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10 Ways Smart Girls Choose To Be Really Happy

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We all want happiness, right? Yet there are some of us who know the secret to being happy more than others. So while we’re feeling blue because of yet another bad day at the office, where everything went wrong, there are some girls who are continuing along their happiness kick that they started 20 years ago.

And this is in spite of a bad day at office.

See, smart girls who choose to be happy know exactly how to banish the blues. If they have a bad day, they don’t let it get to them. They know how to work around it and salvage something awesome from each and every day. And guess what? They don’t subscribe to just positive thinking all the time (after all, how many more times can you keep wishing Michael Buble will come and sweep you off your feet – it just doesn’t work like that!)

So let’s take a look at 10 ways in which smart girls get happy.

1. Let It Go

As humans, and especially as girls, we absolutely hate being ignored.

In fact, we’ve grown to hate being ignored so much that it triggers the same are of the brain as physical pain does.

So when that boy doesn’t reply to our text yet again, or when our ex continues to ignore our Facebook please, we feel so horrendously awful that we can’t even face eating our food.

It’s time to let unattainable needs and wants go. It’s time to move on and look to the future. Begging someone to talk to you never works, and after a week has passed you always look back and realise who embarrassingly you behaved. Time heals all wounds, so don’t do anything silly in the meantime.

2. Enjoy Your Morning

There is nothing like a bad morning to make you feel grumpy for the rest of the day. Whether it’s a burned breakfast, an accidental lie-in, or an argument with the neighbour, getting off to a bad start sets the tone for the rest of the day.

What you really need is a solid morning routine that puts you in a good mood. Listen to some uplifting music, make a healthy breakfast, drink a green smoothie – and rise as early as possible. Feeling good in the morning is the key to feeling good all day long.

3. Start With The Simple Things

There are deep, profound changes you can make to your life to become happier. But rather than start with the bigger issues, you should start with the smaller, simple things that you can alter right now.

For example, going to sleep at a good hour is a perfect way to bring some happiness into your life. Smart girls get their 8 hours each night, and they wake up refreshed and ready for the day. You could also make sure that you never get too hungry. Hunger can make us irritable, moody – and unhappy.

4. Listen To Happy Songs

There was a time when a friend of mine popped round for the evening. I made us dinner and played some tunes. She didn’t like my choice of music; she said it was way too downbeat, and she asked why I didn’t listen to happy music. The thought had never even crossed my mind!

But it’s true that happier music helps to lift your mood. If you listen to gloomy, melancholic bands and singers all the time, your mood will reflect the music. So it’s time to download some uplifting and inspiring tunes that will get you back on track.

5. Look For The Best In People

Ever walked past a homeless person and decided against sparing them some change because you thought to yourself, “they’re not really homeless”?

This is the cynical voice that grows in resonance whenever you’re feeling unhappy. It makes you assume the worst in people, and it can cut you off from social outings.

If you want to be happy, you need to look for the best in people. Yes, selfish people do exist. But you can’t keep making snap fire judgements on folk you’ve never met. It will only make you reclusive, and even a little vindictive.

6. Keep Your Cool

People say that we should air our grievances.

They say that we should talk things through, and let people know exactly how we feel.

They say that if we’re angry, we should vent. We’ll feel so much better apparently.

I have to say that being an angry person has never worked for me. Smart girls know that keeping your cool is better for your soul than snapping at every minor issue.

7. Accept That You Will Make Mistakes

The key to being smart is accepting that mistakes will happen. None of us are perfect, and there are pretty much only two ways to learn anything in this world – and one of them is by making mistakes.

When you try something for the first time, you might well fail. But you need to analyse what went wrong before getting back on the horse and trying again. You won’t make the same mistake twice, and you’ll make progress.

8. Work Hard

Work is what helps to give our life value. When we’re out of work, or when we’re not working as hard as we know we can, we can often feel lazy and worthless. Essentially, we’re not contributing to society, and we’re not earning a honest wage.

Hard work comes with many rewards. Not only do you feel fulfilled that you are performing a necessary duty, but you are also performing as part of a team, working towards shared goals. You are helping your team to grow and expand. And you’re also making money!

9. Take Charge Of Things

Smart girls who choose to be happy are smart girls who take charge of matters. If you take a back seat in your own life, you can’t expect to reach any goals. Directionless and purposeless, you’ll be going with the flow – but you won’t actually be achieving anything.

So it’s time to take the reins and get a hold on your life. Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen – make them happen! Don’t wait for emails to come to you – send those emails!

10. Give A Little Back

There is nothing to give you a little pick-me-up quite like giving. Whether you’re giving a homeless person a bit of loose change, or whether you’re giving a colleague a lift home from work, doing a selfless act each day will make you happier. Helping others is easy, and it’s hugely rewarding.

Stay happy!

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