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TRAGIC: 14-Year-Old Kills His Brother And Shoots Himself In Fight Over Clothes

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It was a tragic day for a family after two brothers were killed in a fight.

A mother of Florida, lost her two sons in one day, to the petty fight over clothes. 

The two boys’ older brother was left traumatized after he was unable to stop the fight and witnessed the shootings. 

Brothers Steven Odeus, 14, Stanley Blanc, 16, and Marc Blanc, 18, loved one another very much, and the two younger brothers even shared clothes.

Sadly, the silly fight over clothes resulted in the death of both boys. When the boys began fighting over clothes the older brother, Marc Blanc, and other family members stepped in to stop the fight. 

Marc Blanc said that his brothers began fighting inside his apartment in the Little Haiti section of Miami, and that family members separated the two. 

However, the boys then took the fight to the street and the 14-year-old boy pulled a gun and shot his brother, Stanley Blanc. He then ran through the parking lot and turned the gun on himself. 

Family members are very distraught over the incident and said that they have no idea how Odeus got his hands on the gun.

(via YJ News)

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