10 Ways To Help Your Relationship Go From Rocky To Racy

10 Ways To Help Your Relationship Go From Rocky To Racy

By iDate Daily on September 25, 2014
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Relationships can include a whole roller coaster of emotions, and it certainly can have its ups and downs. Here are ten ways you can re-establish your relationship from rocky to racy, even when things get rough:

  1. Recreate the Chemistry You Two Had – Focus on the spark when you first met your partner and concentrate on that. Recreate some ‘mood moments’ that had you both ready to romp in the early stages of your relationship.
  2. Turn Off Cyber Love – Turn off the cell phones, ditch the iPad and head for the bedroom. If you’re not in the mood for loving, go for a walk, give each other a massage, or curl up on the couch, just enjoying each other’s company.
  3. Get a Couples Massage – Sometimes you need to switch off from the world and enjoy each other’s company. Do it by spoiling yourselves with a couples massage. Book into a day spa and indulge. Go one step further and check into a hotel for the night. There are always cheaper deals midweek if you look out for them.
  4. Have Some Time Apart – It is all well and good spending time together but you don’t always have to be in each other’s pockets, so time apart may freshen things up. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. While apart, send flirty texts, cute selfies, and tell each other how much you miss the other one. Send an email with sexy innuendos so that things will be steaming when you return.
  5. Seek Professional Help– A counselor would be really useful if you are having a lot of problems. If you are considering ditching your relationship, try professional help first to see if it can’t be salvaged.
  6. Use Your Friends as a Support Network – Some of them may have been in the same position as you before, and will be able to support you as you work through these rocky times. Good friends will not bag your partner, but be there for you, in a listening capacity.
  7. Send a Love Letter – Remember the days of snail mail? Write your other half a letter of love, and why they mean so much to you. Tell them everything that makes them special and what your hopes and dreams are for the two of you.
  8. Plan Your Future – Sometimes when you are going through pain, you need to look to the future and plan bright spots ahead. After you have written your love letter, discuss these hopes and dreams out loud with your partner and make some immediate dreams come true.
  9. Keep Calm – Don’t let anxiety ruin your relationship. Stay calm and focused and stop generalizing. Exchange words such as ‘always’ or ‘never’ with specific dates and times. This way, you are focusing on one situation at a time.
  10. Keep clear of alcohol – Alcohol will only make things worse. People tend to do stupid things when they are full of alcohol. You may think you are brave enough to say how you are really feeling, but emotions can soon get out of control. What you think and what you would say if you were sober, can be completely different and not very tactful.

Nothing beats communication when things are getting rocky, but sometimes, just a couple of these little appetizers are good to begin with. Try them out and let me know how your relationship goes.

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