10 Things To Do Before You Sleep To Speed Up Your Morning...

10 Things To Do Before You Sleep To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

By Beauty And Tips on April 19, 2016

Do you ever get the feeling that there is just not enough time to get ready in the mornings?  Is it always a mad, panicked rush to get out of the front door on time? Well, you could make your mornings a lot less stressful and still get your extra snooze time in bed, if you just did a little bit of preparation the night before. If you are not a morning person and dread the thought of waking up any earlier, read these ten things that you could be doing before you go to sleep that will speed up your morning routine.

1. Plan your outfit

One of the most time consuming things to try to do first thing in the morning is choosing your clothes. Plan your outfit in the evenings and you will have more time to do it, so you will be more relaxed and you can really take your time matching the clothes and accessories that you want to wear the next day.

2. Prepare your outfit

No, we are not repeating ourselves here! Don’t just plan and decide on your outfit, check it over too, and do any ironing that might need the night before as well. Take some time to check all the buttons too; you don’t want to have to be making last minute outfit changes, or sewing on a button first thing in the morning.

3. Shower at night

There’s no law that says you have to shower in the mornings, so save some of that precious snooze time and take a shower before you go to bed. Unless it is very hot in your bedroom, or you do usually sweat a lot at night, you’ll still be perfectly clean in the morning if you shower the night before. You will also be able to actually enjoy your shower and it will help you sleep better too.

4. Go to bed earlier 

If you get to bed a bit earlier, you won’t be walking around dog tired and wondering what to do first in the mornings. A lack of sleep will make you feel drowsy all day long, but you will be worse when you first wake up the morning. Get a good night’s sleep and you will be able to get straight up and get everything done a lot quicker.

5. Plan your makeup

If you know what outfit you are going to wear, you can choose your makeup the night before as well. Sometimes, choosing the right palette to go with your clothes can take as long as applying the makeup itself. Prepare your makeup in the evenings and you will have time to experiment and get it perfect too. Once you have decided on what makeup you will use; lay it all out, along with anything else you will need, and getting ready in the morning will be a lot easier.

6. Shave at night

Shaving is another thing that is better done in the evenings. Men need to shave their face in the mornings, because a five o’clock shadow on a man can be quite noticeable, but none will notice if you shave your legs the night before, especially if you have fair hair. The other advantage of shaving at night is that, if you nick your skin, it will stop bleeding and start to heal while you sleep.

7. Prepare your lunch

If you take your lunch to work with you, then that’s another thing that you can get ready the night before to save you time in the morning. Make up your sandwiches, cut up your fruit, prepare your drinks, and pop it all into the refrigerator, so you just need to grab it and go on your way out of the front door.

8. Create waves overnight

If you want to have waves in your hair, you can do that while you sleep too. If you leave your hair slightly damp after your being shower and put it up in a bun, or in braids, you will wake up to no fuss waves.

9. Buy a programmable coffee maker

If you like a freshly brewed cup of coffee to get you going in the morning, then buy a programmable coffee maker that you can set the time on for your coffee to start brewing. Freshly brewed coffee, the moment you wake up, is the perfect way to start a day and the smell of the coffee is nearly as good as an alarm clock!

10. Prop your head up an extra pillow and use silk pillow cases

Invest in some silk pillow cases and your hair won’t become so tangled every night. That will save you some time on your hair in the mornings. Also, if you add an extra pillow to your bed to prop your head up a bit higher, you won’t get puffy eyes and you won’t need to waste time with cucumber slices or cold teaspoons trying to get the puffiness to go away.

Stay beautiful!

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