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12 Things To Love About Being A Woman

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We know it’s great being a woman, though there are those moments that get us down sometimes and make us wish we were born with a Y chromosome. For those blue moments, here are the best things about being a woman:

1. We are definitely better communicators 

Women are better at language skills as a whole and that starts early, not as a result of college education. We can express our thoughts better and we are better at some kinds of emotional intelligence without having to study for it. Since humans are social beings, communication skills are an extremely valuable asset.

2. We are often better organizers than men

It’s true. Think about it: how many families do you know where the woman is responsible for the family budget, for making shopping lists and deciding what school the kids should go to? They’re probably more than those in which the man is the main decision-maker. It’s likely that this emotional intelligence makes us better at organizing things than men: we are better at inclusion and empathy.

3. We are better at multitasking

Women often can do more things at a time. While multitasking as a term has been debunked by scientists, women are still capable of concentrating on more than one thing at a time, at least, better than men. This could be because the average woman tends to wear more hats than the average men or it could be something biological. Whatever the reason, research has proven it, so it’s official.

4. We get bigger wardrobes…All those high heel shoes, bright dresses and cute accessories

Women have a much bigger choice of outfits than men, not to mention that we can instantly become significantly taller by wearing high heels. After all, we can wear trousers and skirts and dresses, and not look ridiculous. Not to speak about colours and patterns. There’s only so much variety the average man has access to. On the other hand, it’s probably easier for men to decide what to wear, so things actually balance out nicely.

5. We don’t get bald

At least, not as often as men do. It must be a horrible thing to see your chest richly decorated with fur but your hairline receding. We don’t have to deal with this kind of stress and it’s not because we all take better care of our hair. No, again, it must be something biological but that suits us fine, doesn’t it?!

6. The family jewels thing 

A man can be easily incapacitated with a strategically pointed kick between the legs. If you kick a woman between the legs it’ll hurt, granted, but she probably won’t risk getting a heart attack from the shock. It’s good to not have to protect one area of your body so much. It’s also good to not have this area tell us what to do, unlike the case is with many men.

7. We’re very smart…and, at some things, we are smarter than men

That’s a fact. At least, in one sense: girls do better than boys at school and that means in maths and science too. What happens afterwards is society getting to us and making us dream up a big white wedding, instead of getting a Ph.D. in quantum physics. Smart or not smart, stereotypes can beat us all, unfortunately. But we’re still smarter!

8. Women often live longer than men

Okay, that was speculation but women do indeed tend to outlive men. And here’s the interesting thing: the scientists who discovered that we live on average seven years longer than men have no idea why this is. Yet it’s not their fault, there are just too many factors that are changing and having an impact on longevity. Still, it’s good to know.

9. We can wear makeup on a daily basis 

We can hide almost any imperfection with concealer and enhance our best features with makeup. All non-transsexual men can’t do this without, again, looking ridiculous. To quote Stephen King: “A man wearing makeup can look like only one thing in the world: a man wearing makeup.” But don’t worry about it, we still love you the way you are, warts and all.

10. We get more treats

Ladies get the first free taxi, they get free drinks at the bar far more often than men, and they get a lot of other freebies that men have no access to, because they’re men. And the best part? We don’t even have to ask for any of it, it’s not the result of a conscious effort. Well, not always, that is.

11. We get to be mums

It’s great being a parent, and it’s certainly great to be a dad, according to dads. But they still can’t bear a child and deliver it, and that’s a whole new level of bonding and closeness. Say what you will about the unpleasant consequences of pregnancy, they’re not a must. Carrying a child and seeing it be born is one of the unique experiences for women. It’s worth appreciating this.

12. Multiple pleasures in bedroom  

Did you think we’d forget this one? No way. It’s actually sad when you think what men are missing out on in bed but, well, such is life. You’d better not remind him that he also has a shorter lovemaking-life-span than you, and that you reached sexual maturity in your 20s, while he probably had to wait until he’s 33 to come into his own.

Do you have in mind some other things to love about being a woman?

Stay happy!

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