10 Tips To Protect Your Relationship From Cheating

10 Tips To Protect Your Relationship From Cheating

By Beauty And Tips on October 2, 2014
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It is estimated that over 50% of people in a long term relationship will cheat at some time. That is a worrying statistic for anyone who has committed their life to a partner and it’s further substantiated by the fact that 50% of all marriages in the US will fail. These are not exactly upbeat and positive statistics to have on your mind, when you embark on a new relationship, but, there are ways that you protect your relationship against cheating and here are ten of them:

  1. Don’t get in a rut

Some men cheat purely to break the boredom. Cheating is exciting, dangerous and very tempting, especially, if things at home have got into a rut. Keep your relationship interesting by going out regularly, trying new things together and don’t get into too much of a routine with life.

  1. Agree on the boundaries

Infidelity can mean different things to different people, so be sure that you both understand what will hurt the other. To some, infidelity is a full blown, sexual affair, but to others it is simply becoming too close to a member of the opposite sex. Make sure that you both understand the boundaries.

  1. Don’t lose your feminine charm

This is the twenty first century and there is no reason at all why, at work, you can’t be the big boss, the hirer, the firer and the wielder of power. It’s not wise to bring this attitude home, though, so don’t forget to be his girl again when you get in.

  1. Keep intimacy interesting and exciting

Don’t be too shy to share fantasies with your partner and let him share his. Being prudish in the bedroom will only suppress his natural curiosity and he might be tempted to go elsewhere to explore new things.

  1. Talk to each other and have regular quality time together

Being able to talk to each other is vital, so always talk about your feelings to him and be willing to listen to what he has to say as well. If of you are unhappy about an aspect of the relationship, you must talk about it or it will never be resolved.

  1. Try a little empathy

Place yourself in his shoes, once in a while, and try to understand how he feels. Imagine yourself as him and ask yourself if you would be happy, or if you would try and change things. Understanding how he feels, and telling him that you do understand is a good way to keep a sound relationship.

  1. Don’t let your paranoia push him to cheat

Another reason often cited for cheating is that one partner accuses the other of cheating so often, that they feel they might as well cheat anyway. Constant accusations of infidelity are really hurtful, if your partner is actually staying faithful and it could eventually tip the balance the wrong way.

  1. Be supportive of your partner, appreciate things he does for you

When your partner has a problem, be prepared to listen and to offer your support. Everyone needs a person in their life that they can use as a sounding board and everyone needs a shoulder to cry on occasionally. Make sure that person is you and then you will never have to hear your partner saying that you don’t understand him.

  1. Don’t forget to have fun and laugh together

Don’t lose the fun side of your relationship that you used to have; it’s good to be silly sometimes. Do mad, impetuous things, that make you both laugh, and make sure that neither of you forgets how much fun love can be.

  1. Be prepared to work at it

A strong and healthy relationship is what will ultimately avoid cheating and that doesn’t happen all by itself. Work together to keep your relationship strong and don’t be afraid to admit to each other that it needs work. You can’t fix problems, until you admit that they exist.

Do you have some other tips on how to protect a relationship from cheating?

Feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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