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11 Reasons Why Women Should Date Chubby Men

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Generally speaking, women tend to be physically attracted to statuesque men, tall and muscle-bound. This natural attraction that women possess for the athletic body type makes it challenging for men who are short and/or fat.

Short and/or fat men must work extra hard to attract the attention of women; they must be charismatic, have a sense of style, and extremely confident in who they are to even have a conversation with an attractive woman about dating.

YouTube personality Lily shares 11 benefits of dating chubby men. In short, she says they are:

  1. You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Shocked by Weight-Gain Later In the Relationship. It’s inevitable that as time goes by, the statuesque man will start to lose his chiseled abs and gain weight. This may drastically alter his physical appearance. With chubby men, the weight gain is already there, so there will more than likely not be any major alterations in his appearance.
  2. Chubby Men Are Comfortable to Cuddle With. Men with ripped bodies have very hard chests and stomachs. This can sometimes make you feel like you’re cuddling with a pile of bricks. Chubby men have more cushion and have the perfect bodies for cuddling.
  3. Chubby Men’s Size Is Still Intimidating. Despite being chubby, these men are still intimidating. If someone attempts to harass you, your chubby lover will be able to defend you with his size.
  4. Chubby Men Aren’t Judgmental When It Comes to What You Eat. Chubby men are far less judgmental about the “cheat meals” you choose to eat. A healthier man will question the portion of your carbs and make you feel insecure about your food choices.
  5. Chubby Men Have a Great Personality. Chubby men are likable because they are used to working a little harder to gain the attention of women. They tend to be comic relief and great listeners.
  6. Chubby Men Aren’t Vain. Chubby men will not spend too much time basking in their beauty. They are still “fly guys,” but they don’t have to verbally express that.
  7. Chubby Men Have a Relaxed Dress Code. Chubby men will not pressure you about your outfits.
  8. You Don’t Have to Compete With Too Many Other Women. Since most women are flocking to the athletic types, you won’t have too much competition with the chubby guy.
  9. Chubby Men Have a Sense of Humor. Chubby guys are fun to be around and always have the funniest jokes.
  10. Chubby Men Know How to Drive Well Because They Don’t Walk Often. This may not be a great thing from a health perspective, but chubby men are excellent drivers because they don’t walk to their destinations often.
  11. Chubby Men Are Down to Earth. Chubby men are generally very laid back guys who just want to enjoy a good meal and spend time with an attractive woman.

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