10 Types Of Kisses Guys Love Most Of All

10 Types Of Kisses Guys Love Most Of All

By Beauty And Tips on August 26, 2015
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Kissing is supposed to be such a simple thing, but there are so many variations on a kiss, you could write a book on the subject! All guys love to be kissed and with just one kiss, you can drive him wild, make him go weak at the knees or make him melt with affection, and here are ten of the kissing techniques that your guy will love most of all:

1. The earlobe nibble

Let’s start off gently, with a tantalising nibble on his earlobe. This can be good for both genders, but surprise him with this show of intimacy and it will drive him crazy.

2. The Eskimo or nose kiss

Not strictly a kiss, but it works for the Eskimos, and your man will love it too. Gently rubbing noses, with your eyes closed is such an innocent and almost childish thing, but it will really show your love for one another.

3. The kiss on the jaw line

Always a favourite with the guys, kiss him gently on the jaw and work your way up from there. Why’s it a favourite? No idea, but it works!

4. The Spidey kiss

Make your man feel like a superhero and give him the Spiderman kiss. Basically, it’s an upside down kiss, but it’s a lot  easier if you lie down, rather than ask him to hang upside down from a small rope. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

5. The gentle eye kiss

Take the biggest, toughest guy in town, gently kiss him on his closed eyelids, and watch him melt! This tender kiss on the eyes is a sure fire way of showing how much you love your man and his way of showing you how much he trusts you.

6. The forehead kiss

Be careful, this one will remind him of his mother, but it’s the perfect remedy for a severe case of the man flu. When he’s not feeling 100%, this is the perfect way to tell him: ‘Don’t worry, I’m here’.

7. The make him beg kiss

Guys love to be teased, so when he leans in for a kiss, move to one side a little and kiss him on the cheek. The next time, just a gentle kiss on the lips, but keep him waiting, the anticipation for a full kiss will drive him insane!

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