12 Most Effective Ways To Make Breastfeeding Easier

12 Most Effective Ways To Make Breastfeeding Easier

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on September 14, 2018
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Breast milk composition is milk produced by human mammary glands where we have dimensions of breastfeeding or breast milk and this included benefit of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the process of feeding a child with milk from the breast of a lactating woman; it is a natural and safest way of nourishing a baby through the vitamins, fat, and protein that are present or available in the breast milk.

There are several advantages or benefit of breastfeeding, and this is healthy for both mother and child. It helps the infant to increase in strength, becomes healthier and stronger. We have a psychological advantage, physical advantage, medical or health advantage, economical advantage and so on. Most babies lose a small amount of weight in the first three to five days after birth and this aspect breastfeeding is very important in other to gain or increase weight.

But for many reasons, some babies hard to nurse efficiently, There are steps to ease breastfeeding, and this will be convenient and comfortable for both the nursing mother and child. Some women find it extremely difficult to breastfeed a child due to different reasons. Ways or tools are using to ease breastfeeding though without the tools, or product breastfeeding is still more comfortable.

12 Most Effective Ways To Make Breastfeeding Easier

  1. The use of pumping tools: pumping of breast milk into a feeding bottle and keeping it safe for the child to take later enable a child to get familiar to breast milk and this aid easy breastfeeding without stress. Breast milk can be placed in a breast milk bag and place it in the fridge for preservation until the milk is needed.
  2. Track baby feeding and this helps to monitor the duration and how the baby has been feeding in other to fix the necessary things needed for the baby’s growth. This includes the diaper change, naps and so on. This tool makes breastfeeding easier.
  3. Milkscreen helps the mother to verify the breast milk if it is safe for the child to take it or not and it also helps the child from harmful health hazard.
  4. Use an easy access bra because a nursing mother should wear a bra that will enable her to breastfeed her child anywhere she found herself. This also includes cloth which will enable the child to have easy access to the breast without stress. This product or tools makes breastfeeding easier for both mother and child.
  5. A nursing mother needs bra pad to prevent cloth and bra stain from breast milk, and it prevents body odor or bad smell because this can irritate the child and stop the child from sucking the breast. This is another tool that is very essential for nursing mother and it aid easy breastfeeding.
  6. Use of product or tools makes breastfeeding more comfortable for both mother and child. These products include reusable nursing pads, breast milk bag [for storage], nursing bra, disposable nursing pads, scarf [for breastfeeding in public places] e.t.c.
  7. The use of a shortcut method makes breastfeeding easier. Shortcut method can be used in such a way that a mother will pump and save breast milk in a feeding bottle for a child through the use of breast pump.
  8. Direct body contact between the mother and the child makes breastfeeding easier for both mother and child. The close contact will calm the baby and helps to trigger his feeding instincts.
  9. To aid easy breastfeeding, the mother needs to advise the caregiver or a nanny by enlightening her on how to preserve the breast milk in the fridge and how to keep it warm when the baby wants to eat.
  10. Some women find it difficult and embarrassing to breastfeed a baby in public but, with the help of personal practice they can make breastfeeding easier. Personal practice on how to position a child and to put it in practice at an interval or regularly to encourage the mother on what to do concerning breastfeeding in public without being shy.
  11. To easy breastfeeding, the mother’s health is germane and essential. The mother’s body needs enough rest and sleep in other to maintain body’s milk supply, but meanwhile, there should have been breast milk in the bottle or breast milk bag before taking sleeping.
  12. It is vital or essential for the mother to under the sign that the baby makes, A nursing mother should notice the baby’s sign in other to respond to the child because a baby cannot communicate verbally but in a non verbal ways of communication such as cry (pain or hunger), sign, eye contact with the mother, sucking of fingers, some baby stick their tongues out which is a signal for food e.t.c. It is left for the mother to detect what the baby wants at that particular time.


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