits and bad bits.  If those bad bits outweigh the good in his eyes it may cause him to fall out of love.

Too clingy

A lot of men claim they break up with their girlfriends because they were too clingy. In reality this explanation for a break up does not necessarily mean that the girl was overly clingy, but indicates that the couple wanted to dedicate different levels of commitment to their relationship. Next time you should be clear what you want from a relationship and make sure you are both ready for the same kind of relationship.


It’s a hurtful thing to say, but attraction can fade and although it sounds like a shallow reason to fall out of love with someone, attraction and sex are both important parts of a relationship. Remember though, if this was the reason he broke up with you it doesn’t mean that you are not attractive and that no other men will fancy you, it might just mean he lost that spark he used to feel about you.

He didn’t feel needed

In his book, Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus, John Gray explains that men need to feel needed by their partners and he claims they like to feel as though they have a use. If men are not needed they end up feeling redundant and unfulfilled, which could have been one of the reasons things didn’t work out between you.

You’re high maintenance

Another common reason men fall out of love with women is because they believe their girlfriend is too high maintenance. They may not have a problem with your perfectly styled hair or the lashings of lip-gloss you wear per se, their problem probably lies with the fact that because you put so much effort into your look you don’t relax, you takes ages to get ready and, to you, looking good always outweighs having fun.

You’re not loyal

Men value loyalty and will often pull away from those people who they feel are no longer backing them. If a man’s girlfriend lets them down or listens to everyone else’s opinions before they listen to theirs, then chances are he’ll be deeply hurt and pull away. Eventually if the situation continues this might be enough to make him fall out of love.

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