10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

By Fem Side on March 5, 2014
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Men are indeed from Mars and women, from Venus.

The two sexes are as different as chalk and cheese, especially when it comes to important things such as communication and understanding body language. And though your wife of girlfriend may be giving loud and clear signs that something you’ve done has either made her very happy or has absolutely ticked her off, you may be blissfully oblivious to it. Sounds like a familiar situation? Don’t worry, help’s at hand.

Here’s a guide of some of the things women wish men automatically understood:

1.  When women talk, listen, it shows us that you care.
2. Be smart enough and understand that not all of our bad moods are connected to PMSing. Sometimes, we
get angry because we have been ticked off.
3. Guys need to develop an EQ (Emotional quotient). That, however, doesn’t mean you need to cry at the drop of a hat. It just means you need to be more sensitive towards us.
4. With us women, communication is the key solution to most problems. Hence, please talk to us. Not communicating is not the solution and problems aren’t going to automatically disappear unless sorted out.
5. There are some traits we women wish our man displayed with increasing frequency, especially chivalry and making an extra effort to be nice and courteous to our friends and family members, even if you dislike them.
6 We may not grumble about putting out a spread of your favourite foods on a daily basis, but sometimes, we’d really enjoy a break from the kitchen. Cook for us. And if you’re wondering what, remember this, there’s nothing that women love more than a pleasant surprise. So go ahead, surprise us, we will appreciate the effort, even if the meal isn’t up to the mark.
7. Your machoism is not directly proportional to the speed with which you drive your car. Rash driving is so uncool, and that’s that.
8. Be protective, not possessive. We aren’t your personal property but your equals and there’s nothing we like more than being treated that way.
9.  We women are suckers for romance, especially our man proclaiming his unending love for us, all the time. How you intend to do it, however, depends largely on you.
10. Last but also one of the most important, remember that the quickest and easiest way to lose a women is to lie to her. Be honest.

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