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10 Ways President Jonathan Is Empowering Our Youth

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The administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) has recognized the problems of our youths including unemployment, illiteracy, truancy amongst others.

In a bid to lessen the army of youth wasting their unique potentials on the streets in the country, the President has therefore empowered the youths in ten major ways:

  1. Access to higher education has increased under President Jonathan with the establishment of 14 new Universities across Nigeria
  2. He has licensed approximately 100 Innovation Enterprise Institutions to provide Technical and Vocational Education to young Nigerians as an alternative to formal Tertiary EducationYouth-Empowerment
  3. He has awarded 101 Presidential Special Scholarships for Innovation and Development to young Nigerians to receive training in the top 25 Universities in the world
  4. He has doubled the Federal Allocation for EducationYouth-Empowerment-2
  5. He has allocated 3 Billion Naira through the Project Advancing Creativity and Technology (PACT) to provide business development grants to young people in the creative industryYouth-Empowerment-3
  6. Over 3,600 young Nigerian entrepreneurs have received up to N10 Million each in capital grants to grow their business under President Jonathan’s YouWin Scheme. These young entrepreneurs have created over 30,000 jobs.Youth-Empowerment-4
  7. Over 120,000 young Nigerians have been employed to engage in construction and rehabilitation of social and economic infrastructure under the Community Service Scheme of the SURE-P Programme.
  8. The Graduate Internship Scheme, established under President Jonathan, has benefited over 7,000 young graduates providing placement with competent firms to enhance skills and improve chances of employment.Youth-Empowerment-5
  9. 66,000 mortgage requests are currently being processed for young Nigerians as part of President Jonathan’s Housing Sector revolution.
  10. President Jonathan continues to connect with and listen to young people across multiple online and traditional platforms ensuring that the voices of young Nigerians are incorporated in policy formulation and governance.Youth-Empowerment-6

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