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Military Ruler Mahamat Déby Wins Chad’s Presidential Election, Extending Family’s Rule 

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N’DJAMENA, Chad – Chad’s military ruler Mahamat Déby has been declared the winner of the presidential election, securing 61.3% of the vote, according to provisional results announced by the state’s election authority.

This victory extends the Déby family’s control over the nation for nearly four decades.

General Déby, 40, assumed leadership following his father Idriss Déby Itno’s death in April 2021, who died during clashes with rebel forces.

The elder Déby had ruled Chad since overthrowing Hissène Habré in 1990.

The announcement came amidst protests from Prime Minister Succes Masra, the runner-up with 18.53% of the votes, who earlier declared himself the victor of the election in a live broadcast, denouncing the results as fraudulent.

“A small number of individuals believe they can make people believe that the election was won by the same system that has been ruling Chad for decades,” Masra stated, urging his supporters to mobilize peacefully.

Celebrations broke out in N’Djamena as supporters of the ruling coalition paraded through the streets following the early results announcement, which was made two weeks ahead of schedule.

In his victory speech shared on social media, General Déby committed to being a president for all Chadians, acknowledging those who did not vote for him. “I have a special thought for the unfortunate candidates who have lost the competition,” he added.

The election marks Chad as the first among the nations in West and Central Africa, which have experienced military takeovers in recent years, to conduct elections purportedly restoring civilian rule. However, critics argue that little has changed with Déby’s election.

The polling was largely peaceful, although there were some reports of irregularities and at least one voter fatality, local media noted.

Opposition groups highlighted that the constitutional council barred ten politicians from running due to alleged irregularities, which some critics claim were politically motivated.

Yaya Dillo, a cousin of Gen Déby and a potential challenger, was killed by security forces in February during what was described as an attack on the National Security Agency.

Many activists had called for an election boycott, and numerous opponents remain in exile following a violent crackdown on protests in October 2022.

Despite these challenges, General Déby, who initially promised a short tenure of 18 months that was later extended, had previously stated he would not run for the presidency.

As Chad prepares for Déby’s official installation, the results still await confirmation by the Constitutional Council, leaving the nation in a state of cautious anticipation.

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