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11 Very Strange Places Women Have Given Birth

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In spite of due dates and birth plans, some babies still arrive when and where they are least expected! Here is a list of some of the strange places women have given birth;

At her own wedding ceremony

On July 7, 2012, a woman in Jallais, France became a wife and a mother on the same day when she gave birth on her wedding day. She was not due for another one week but the baby boy decided to attend his parents wedding!

She gave birth inside the town hall while wedding guests waited inside the reception. Another woman gave birth in her limo after her wedding. The grooms and bridesmaids helped out.

On top of a Tree

In 2000, Sofia Pedro had to have her baby on a tree when a flood affected her home in Mozambique. She had climbed the tree to escape the flood but was there for days before going into labour on the third day. Luckily help came as she was in labour when an air force medic, Godfrey Nengovhela, was lowered from a helicopter to the tree to help the 26-year-old deliver the baby before taking them to safety.

In an elevator

A woman on her way to the delivery room had to turn the elevator to her delivery room when it got stuck. Luckily she had a nurse and midwife with her to assist. This happened in Tacoma hospital.
Another woman gave birth in an elevator on her way down from the hospital where the Doctor has just told her she was not ready.

In a library

In 2009, an 18-year old, Dominique Trevino had her baby in an American library – Wikicommons Denver Public Library. Her contraction started in a bus when a passenger told her to get off and wait in the library while she called emergency by the time they arrived she was already delivering the baby

At a war zone in Afghanistan

A British soldier delivered her baby at an Afghan outpost 3 days after battle. She didn’t know she was pregnant when she was deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan. She thought her contractions were stomach cramps but was proved otherwise when she reported to the camp medic.

At the Zoo

In December 2012, a woman was visiting the Rosamund Grifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York, when she went into labour unexpectedly. She delivered the baby with the help of the zoo employees

On an Airplane

25 weeks into her pregnancy, Nicola Delemere’s water broke when she and her husband were 30,000ft in the air on a plane to Crete. The jet was diverted when her waters broke but she delivered before landing. The flight supervisor helped her deliver, they soon landed and were whisked to the hospital.

In a sinking a car

Kennyetta Biggs gave birth to her child in a car while it was sinking to the bottom lake.

At five in the morning, Biggs left her home to drive to the hospital to have her child. Since she was keeping the baby from her family, she decided to drive herself. The pain and contractions made her lose control, swerving into the lake.
By the time a local deputy found her at the bottom of the lake, she had delivered her baby. Everything was fine save for a broken leg.

At a mechanic’s shop

In May 2010, a pregnant woman took her car to her mechanics. She ended up having her baby there.
She delivered on the back of a car in the parking lot with the help of a police officer. The hospital helped remove the blockage that was stopping the baby breathing then the ambulance arrived and they were whisked to the hospital.

While driving

Many women have given birth in cars on their way to the hospital, but this Minnesota mother gave birth while driving! She was driving with her husband in the passenger seat, when her water broke suddenly and the baby came out! She yelled at the dad-to-be to grab the wheel as she cradled their baby boy between her legs.

In a Post office

Sonia Marina Nascimento went into labour in her local post office in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, in 2009.
She had gone to buy mobile phone credit when her labour started and she put to birth before the paramedics arrived.

(via Woman NG)

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