10 Things A Guy Will Do If He Likes You

10 Things A Guy Will Do If He Likes You

By Beauty And Tips on October 22, 2015
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It’s awkward when you really like a guy, but you’re not sure if he likes you. You don’t want to come on too strong, that might push him away, or lead to a very embarrassing situation. On the other hand, if you don’t do something, he might find love elsewhere. So what’s a girl to do? Well, if you’re unsure whether a guy does actually like you or not, then use this list as a test to see if he might be interested:

1. Did he notice your new hairstyle?

If he notices changes in your appearance, then you know that he is taking an interest in you. New hairdo, new shoes, new eyebrow shape or new perfume, if he makes a comment, then he’s probably doing more, than just making a polite conversation, this is one of the signs that a guy likes you.

2. Does he laugh at your bad jokes?

If he’s the only one laughing at your jokes, that could just mean that his sense of humour is just as warped, as yours, or it could mean that he’s paying you a compliment. Either way, it’s a good start, it might be one of the signs that he likes you.

3. Does he make excuses to come and see you?

At work in particular, if he keeps finding reasons to come into your office, perhaps to ask you the same question that he asked you yesterday, then he’s not just being a bit forgetful, he’s looking for reasons to talk to you – this is also one of the signs that a guy likes you, so be aware.

4. Does he sneak a glance your way?

Do you find that when you look up, he always appears to be looking your way? He will probably pretend to be looking at the clock behind you, when he realises that you have noticed, but it’s doubtful that it’s the time that is on his mind, he likes you!

5. Is he the first one to volunteer his help?

When you say, I would love a coffee, is he the one that always jumps up with the offer to get it for you? So long as he doesn’t do this for everyone, in which case he might just be a creep, then you have another box ticked in your ‘does he like me’ check list.

6. Does he always seem to sit next to you?

When there is a choice of three chairs in a room, is it always the one nearest to you that he selects? If he does, then he wants to get closer to you for a reason, this is one of the signs that a guy likes you!

7. Is he always the last to leave?

Whatever the occasion, a party, a lunchtime drink or simply gatherings around the water cooler, if your guy never leaves the scene before you do, then he is desperate to spend as much time in your company, as possible and to make sure that you notice him. Now you don’t need to ask yourself that ‘does he like me?’ question any more, because he does!

8. Does he get all nervous when he’s around you?

If he harbours secret feelings for you, then he might appear nervous in your company. He is desperately trying to make a good impression on you, whilst, at the same time, not appear foolish in front of colleagues or friends.

9. Does he seem to remember everything that you say?

If he appears to remember every little thing that you say, even the things that you can’t remember saying, then he is really paying attention and there must be a reason for that – it’s another sign that a guy likes you.

10. Are you the focus of his attention?

In a group setting, if he seems to be talking just to you, then that’s the way he would really like it to be – just the two of you, because he likes you!

What other things, on your opinion, a guy will do if he has a crush on you? What are other signs that a guy likes you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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