10 Ways To Recharge The Energy Level In Your Bedroom

10 Ways To Recharge The Energy Level In Your Bedroom

By The Times of India on April 4, 2014
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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your home. And undoubtedly you would want this room to have harmoniously flowing good and positive energy.

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It should be a room which lures you in, makes you feel calm and at peace with yourself and your beloved ones. Be it a quick nap, a sound night’s sleep, or various other activities, by following a few simple and interesting Feng Shui tips you can recharge the energy levels in your bedroom.

“South-west is the direction for romance. If your bedroom is in the south-west part of your house then it is good.

1. The best colour for this sector is light pink. Otherwise you can go for earth colours such as lemon yellow, cream, and brown,” says Shelddon Wilsonn, Feng shui expert, revealing some facts about how colours affect the vibes between the partners sharing a bedroom. Use calm and loving colours on the bedroom walls.

Best Feng shui colours for the bedroom are believed to be the ‘skin colours’, and we know the colour of human skin world over, varies from pale white to rich chocolate brown. Choosing colours within this range will work best for your bedroom decor say experts.

2. It is best to avoid bringing office work into your bedroom. Avoid keeping a computer in this section of your home.

3. Feng shui experts say that letting go of the TV is ideal because it could generate bad energy, creating a lot of chaos and disturbance in your personal and love life.

4. You should also avoid keeping exercise equipment in this room.

5. “Placing something in pairs such as two ducks, two rose quartz hearts, or hanging a wedding photo will work fine to enhance your relationship,” says Feng shui consultant C Wilsonn.

If you keep any images on the wall or on dressing table, it should not be some sad or lonely image. Preferably keep pictures of loving couples. The ideal photograph would be the one with you and your spouse. Also choose images of things you want to see happening in your life. It is strongly believed that images seen just before going to sleep and immediately after getting up in the morning stay in the subconscious mind and they soon turn into reality.

6. Having several forms of lighting in your bedroom also helps. Use a dimmer switch to adjust the energy accordingly. A good bedroom will have proper, soothing lights which relaxes your mood. Alternately, you may experiment with candles which Feng Shui considers to be the best kind of bedroom lighting.

7. Mugdha Patki, a Feng Shui master says, “It is best to avoid mirrors in the bedroom especially if it reflects the bed.” Experts declare that if one has a mirror in the bed room and it is not possible to move it away due to various reasons, then, it is best to cover the mirror with a curtain or a drape. Even television glass or any other highly polished surface that reflects the couple in bed can hamper a blissful, harmonious life and sexual relationship.

8. It is better to keep the windows open (unless you have an air-conditioner) and count yourself lucky if you get enough breeze flowing into your bedroom. Use a good quality air-purifier to keep the air fresh and full of oxygen. Stale, polluted or bad quality of air can destroy good Feng shui energy.

9. Avoid keeping plants in the bedroom as they are not considered to be good in this part of home unless the bedroom is fairly large and the plants are kept far from the bed.

10. Your bed should be easily approachable and there should be no clutter beside it. It should have a comfortable mattress and clean bed sheets. Try to avoid clutter in the closet. In short, a good bedroom will have every element of love, healing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Basic checklist

-Having two separate mattresses on a double bed could give rise to a disturbed married life. Opt for a single mattress.
-Do not place water or plants in your bedroom
-Avoid sleeping under beams
-Do not sleep right in front of doors.

A tip
If you want overall family bonding then place a happy family photograph that has all the members of the family looking happy and visible prominently in the southwest of your living room.

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