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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Fight Over Texts

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Fighting is never fun, but, at least, when you are fighting face to face, you can see a person’s reaction to what you have just said. Fighting by text is a really bad idea and it should be avoided at all cost for many different reasons. You can end up firing really nasty messages back and forth to each other, which will make matters worse and won’t resolve a thing. So, when a text conversation becomes a bit heated, call a halt to it straight away and agree to talk about it later, and that way you will avoid the texting getting out of control. If you don’t know yet how bad text fighting can be, read these ten very good reasons why you should never fight over texts.

1. You don’t know how the other person is reacting

As we mentioned in the introduction, when you are texting, you can’t see the other person’s face and gauge their reactions. For all you know, that last text that you sent him could have cut him really deep, even if you didn’t mean it to, and you will just keep on texting anyway.

2. You can’t read tone of voice in a text

There are some things that you can do with a text to convey a tone of voice, like putting your text in capital letters, but it is easy for the tone of a text to be misunderstood. It’s almost impossible to portray sarcasm in a text, so the words are quite likely going to be taken literally.

3. Your argument is being recorded

Remember that anything you say in a text is going to be on his phone for him to study later. That could mean that, when you think the argument is all over and forgotten, he could be sitting on his own, quietly fuming about some the things that you said. He’s also got a written record of some those horrible things that you said about him when tempers were running high that might come back to haunt you later.

4. You won’t really be looking at what the text says

When you are firing off angry texts, you are hardly going to sit back and proof read it before you press send. That means that the auto-correct could have changed your words and you won’t even notice it and, it could have changed the whole meaning of the text.

5. You can’t express yourself properly in a short text

You can’t possibly text it in the same way as you would have said, because you simply don’t have the space to type it that way. That means that you will be trying to convey, what could be something that is very important, in a kind of shorthand. The only way to really talk about a serious issue is to do it face to face or, at the very least, in a proper telephone conversation.

6. The fight will last much longer

You also find that a text fight will last much longer too. You could be firing nasty messages back and forth to each other all day and still not come to any conclusion. Even after a lengthy text fight, you will probably still have a proper argument on your hands when you do see him next anyway.

7. You can’t be sure who else is reading your texts

You can never be sure that your boyfriend isn’t sitting in a bar with his friends, letting them in on the argument that’s going between the two of you. Even worse, he could have passed his phone to a friend who is doing the texting for him, while your boyfriend goes and gets the next round of drinks!

8. You can’t know what he’s doing when you text fight

It’s quite likely that neither of you will be focused on what you are saying. He could be at work, with other people or, even though he shouldn’t be, he could be driving. That means that neither of you is really putting a lot of thought into what you are saying, so you are more likely to say something that you later regret.

9. The fight could end abruptly

It’s so easy to fire off a text and then regret it. You might send one, in haste, that ends the relationship and he just turns off his phone in anger. Then, you’d never get the chance to say that you didn’t mean it and put things right again.

10. You can’t kiss and make up after

It’s also not easy to end a text fight nicely, because you can’t really say sorry properly. OK, so you can send a text that says “sorry, I love you”, but that’s not the same as ending an argument face to face. He could still be angry about the exchange and you won’t know that for sure until he comes home.

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